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"Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me" is the second episode of the fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the seventieth episode overall. It aired on February 4, 2020.




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In hell, Constantine confronts Astra about the souls she has released and asks her to call them back, insisting that there is enough evil on Earth. Astra refuses as the soul of any human corrupted or killed by them belong to her. Astra then shows Constantine that she has imprisoned and tortured Constantine's demon acquaintance Masher for informing Constantine about her activities. Astra tells Constantine that she does not see him as an enemy, but someone who was an important step in her evolution. After crawling up from the bottom, she refuses to give up her power and the only way that Constantine could stop her would be to kill her, which would be inconsequential since she would only return to hell after her death. Constantine returns to the Waverider and brushes off Sara and Ava. In the lab, Nate asks Gideon to play the message showing the mystery girl again while rearranging her memory banks, but Gideon insists there are no secret messages stored. Behrad enters to check on him, and Nate briefly sees a glimpse of the girl in place of Behrad. Behrad assumes that Nate "got into his stash" and tells him that Sara has called a team meeting. In the galley, Constantine informs the Legends of the situation and Sara expresses her delight that this new threat was not a result of the Legends actions. Constantine suggests that a permanent solution in stopping Astra is required to solve this matter, telling Ray that he believes Astra's lust for power has replaced her humanity. Ava notes that sending the encores to hell would be futile since Astra could just send them back, something that Constantine confirms. Sara suggests that until a permanent solution is found, the encores will be held on the ship as Ray comments that they will need a bigger pantry.

Behrad asks Sara for time off for his father's birthday and asks to bring Nate, who will pose as his professor as his parents are always asking questions about his life. Sara tells Behrad she cannot believe his parents don't know the truth about him, and he points out that the alternative to lying was telling them he was a time travelling superhero who stole the family totem. Sara agrees that he is better off lying and allows them to leave. On the bridge, Gideon announces a timequake where the epicenter is in Los Angeles 1947, the golden age of Hollywood and the height of organized crime. Ava begins to give orders before realizing it is Sara's job and steps back. Sara brings Ray and Constantine with her on the mission and asks Mick and Ava to stay on the ship to "Q.B.". Ava takes stride in what she believes to be an important role but Mick tells her that "Q.B." means staying on the ship and doing nothing. Ava suggests it could instead mean providing the field team with important information and asks Gideon to show her the topological survey of Los Angles. In Washington D.C. 2044, Behrad and Nate arrive for the dinner. Behrad introduces Nate to his parents as his professor, who goes along with the ruse before trailing off after spotting Behrad's sister who resembles the mystery girl. She films a video for her fans before handing her phone over to her assistants and tells Behrad in Farsi that she assumed this would be a family dinner as Behrad points out that she is filming their house for her fans. Behrad introduces her as Zari to Nate, who tells her he "saw the video" but Zari assumes that he meant one of her influencer videos and mistakes him for a fan. Nate cannot help but be dumbfounded while looking at her, as she is disturbed and leaves the room. Nate tells Behrad that he believes she is the girl from the video and tells him of its content, while a concerned Behrad asks if Nate is having a psychological break. Nate surmises that when the Legends changed history at Heyworld, Zari was involved. In Los Angeles 1947, Constantine has traced magical residue to a private investigators office, where they find the ashes of a man who was burnt by hellfire, suggesting their killer is not of this world. As Constantine picks up a matchbook for his cigarettes, a mysterious woman enters the office's waiting room and points the gun at them looking for the dead man. Constantine claims to be the dead man's partner and that the dead man is on vacation. She introduces herself as Jeanie Hill, who had hired the dead man to protect her from her boyfriend Bugsy a.k.a Benjamin Siegel, a notorious L.A. crime boss. She tells them that he died last week but is now back from the dead and more dangerous than ever, having taken over a club on Sunset Boulevard called "The Blue Iguana".

