"That place warps the mind until the person is no longer recognizable."
Joseph Carver[src]

The Mirrorverse is a realm accessible by mirrors throughout Earth-Prime.


"It's incompatible with the human brain."
—Joseph Carver[src]

The Mirrorverse appears as an exact replica of Earth-Prime, but as a mirrored inverse. In addition, there are no known living things native to the dimension. Everything prior to the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion remains intact as a mirrored duplicate. Humans in the Mirrorverse have a difficulty in reading reflective surfaces such as computer monitors and develop neurological problems that are demonstrated through frequent scratching of the arms.


"Every time I interact with this place, the neuro-dissonance gets worse."
Iris West-Allen[src]

The Mirrorverse was created when Harrison Wells' particle accelerator exploded. The waves of dark matter surged through Central City and one of them threw Eva McCulloch onto a mirror in her office, as her husband Joseph Carver watched.[1] The mirror, however, did not break and acted as a portal to the dimension, trapping Eva ever since.

The Mirrorverse lacked any living creatures and had the image of Earth-Prime prior to the particle accelerator explosion. Since there were no people living, there weren't many changes from that point on.

While trapped, Eva McCulloch tried to escape this dimension 1,322 times.[2]

In early 2020, Iris West-Allen discovered the mirror in Eva McCulloch's office while investigating Eva’s disappearance, only for an unknown entity to pull her into the Mirrorverse. [3] From there Iris could only watch through mirrors in her house as an imposter took her place there,[4] leading her to team up with Eva to search for a way out. Iris remembered the former incident with Sam Scudder/Mirror Master and thought of a solution used back there, freezing the mirror to absolute zero. Eva and Iris tried to freeze the mirror but it broke, making the 1,323rd attempt failed.

After the events, Eva finally broke because of the many attempts to escape coming nothing but a dead end. While arguing, Eva and Iris realized the former's meta-human powers, vitrikinesis, the power to control mirrors. With the encouragement given by Iris, Eva reconstructed the mirror from its broken pieces.[2]

Later, with the help of the Mirror Iris using the blood of Ramsey Rosso, Eva was able to exit the Mirrorverse. David Singh had already been replaced by then.[5]

Iris was able to find Kamilla Hwang, working on the Lightning dagger in the Mirrorverse version of S.T.A.R. Labs.[6] Iris slowly started becoming acclimated to the Mirrorverse, but itching started also. As she had glimpses of clarity, the computer showed a heat signature similar to David Singh, which Iris clearly saw; directly afterwards, she vanished.[1]

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  • People being trapped in the Mirrorverse is similar to what Sam Scudder could do with his powers, as Iris realized during her time inside, except unlike in Scudder's case, the Mirrorverse isn't escapable by freezing.
  • Whether the Mirrorverse is created by the particle accelerator explosion or Eva McCulloch is unknown; however, it's possible for it to be created by Eva because of her control over mirrors.
  • The Mirrorverse is the only dimension accessible for anyone from Earth-Prime after the Crisis; although there is a barrier that burns organic matter preventing Eva from escaping until she obtained some of Bloodwork's blood to protect herself, meaning other dimensions may be similarly sealed off.
    • This may only apply to Eva or the Mirrorverse itself, as Iris, along with others, was pulled into it with no problem. Though it may be due to a person's body being altered by the laws of physics within the Mirrorverse (as Eva had mostly gone insane over the six years she was trapped.)
  • Since the mirror gun was revealed to send whatever it hits into the Mirrorverse, [6]it is likely that the Mirrorverse existed before Crisis and was part of Earth-1 instead of Earth-Prime.

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, the Mirror Dimension is a world accessible by Sam Scudder and Evan McCulloch, the Mirror Masters.


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