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"I need your help."
"Hey kid. I'm glad you came back."
Oliver Queen asks Slade Wilson for help to defeat Adrian Chase

"Missing" is the twenty-second episode of the fifth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-fourteenth episode overall. It aired on May 17, 2017.



The scene opens with Oliver, Thea, and Quentin commending the catch of Adrian Chase, which has reestablished Green Arrow as a saint and sent Oliver's endorsement rating through the rooftop. Quentin says that he's going to discover Rene to upbraid him for missing his gathering, yet wishes Oliver an upbeat birthday before he leaves. Thea recommends they celebrate with a beverage today around evening time, however Oliver says he made arrangements with Felicity as of now.

That night, Oliver heads to Felicity's loft however finds the entryway open. He sees an interloper and tosses him to the ground...but it's only Curtis as a component of Oliver's unexpected gathering.

At the gathering, Curtis flaunts another sonic enhancer for Dinah (who's working) while Diggle reveals to Oliver he fixed things up with Lyla. Quentin shows up later than expected and makes reference to that he can't discover Rene. Oliver gives a toast and says that he can't recall the last time he really praised his birthday. Diggle says it's typically in light of the fact that they're sparing the city from a trouble maker or a malevolent plot this time a year, to which Quentin makes reference to that maybe summer break began right on time for them. Everybody discusses their arrangements with their downtime and afterward leave the space to give Oliver and Felicity "a second."

In a flashback, Kovar anchors Oliver to the top of a structure in Lian Yu and infuses him with a torment medicate called the Red Death. Oliver pledges to murder Kovar, however Kovar says that Oliver will just need to execute himself after the medication grabs hold.

Curtis makes a beeline for Dinah's condo and notification that somebody has broken into her place. He tells Felicity (who he was conversing with on the telephone) to send reinforcement before he gets took out from behind and hauled away.

Oliver and Diggle head to Dinah's loft, and Oliver rapidly verifies that Chase is behind it. He finds a bolt shaft in the condo and discloses to Diggle that Talia al Ghul should in any case be working with Chase. Diggle says he'll get Thea and Quentin to a safehouse, while Oliver stands up to Chase.

Obviously, Chase just snickers at Oliver and says that he's consistently in front of Oliver, while Oliver appears to consistently be behind. Oliver says he's going to discover his companions, however Chase realizes that Oliver will be back.

In another flashback, Kovar begins to torment Oliver and uncovers that the Red Death powers Oliver to remember each torment he's at any point experienced. As Kovar begins contacting Oliver's scars, Oliver begins recalling each horrendous injury he's at any point experienced.

Oliver makes a beeline for the Arrowcave, and discloses to Felicity that he needs her to remain with him as opposed to heading off to the safehouse with Thea and Quentin. Oliver is as yet stressed over his child William, yet Felicity says she despite everything can't discover any hint of him. At that point, Felicity finds that Black Siren has gotten away from ARGUS - and is presumably going to the sheltered house.

Sufficiently sure, Black Siren appears at the protected house, acting like Laurel. Quentin discovers Black Siren and falters, allowing Evelyn the chance to take both him and Thea out. Dark Siren apologizes to Quentin before he drops however.

At the point when Oliver heads to the sheltered house, he makes sense of that Chase is attempting to remove his greatest quality: his group. Oliver says that Diggle and Felicity need to leave town, with the goal that Chase can't place them in peril as well.

In a flashback, Oliver remembers every one of his disappointments in the course of the most recent couple of years. Kovar passes Oliver a firearm with a projectile and says that he can either squander the slug on Kovar or end his own anguish. Kovar says that Oliver won't last over 14 minutes before killing himself.

Oliver goes to Chase and severely thrashes him. Oliver puts a firearm to Chase's head, yet says that he will never execute Chase or let him go on the grounds that he won't give him of the fulfillment. Adrian says that the best way to spare his companions is to release him, however Oliver says he'll discover another way. Chase says that Oliver just has until today around evening time to release him, and afterward says that Oliver is "one misfortune" away from snapping. Adrian asks Oliver who's going to kick the bucket this year, and afterward grins.

Thea and Quentin are chained in the rear of a truck, and Thea attempts to clarify that Black Siren isn't "their" Laurel. Quentin doesn't take the news well, yet appears to make sense of it before Black Siren and Evelyn appear at drop them off at Chase's mystery refuge.

As Diggle and Felicity leave the city, Felicity says she has an awful inclination in her gut about disregarding Oliver. Sufficiently sure, Oliver acknowledges there is an interloper in the Arrowcave... MALCOLM MERLYN. Merlyn says that he's there to assist Oliver with sparing Thea.

