"Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me" is the second episode of the fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the seventieth episode overall. It aired on February 4, 2020.


When a new blip lands the Legends in 1947 Los Angeles, it puts them on the trail of Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel who seems to take pleasure in fraternizing with Hollywood Elite. Sara, Ray and Constantine devise a plan to capture him while Ava and Rory sit on the sidelines for the time being. They soon realize that they need to worry less about Bugsy and more about his girlfriend. Ava is struggling with being on the sidelines with Rory. Meanwhile, Nate accompanies Behrad to his dad's birthday, where Nate meets Behrad's sister, Zari, who seems familiar to him.[src]



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Constantine meets with Astra, facing her about the spirits she discharged. She declines in light of the fact that those spirits are giving her with new spirits. She is likewise tormenting a companion of his and on the off chance that he needs to stop him, she needs to slaughter her, which would be trivial. Constantine comes back to the Waverider.

Nate attempts to get Gideon to replay the message from the old Zari, yet it's gone. When Behrad comes to see him, Nate quickly observes Zari once more. Constantine briefs the group about Astra's arrangement. Beam feels that perhaps Astra can in any case be spared, however Constantine says no. Ava understands that they can't send the Encores back to damnation so they need to store them on the boat.

Behrad and Nate leave to go to visit Behrad's family for his dad's birthday while another timequake hits: 1947 Hollywood. Ava and Mick are left on the boat while every other person takes off. Behrad and Nate head to Washington DC 2044 to visit his family and that is when Nate meets Zari... with the exception of in this course of events she's a shallow and famous influencer. It's an off-kilter first gathering. Nate informs Behrad concerning the visualization message. Zari is the mark in history they made at Heyworld.

In Hollywood, Constantine, Sara, and Ray discover the remaining parts of a dead person who was devoured by damnation. The Encore has struck. They are before long defied by a lady with a firearm and gloss over themselves as the dead person's accomplice. The lady is Jeanie Hill who recruited them to shield her from her beau Bugsy Siegel who is resurrected. He's currently running a club, The Blue Iguana. Jeanie reveals to him that he's unique, increasingly horrible now, and she needs to leave him yet is frightened.

Ava and Mick join the group in the field and everybody heads to the Blue Iguana. Bugsy has the ear of lawmakers and Jeanie appears at spend time with Bugsy. Sara and Constantine stand up to her. She discloses to them that Bugsy has extortion photographs and she's in them since he abused her to draw individuals in. It gives Sara a thought of how she can stand out enough to be noticed: being a tease. She draws him out back however they are trapped by an adversary hoodlum. Sara witnesses Bugsy make due as well as utilize an exceptional firearm to take them out. Beam attempts to "capture" him yet the screwy cops come and mediate.

At the Tarazi family supper, Zari isn't dazzled with Nate. The matter of the air emblem comes up - the family trusts it taken - and Zari appears to be incredulous. On the Waverider, Sara and Constantine understand that Bugsy's firearm could be valuable. At the police, Ray affirms that the LAPD is Bugsy's pocket. Constantine finds a message in the matchbook he found at the PI's office. He meets with Jeanie and uncovers he knows where the shakedown reserve is. On the off chance that she gets the weapon, he'll give her the extortion. And afterward Constantine and Jeanie hookup.

Ava sympathizes with Mick at the bar. Ava isn't taking care of her day of work away from the Time Bureau well. Sara requests that they make a redirection. Beam almost gets himself murdered by Siegel at the police, however he gets a call from Sara making him aware of things at the club. Beam collaborates with an official Sullivan who additionally is after Siegel. At the club, Ava begins singing a 40s variant of Bell Biv Davoe's "That Girl is Poison". In Ava's mind it's a high creation esteem undertaking, however as a general rule, Ava is smashed as damnation. Jeanie gets Bugsy's firearm which permits Sara and Mick to stop him.

At the Tarazi house, Zari and Nate really talk. Zari reveals to Nate that she does in truth feel like they knew each other previously, yet in addition recommends that she realizes her sibling has the symbol, however it doesn't appear to be not kidding. Behrad hinders before anything further can occur.

Jeanie betrays Constantine, holding the mystical firearm on him with the goal that she can take the shakedown to utilize herself. He winds up giving her the coercion material. Beam and Sullivan appear, yet Sullivan needs to take out Jeanie and the coercion. Turns out Sullivan is grimy, as well and Ray should be the fall fellow. Jeanie offers firearm to Constantine. Beam attempts to caution her by blaring yet it's past the point of no return. Jeanie begins her vehicle and it detonates.

On the Waverider, Constantine hauls Bugsy to hellfire with him to stand up to Astra with one projectile left in the mysterious weapon yet he discloses to her that he's never abandoning her. He utilizes the last shot to obliterate Bugsy rather - for Jeanie. Constantine tells Sara and Ray the firearm is currently gone and Astra remains.

Before they go out, Zari stands up to Nate and Behrad about Heyworld with receipts and they wind up taking Zari to the Waverider with them where she blows a gasket.


Preparation ran from July 16 until July 24, 2019. Shooting ran from July 25 to August 7, 2019.[1]


  • The title of this episode is based on lyrics to the Bell Biv DeVoe song "Poison".
    • The word "Me" in the title was supposed to be "Her", similar to the actual song, but the title was changed.[1]
    • During the episode, Ava Sharpe sang "Poison". But in reality, Jes Macallan did not use her own voice even though she once considered about singing due to her voice lesson experience she used to take as a child.[citation needed]
  • Clayton Chitty previously played Vincent Sobel in the Arrow episode "Second Chances".
  • Constantine tells Ray, "Forget it Ray, it's Burbank", referencing the 1974 neo-noir film Chinatown.
  • Jonathan Sadowski was in the reboot of Friday the 13th alongside Danielle Panabaker who plays Caitlin Snow on The Flash.
  • This episode introduced a new title card which contains a montage of different characters, similar to the one The Flash debuted the same day ("Marathon").
    • Additionally, the episode also introduced a new font of the credits.




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