Jeanie tells them that she saw Siegel be killed by a mob hitman but he still arrives to meet her the next day unaffected, adding that he seems more ambitious and fearless. Sara and Ray suggests that she leave town but she claims not to have any money, prompting Ray to give him whatever money he has on him. As she leaves, Constantine tells Ray he was conned, to Ray's disbelief, as Sara suggests they visit The Blue Iguana. At the club, the Legends, including Ava and Mick are undercover. Ava is excited about being in the field and provides an extensive report regarding the security of the club, prompting Mick to tell her to relax. As Ray is dressed as a police officer to detain Siegel once he leaves the club, Sara and Constantine observe that Siegel is surrounded by politicians and Jeanie. The two of them confront Jeanie on not leaving town, and she claims to be unable to escape Siegel. Constantine asks how Siegel obtained this much power, and Jeanie reveals that he rose to power by blackmailing important men and women who were seduced by Jeanie herself and photographed. Sara decides to "give him a taste of his own medicine" and lets her hair down, seducing Siegel. He walks over to converse with her, and she claims to be a reporter with blackmail material in her car, suggesting that Siegel follow her outside and he agrees. Outside the club, Siegel suggests they move to a private location but Sara spots a car watching them, which Sigel notes as being full of Mickey Cohen's men and tells Sara to leave. The hitmen open fire on Siegel but he remains standing unaffected, and turns them into ash with a mystical revolver. Ray attempts to arrest him, but a senior police officer tells Ray that they will take it from there. As Ray comments on how it is strange to be foiled by the police, Sara tells him to follow them.

At the Tarazi family dinner, Zari tells her mother about her new line of sneakers but is brushed off as her mother asks Behrad about his life. Zari catches Nate staring at her and tells Behrad in Farsi that Nate is a stalker, starting a brief dispute between the two siblings. Nate sees a portrait of the Air Totem and asks about it before Behrad kicks his chair. Behrad's mother asks how Nate knows about the family heirloom, and Nate claims that Behrad told him. Zari asks what Behrad told Nate about the totem, with Behrad claiming to have confided in Nate on how he was upset about its theft, and attempts to further conceal the totem on his wrist under his sleeve as Zari eyes him and Nate suspiciously. At the club, Ava asks if she and Mick should return to the Waverider but is asked by Sara to stay at the club to keep an eye out. Ava expresses her unhappiness to Mick but claims that he wouldn't understand. Mick surmises "You were the boss of a massive government organization, and now you do diddly-squat", something which Ava says summarizes her life perfectly. On the Waverider, Constantine and Sara suggests they can use Siegel's hellfire revolver to kill encores, with Sara claiming that she has her best man retrieving the gun. At the police station, Ray observes how Siegel is served lobster and champagne instead of being arrested. Another police officer, Office Sullivan, talks to Ray about how the corruption is sickening, leading Ray to be delighted at the presence of an uncorrupted police officer in this era. On the Waverider, Constantine discovers a message in the matchbook he picked up at the office: "Elysian 7 - 5 -3". He calls Jeanie to meet him at the office, telling her he knew she was lying the moment they met and she tells him that she likewise knew his American accent was fake. Jeanie insists she wants to be free of Siegel, but the only way is to destroy his blackmail stash. She reveals the dead man had found it, but was killed for getting too close. Constantine promises to give her the blackmail stash if she steals Siegel's revolver and the two sleep with each other.

At the Blue Iguana, Ava confides in Mick that she moved out of her apartment and now feels homeless. Mick tells her that her situation of having no job, no rent and no kids is a dream come true, but Ava insisting that she used to have responsibilities, with people needing her. Mick points out a man drinking in the club to her, pointing out that he likely has many responsibilities yet is miserable. Ava tells him she cannot get over the fact that no one needs her to do anything when Sara contacts them and tells them to create a diversion and cause people at the club to leave so Siegel will be called to the club and be captured. Ava is delighted and throws her coat at Mick before running to the stage. At the station, Ray fails to obtain Siegel's revolver when Sara calls Siegel to tell him that something is happening at his club. Siegel departs in a car driven by Constantine with Jeanie in the back seat. As Ray watches them drive off, officer Sullivan asks Ray to join him in following them. At the club, Ava sings "Poison" by Bell Biv DeVoe, and it appears that the whole club is dancing along. As Sara arrives at the club, she sees that Ava is in reality singing badly, with everyone leaving the club in disgust. Siegel arrives at the club and demands to know what is happening. Sara tells him that she knows he is blackmailing his way to the top after being dead and he tells her that after his time in hell, he realizes information is the true power in the world. Sara tells him he is screwing up history and she is going to stop him. He attempts to pull out his hellfire revolver but finds a normal revolver instead, with Mick and Sara able to easily incapacitate him. Mick asks if they should tell a still singing Ava that the mission is over, and Sara tells him to let her finish singing. At the Tarazi house, Zari apologizes to Nate for having to witness her argument with Behrad. Nate asks if Zari feels like they met before in another life and she pretends to feel the same as him. She tries to trick him into admitting that he is not a professor and that Behrad stole the totem, but Behrad arrives just in time to bring Nate away. In 1947, Constantine tells Jeanie that the matchbook message refers to a specific grave. Checking the headstone, Constantine finds Siegel's blackmail stash. As he attempts to destroy the stash, Jeanie points the hellfire revolver at him. Constantine tells her they are on the same side, but Jeanie insists that the only side she is on is her own.

