The mirror gun is a weapon built by McCulloch Technologies.


McCulloch Technologies created the mirror gun which can destroy any object down to its atoms. In 2019, Team Flash stole the gun and, eventually, put it in the Starchives.[1]

"Iris West-Allen" tried to steal it from the Starchives, but didn't when she was confronted by Harrison Nash Wells. She later received it from Barry Allen, who changed his mind after finding out Black Hole was more dangerous than he realized.[1]

When Wally West arrives to Central City, Kamilla Hwang takes a casual photo with a camera modified by Cisco, but mirror Iris orders her to delete it to avoid being tracked by Black Hole. When she goes back with the camera in the Central City Citizen office, she saw that the photo refused to be deleted. The camera requested to apply a Prismatic Filter and it revealed that the Iris in the picture was a living mirror, and not the normal Iris. Mirror Iris appeared shortly after and shot her with the mirror gun.[2]

Kamilla found herself in the Mirrorverse and eventually came across the Lightning dagger, an object sent to the Mirrorverse by the past's mirror gun.[3]

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