In the interim, Talia defies Diggle and Felicity as they attempt to leave town. Diggle attempts to run her over, however it was only a snare to get the vehicle to crash. Felicity and Diggle endure, yet are caught by the League.

Oliver and Merlyn show up at the area of the auto collision. Merlyn needs to deal with Chase, however Oliver despite everything needs to discover another way and he'll do it without anyone else. Merlyn says that Oliver can't be an island, and that he'll generally have human associations. Oliver leaves to ensure that Chase's jail move goes easily and advises Merlyn to make sense of where his companions are.

In a flashback, Oliver sees a mental trip of Yao Fei, who helps him to remember every one of his disappointments in the course of the most recent couple of years. Yao Fei says that everybody endures around Oliver and afterward advises Oliver to slaughter himself to forestall any all the more misery.

In the current day, Black Siren puts Quentin in a delivery holder. She's shockingly kind to Quentin and says that she's just helping Chase since he liberated her....and in light of the fact that Chase made a deal to avoid harming Quentin. Quentin reveals to Black Siren that his Laurel wouldn't be that idiotic, and Black Siren appears to concur with him.

Oliver watches Chase get trucked away. Adrian says that the subsequent he jumps on the jail helicopter, the entirety of Oliver's companions will be dead. Adrian additionally says that Oliver's regarding to get a call. Sufficiently sure, Oliver gets a video call....revealing that Chase additionally has William.

Oliver pursues Chase, however Argus has just taken him to the exchange site. Malcolm appears and says he calculated that Chase followed Oliver. The two bring down a huge amount of Argus watches, just so Oliver can face Chase. Oliver inquires as to why Chase brought William into it, and Chase infers that this is on the grounds that Oliver got Chase's better half included. Prior to boarding the helicopter and getting away, Chase discloses to Oliver he'll see Oliver on "the pontoon."

Back in the Arrowcave, Oliver says that he's attempting to find Chase by means of Felicity's PC framework. Oliver additionally uncovers that he's brought in reinforcement, by means of Nyssa al Ghul. Obviously, Oliver didn't reveal to Nyssa that one of their foes is her sister Talia. Felicity's PC goes off, uncovering Chase's area.

One plane ride away, Oliver, Nyssa, and Malcolm fly towards the site of their last standoff with Chase: Lian Yu.

In a last flashback, Oliver gets ready to pull the trigger, however a fantasy of Laurel persuades him not to do it. Tree says that his loved ones despite everything need him. So as opposed to shooting himself, Oliver shoots the lock of his cell and exits.

Chase's team chained Diggle, Thea, Felicity, Quentin and Curtis on Lian Yu and says that he's relying on Oliver appearing at salvage them. Felicity says that Oliver can't beat Chase's little armed force alone.

Obviously, Oliver isn't finished gathering partners. At the point when he arrives on Lian Yu, he makes a beeline for the mystery Argus fortification and approaches Lian Yu's sole occupant for help. SLADE WILSON turns upward from his cell and says that he's happy that Oliver's more to his arrangement.


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Preparation ran from March 7 until March 15, 2017. Shooting ran from March 16 until March 27, 2017.[1]


Flight map from Star City to Dawn Valley, Utah

The flight map showing the map of the U.S., depicting the relative positions between Star City to Dawn Valley in Utah.

  • When Oliver showed Malcolm and Nyssa his progress in tracking Chase's plane, a map of the West Coast of the United States appeared, placing Star City in the approximate location of the real-world San Francisco.
  • This episode shares similarities to The Flash​​ episode "Infantino Street"​​, which aired the same week:
    • Oliver asks an old foe, Slade, for help in defeating Prometheus, similar to how Barry Allen asked Leonard Snart to help him defeat Savitar.
    • Oliver and Barry both break into A.R.G.U.S. facilities with help from a past enemy, Malcolm and Snart, respectively.
    • Both are the 22nd episode of their respective season.
  • Malcolm mentions the last time he was down in the Arrowcave, he saved Oliver's life, referring to the events of Season 4's "Schism"​ when he arrived to save Team Arrow from H.I.V.E..
  • Oliver and Thea refer to the last time she had a birthday party, which was 4 years ago in Season 1's "Trust but Verify".
  • Through Black Siren's interactions with Quentin, it is suggested her own father is deceased, which was confirmed in the Season 6 episode "Irreconcilable Differences"​​.
  • Right before escaping, Chase tells Oliver that he is going to "see [him] on the boat". This clearly foreshadows their ultimate showdown during the concluding scene of the season finale, "Lian Yu".
  • Since most of this episode is set on Oliver's birthday, that means it takes place on May 16, 2017.


  • In a flashback when Oliver is in prison holding the gun to his head and pulls the weapon away a little, it clearly shows a prop gun with a plugged hole.