Mitch Romero was an arms dealer who did business with Ramsey Rosso before being accidentally killed by him. Rosso then took his corpse back to his lab for experimentation, until he was seemingly brought back to life.


Dealing with Ramsey Rosso

Romero took the place of Gat when providing Ramsey Rosso with a gun. Rosso having previously been promised $500, Romero upped the price to $5,000. Not having the money, but promising to pay it as soon as he could, Rosso attempted to steal the gun, but was knocked to the ground by Romero. Mitch aimed the gun at Ramsey, but Ramsey extended a tendril at Mitch, killing him. Rosso took his body back to his lab, where he experimented on it. Mitch's dead body suddenly came back to life, knocking Rosso out.[1]

Mitch Romero as a Blood Brother

Romero as a Blood Brother.

Second death

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Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human/Blood Brother physiology: Being exposed to Ramsey's meta-human abilities altered Mitch's physiology.[1]
    • Dark matter absorption: Mitch was able to absorb dark matter by putting it into the wound in his body that Ramsey made when he killed him.
      • Superhuman strength: After his "resurrection", Mitch possessed super strength, compared to that of ten men, increasing each time he absorbed dark matter.[1]
    • Superhuman durability: Mitch's body withstood the impact of hitting a sidewalk after being pushed out of a window by one of Frost's ice blasts and falling from several stories.
    • Link to Ramsey Rosso: As a result of sharing Ramsey's blood, he would mirror Ramsey's actions and could locate him.
    • Dark matter detection: Mitch was seemingly able to find places that had large amounts of dark matter.


  • Stealth: Mitch was able to sneak up on each of his criminal associates and attack them before they had a chance to shoot him.


  • Dark matter addiction/overdosing: Mitch became addicted to Dark matter like a drug. He needs to keep taking more and more vials of dark matter to keep his strength up. However, overdosing on dark matter was what ultimately killed him.[1]
  • Lack of will: Due to being exposed to Ramsey's meta abilities, he became obedient and mirrored Ramsey's movements, effectively becoming his puppet.[1]


The Flash

Season 6

The Chronicles of Cisco


  • He is the second meta to literally break out of the Pipeline, with the first being Barry Allen.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • His surname is a reference to George A. Romero, a filmmaker best known for creating the Night of the Living Dead franchise, in relation to him coming back as a zombie.
  • He is also a reference to Romeo "High-Rise" Romero, a notorious gangster in Gotham City, one of the associates of the Penitente Drug Cartel who met his end at the hands of the Red Hood.


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