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"It's incompatible with the human brain. That place warps the mind until the person is no longer recognizable."
Joseph Carver[src]

The Mirrorverse is a realm accessible by mirrors throughout Earth-Prime. It has different laws of physics that, with time, can be harmful for humans and other creatures from Earth-Prime.


"Every time I interact with this place, the neuro-dissonance gets worse."
Iris West-Allen[src]

The Mirrorverse appears as an exact replica of Earth-Prime, but as a mirrored inverse. In addition, there are no known living beings native to the dimension and the image of Earth-Prime prior to the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion remains intact as a mirrored duplicate. As a result, there weren't many changes in the Mirrorverse from that point on. Humans in the dimension have difficulty reading reflective surfaces such as computer monitors and develop neurological problems that are demonstrated through various tics and habits (i.e. frequent scratching of the arms).


The Mirrorverse was created when Harrison Wells' particle accelerator exploded in 2013. The waves of dark matter surged through Central City and one of them threw Eva McCulloch onto a mirror in her office.[1] While Eva died due to the impact, a mirror duplicate of her with her memories was created in the Mirrorverse.

Over the next six years, Mirror Eva tried and failed to escape the dimension 1,322 times.[2] Joseph Carver, Eva's husband and business partner, had scientists study the Mirrorverse and they learned what effects it had on the human mind but not a way for Mirror Eva to escape.[1]

In 2019, as Cicada was about to kill XS, the Flash used the mirror gun to eliminate the lightning dagger to ensure his daughter wouldn't be murdered.[3] The dagger, in fact, was transported to the Mirrorverse.[4]

In early 2020, Iris West-Allen discovered the mirror in Eva's office while investigating her disappearance, only for an unknown entity to pull her into the Mirrorverse.[5] From there, Iris could only watch through mirrors in her home as an imposter took her place on Earth-Prime,[6] leading her to team up with Eva to find a way out. Iris thought of a solution when dealing with Sam Scudder/Mirror Master and suggested to freeze the mirror which trapped Eva in the Mirrorverse to absolute zero. Eva and Iris tried to freeze the mirror but it broke, failing Eva's 1,323rd attempt.

After these events, Eva finally broke because of her many escape attempts coming to nothing but a dead end. While arguing, Eva and Iris realized the former's meta-human powers, vitrikinesis, allowed her to control mirrors. With Iris' encouragement, Eva reconstructed the mirror from its broken pieces.[2]

Later, with the help of the Mirror Iris using the blood of Ramsey Rosso, Eva was able to exit the Mirrorverse. David Singh had already been replaced by then.[7]

Iris soon found Kamilla Hwang working on the Lightning dagger in the Mirrorverse version of S.T.A.R. Labs.[4] Iris slowly started becoming acclimated to the Mirrorverse, developing habits similar to Eva's. As she had glimpses of clarity, the computer showed a heat signature similar to David Singh, which Iris clearly saw. Afterwards, she vanished.[1]

Meanwhile, Eva sought to destroy Black Hole and to kill Carver, so she pulled Millie Rawlins, Esperanza Garcia, and Kimiyo Hoshi into the mirrorverse and convinced them to help her with the latter, to which the assassins agreed, creating the second incarnation of Eva McCulloch's team. They exited and led an attack at McCulloch Technologies.[1]

After Iris vanished, she was sent to the Mirrorverse version of her office. After she resisted the visions of past, present and future versions of her that were created by Eva to torture her, she sent Kamilla and David a message to meet in the Speed Lab. When Iris found Kamilla, she confirmed that she could not find David in the hospital. However, they found him in the Speed Lab.

The Flash managed to free Iris from Mirrorverse using an Atlantic portal, but he left Kamilla and Singh behind since the Artificial Speed Force's emotion nullifier led him to think that releasing Iris was a pragmatic best choice to know better about Eva. When Eva was publicly exposed as a mirror duplicate, she decided to replace all the inhabitants of the Earth-Prime with her mirrored versions.[8] Her duplicates were attacking Central City citizens until she was convinced by Iris to give up. She then destroyed all the duplicates, returning the real people to the Earth. Then she went back to Mirrorverse.[9]

Afterwards, a support group for people trapped in the Mirrorverse was created on Earth-Prime.[10]

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  • Eva claimed no one could leave without getting burned by the portal, but this was a lie; only she was in danger and suffered due to being an unstable mirror duplicate, hence why she needed Ramsey Rosso's mutated blood to stabilize herself.
  • If one stays for too long, they gain similar powers to Mirror Monarch, but lose them soon after returning to Earth-Prime. Iris never showed the power to manipulate reflective surfaces after Eva returned to the Mirrorverse.
  • People being trapped in the Mirrorverse is similar to what Sam Scudder could do with his powers. Unlike in Scudder's case however, the Mirrorverse isn't escapable by freezing the mirror entrance; victims were literally trapped in mirrors, not this world.
  • Whether the Mirrorverse was created by the particle accelerator explosion or Eva is unknown.
    • The latter is possible because of Eva's control over mirrors, as well as the fact that she was researching the Mirrorverse's existence before the explosion.

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