Misaki Ross (died c. 2009) was a model who lived and worked in New Orleans until she committed suicide after her face became permanently disfigured. She returned as a ghost after her spirit was summoned by Papa Midnite.



Misaki Ross After The Accident

A photograph of Misaki taken after she was attacked.

Misaki Ross lived in the French Corner of New Orleans and worked as a model. She was close with fellow model Tammy Fraser, but after Misaki's career took off, Fraser sliced the face of her coworker from ear to ear in a fit of jealous rage. Though Fraser was indicted on charges of felony assault, Misaki's face was permanently disfigured and her career was ruined. After Misaki was released from the hospital where she had been recovering from the attack, she hid the lower half of her face beneath a surgical mask so no one could see her injuries. She later committed suicide in her apartment by overdosing on pills.[1]

Legacy and accidental resurrection

After being incarcerated for four years, Fraser was released on good behavior sometime during mid-2014. Wracked with guilt over causing Misaki's death, Fraser sought out Papa Midnite, who summoned Misaki's spirit under the pretext of allowing Fraser to ask her for forgiveness. Unbeknownst to Midnite, he accidentally raised Misaki from the dead and she returned as a vengeful ghost. Misaki began murdering people with a pair of fabric shears in the streets of New Orleans. During late 2014, she killed her third victim in an alleyway in front of Jim Corrigan, who emptied an entire clip from his gun into the ghost in a futile effort to stop her. This event attracted the attention of John Constantine and his team, who set about investigating the incident. Misaki later reappeared and tried to murder a man in an alley in broad daylight, but Chas Chandler intervened; Misaki asked Chas if he thought she was pretty, and she killed him instead.[1]

Due to the protection spell placed on him, however, Chas was resurrected, and he again managed to track down Misaki's ghost. This time, Chas kept Misaki distracted by asking her questions of his own, which she was unable to answer due to the limitations of her ethereal form. Elsewhere, Constantine and Papa Midnite blessed Misaki's body and performed a spell to pacify her spirit. After the spell was complete, her ghost vanished into thin air in front of Chas.[1]




  • Misaki's ghost and modus operandi take inspiration from the Kuchisake-onna, or "Slit-Mouthed Woman," a malicious spirit of Japanese folklore and urban legends, who appears as a beautiful woman hiding her disfigured mouth, and asks her victim if they think she is pretty before killing them. Chas' strategy of distracting Misaki by asking her his own questions is also said to be the secret to escaping the Kuchisake-onna.

Behind the scenes

  • Although being unrelated, Misaki Ross' black hair, white mask and jacket, resembles that of the DC Comics villian White Canary's appearance.


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