Jeanie tells Constantine that she is tried of being taking advantage of, and plans to use the blackmail stash to have real power. Constantine tells her she could walk away, but she asks if he really expects her to walk away from power after being powerless her whole life and he decides to let her go. Officer Sullivan arrives with Ray and tells him the plan to kill Jeanie and destroy the blackmail stash once she returns. Ray realizes he is corrupt and attempts to stop him but the car is surrounded by mobsters. Ray asks why he was brought here and Sullivan replies that Ray is their fall guy and handcuffs him to the steering wheel. Jeanie gives Constantine the hellfire revolver and advices him to use the 5 bullets left wisely. As she and Constantine leave, Ray honks the car horn to attract Constantine's attention to warn him about Jeanie. Constantine attempts to save her, but as she turns on her car engine the car explodes, killing her and destroying the stash. Constantine and Ray leave, with Ray still handcuffed to a detached steering wheel. The Legends attempt to put Siegel inside the holding cell of the Waverider with Constantine berating him for Jeanie's fate. Siegel replies that Constantine is the one who created a real monster: Astra Logue. Constantine then draws Siegel's blood and performs a spell that sends them both to hell.

In hell, Constantine brings Siegel into Astra's club and uses 4 of the hellfire revolver's bullets to kill the demons who attempt to stop him. Siegel warns Astra that Constantine has one bullet left, but Astra is unconcerned as she knows Constantine will not kill her. He tells her she is right, and he is here to promise that he won't give up on her, even if it takes until the end of his days to save her. Astra calls it another meaningless promise as she and Siegel laugh that Constantine has "gone soft", but to their shock Constantine uses the last bullet to kill Siegel. Returning to the Waverider, Constantine tells the Legends that he failed to kill Astra as a swarm of demons prevented him, with the hellfire revolver now lost. Ray tells Constantine in private that he knows he is lying, but if he himself had killed Nora when she was evil, they wouldn't have been happy together now. Constantine admits that he had a chance to end this, but he couldn't bring himself to. Ray smiles and tells him that he is glad there are still good guys out there. Constantine tells Ray he is wrong, but he will save Astra, something that will benefit himself as much as her. In the parlor, Sara tells Mick not to make fun of Ava for her singing but Mick insists that she won't remember. Still drunk, Ava walks in and still believes her performance was a success to Mick's disbelief. She asks if anyone took a video, with Sara insisting that no one did, although Mick implies that he had. Ava tells Sara that this mission was more fun than running the Time Bureau. Sara and Mick try to tell her there is no small role on the team, but Ava has already passed out. At the Tarazi house, Nate insists that Zari is a good person as Behrad tells him that he was just being played by her. As they attempt to leave, Zari tells them she recognizes Nate to be from the HeyWorld video with Behrad in the background. She asks how they could have been there yet have not aged a day in 24 years. Behrad tries to play it off, but Zari threatens to tell their parents and Behrad opens a portal for her to walk onto the bridge of the Waverider. As she sees Gideon and the Legends, Behrad introduces her as his sister and she attempts to call for help on her phone but fails to and ends up screaming.




Preparation ran from July 16 until July 24, 2019. Shooting ran from July 25 to August 7, 2019.[1]


  • This is the first episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow to feature Olivia Swann (Astra Logue) as a series regular. Swann previously played the character in a reoccuring role[2]
  • The title of this episode is based on lyrics to the Bell Biv DeVoe song "Poison".
    • The word "Me" in the title was supposed to be "Her", similar to the actual song, but the title was changed.[1]
    • During the episode, Ava Sharpe sang "Poison". In reality, Jes Macallan did not use her own voice even though she once considered about singing due to her taking voice lessons as a child.
  • Constantine tells Ray, "Forget it Ray, it's Burbank", referencing the 1974 neo-noir film Chinatown.
  • Jonathan Sadowski was in the reboot of Friday the 13th alongside Danielle Panabaker, who portrays Caitlin Snow on The Flash.
  • This episode introduced a new title card which contains a montage of different characters, similar to the one The Flash debuted the same day ("Marathon").
    • Additionally, the episode also introduced a new font of the credits.