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"I'm done of toxic relationships."
I'm with them now.
—Mitch and Nyxlygsptlnz[src]

Mitch, also known as Figure[1], is an former alien trafficker who went after Kara Zor-El in 2009 along with Naxim Tork.

In the present day, Mitch partnered with Nyxlygsptlnz to locate the seven AllStone Totems. When he was belittled by Nyxly, Mitch helped the Superfriends defeat their former boss and Lex Luthor.


Early life

At some point, Mitch became the faithful assistant of the galactic criminal named Naxim Tork.[2]

Original timeline

Presumably after failing to kidnap Kara Zor-El, Mitch was with Tork in Uruguay, where they were captured by the D.E.O.[2]

Altered timeline

In an alternate timeline made by Querl Dox and Nia Nal's time travel, Mitch and Naxim made a deal with Cat Grant to kidnap Kara, but his plans were thwarted by the young Kara, Alex, Querl, and Nia.[2]

Current timeline

To prevent Tork's capture of Kara Zor-El and escape from the D.E.O., Querl Dox and Nia Nal time traveled again. Tork and Mitch was prevented from adding Kara to his menagerie, and was then locked in his ship. To ensure the timeline was not dramatically altered, his ship was programmed to travel to Uruguay, where it emitted a signal to the D.E.O.[3] At some point before the D.E.O.'s destruction, Lex Luthor released them.[1]

Working with Nyxly

Over time, Mitch began an obsession to get revenge on Kara. Sensing fifth dimensional magic, Mitch tracked down Nyxlygsptlnz. Upon capturing the imp, Mitch realized that she had no magic, so he decided to work with her to get revenge on Kara. Mitch kidnapped a scientist to create a trap for Nyxly to use against Kara. By creating the trap, Mitch was betrayed by Nyxly.[1]

Upon leaving prison, Mitch was upset with Nyxly. Mitch sought out Nyxly because he was impressed by the giant cat, which made him change his mind and agreed to work with she.[4] Mitch helped Nyxly repair her tracker to begin searching for the seven AllStone Totems.[5]

Search for AllStone Totems

Mitch helped Nyxly search for the Courage Totem.[6] He then helped her search for the Humanity Totem, but they lost it due to Kara taking it.[7]

From a secret admirer, Nyxly received a gauntlet to attack the Superfriends and Mitch managed to get the device to work.[8] Mitch celebrated after getting the Dream Totem.[9]

The secret admirer was revealed to be Lex Luthor and Mitch was kidnapped by Luthor to give Nyxly the location of the Love Totem.[10] When the ship was destroyed, Mitch was saved by Lex and Nyxly to be taken to his new base. Mitch ate the cookies and disobeyed Lex until Nyxly scolded him.[11]

Betraying Nyxly

Mitch began to be mistreated by Nyxly.[12] Determined, Mitch abandoned the evil and joined the Superfriends to help them defeat Nyxly and Lex. After Lex and Nyxly's defeat and their imprisonment in Phantom Zone, Mitch retreats and goes into hiding.[13]