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"Look, I don't know, I guess our wires have gotten crossed a few times the last few days, but I think that hardly rises to the level of a crisis. After everything we've been through together, you and me, we're Barry and Iris. We're the gold standard. I am so in—"
"Then how could you leave me?! You left me, Barry. You just left me, standing there, alone. How could you do that?"
Barry Allen and Iris West

"Mixed Signals" is the second episode of the fourth season of The Flash, and the seventy-first episode overall. It aired on October 17, 2017.



The episode starts off with a realtor indicating a penthouse suite to an affected haughty purchaser at around evening time. The purchaser won't hold the lift entryway open for the realtor, making her miss the ride. In transit down, the lift stalls out for a second, just to start going here and there — at a pace of twenty stories or so a second — before plunging to the lower level, killing the lift's tenant.

On the floor level, we see a hooded figure pivot and see his eyes sparkle purple, indicating that he's the one who caused the lift mishap.

Barry's up making breakfast, speeding around the kitchen, when Iris enters and he reveals to her that Cisco has snared him with the TV shows he missed while stuck in the Speed Force at 1000x ordinary speed. He's watching Game of Thrones.

Iris specifies that she needs to get made up for lost time with wedding arranging when Barry reveals to her he's done everything as of now. Joe calls Barry and reveals to him they need to go to the area of the lift occurrence.

Cisco appears at the scene, uncovering that he's currently a tech advisor to the Central City Police Department. He guides into the lift and uncovers that it's been hacked and didn't crash because of a glitch.

Back at STAR Labs, Cisco reveals the freshest outfit for Barry. It's brimming with new overhauls, including a Heads Up Display.

Iris appears to be frustrated in the wake of discovering Barry had dropped their night instructional meeting in lieu for supper. She's making some hard memories acclimating to Barry back. Caitlin strolls in and proposes the two start advising meetings.

The break caution begins going off and Iris, Caitlin, and Wally surge in to stop whoever's getting through the penetrate. Cisco surges in to stop them, he uncovers it's Gypsy who's coming through — it's uncovered the two have a date arranged.

We see another wealthy man of his word driving a Tesla-like vehicle and we see it hacked when his telephone begins indicating a similar data showed on the lift screen — KILG%RE.

Luckily enough, Barry's ready to stop the vehicle before it crashes harming anybody.

At the lab, Cisco begins pulling data from the vehicle and he discovers that it's a similar code that was in the lift and the gathering arrives at the decision that a metahuman is the one hacking the innovation.

Iris pulls Barry aside to converse with him about what Caitlin referenced before. After some delay, Barry consents to do it.

Cisco finds an image of the two survivors of the hacking up until now — Kurt and Tim — and in the image is likewise the trouble maker we've seen at the two scenes, Deacon.

At CCPD, Joe chances upon the miscreant in the passage and doesn't see anything not right. Joe's scrutinizing the person that was in the hacked vehicle and a hacked bomb robot goes into the room and drops an explosive, when Barry speeds in and stops it.

The gathering discover that the trouble maker was in a tech startup with three others — the two focused on individuals and the third being a significant tech master.

Chipping away at the hacks, Cisco and Gypsy call of their date in view of work. In the wake of reasoning it turned out well, Caitlin reveals to Cisco he's unquestionably in a tough situation.

Barry and Iris are back at treatment and work on getting matched up back up. In the wake of talking for some time, Iris separates and asks Barry for what reason he left her to go into the Speed Force.

At Sheila's — the third individual in the tech startup gathering — Tim appears at let her realize that Deacon is after everybody as a piece of the KILG%RE gathering. Minister appears and hacks Sheila's insulin siphon, placing her into stun.

Wally speeds in to protect her and in the wake of offering her a chance of glucose, she reveals to Wally that Deacon took Tim.

At the lab, everybody is quite bothered: Cisco subsequent to being put "in the doghouse" by Gyspy, Barry and Iris due to couples treatment.

Cisco chooses to converse with Gypsy and in the wake of offering to take her out on the town the following night, Gypsy discloses to him that it should have been that night on the grounds that on her Earth, since it's 1/1/1 day, where one soul, meets another spirit and they become one. After the two kiss, Cisco has a revelation around 1/1/1 day and runs off.

Iris and Barry are as yet discussing their relationship. Barry consoles her that he went into the Speed Force to spare them all and Iris emphasizes that she needed him to remain.

Cisco comes over the comm framework, and illuminates them that Tim is currently having a live stream. Tim says that he, alongside Kurt and Sheila, took the KILG%RE malware programming and sold it for billions. Cisco tracks the area of the stream and Barry and Wally surge over.

In the wake of sparing Tim, Deacon can hack Barry's new suit, utilizing it to fire a shot at Wally.

Ramsey assumes total responsibility for Barry's suit and stop the comm framework. Barry can escape for a second to discover a compensation telephone to call the team at STAR Labs.

Ramsey begins the fall to pieces framework Cisco put in his suit and Iris reveals to him he needs to toss lightning at himself. He does and in a flash gets thumped oblivious. Ramsey discovers Tim stowing away and discharge a firearm at him, just to be halted by Barry, who infuses the antibody Cisco and Caitlin concocted.

Cisco and Gypsy at long last get together for their date and present appropriate reparations.

Minister — presently passing by the name Kilg%re — is tossed into prison, where it's uncovered that he wasn't in Central City the evening of the specific quickening agent blast. Kilg%re doesn't tell Joe and Barry how he got his powers, yet educates them that he isn't the one in particular that got the powers.

Back in The Thinker's sanctuary, and him and The Mechanic uncover they've been viewing Kilg%re and choose to discover "the others."



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  • The scene with Barry dancing in his boxers while preparing breakfast is a homage to the dance scene performed by Tom Cruise in the film Risky Business.
  • Barry paying for his coffee at CC Jitters using superspeed is a homage to Superman: The Animated Series, episode "Speed Demons".
    • It's also reminiscent of the penultimate scene of The Big Bang Theory episode "The Work Song Nanocluster" where drinking coffee makes Sheldon extremely energetic and "turns" him into the Flash; after Leonard, Howard and Raj have left to go to bed after pulling an all-nighter to help Penny with a project for her new business, he energetically enters the kitchen of his and Leonard's apartment and asks Penny "Where's the coffee?", and she answers that they're out. Sheldon then responds "No problem... I'll be back before this banana hits the ground!", and proceeds to run off. In this episode of The Flash, Barry flips a pancake, speeds around the kitchen, finds that the coffee's out, goes to Jitters and is back to the apartment all before the pancake comes back down.
  • Barry watches a sped-up version of all of his favorite shows in order to catch up. Amongst these shows includes Jon Snow from the TV series Game of Thrones dying and coming back to life, which occurred in the episodes "Mother's Mercy" and "Home", respectively.
  • Cisco likens Deacon's revenge spree to Richard Hendricks from the TV series Silicon Valley killing everyone in his company, Pied Piper. Barry suggests that he's more like Bertram Gilfoyle, though Cisco believes him to be more Erlich Bachman than Gilfoyle.
  • At her home, Sheila Agnani plays the video game Dying Light.
  • Cisco uses the expletive "frak" from the Battlestar Galactica franchise when Deacon locks him out of his own programming.
  • In Barry's new Flash suit, there is a feature called the "Babel protocol"; a self-destruct mode created by Cisco, who defends its creation on the grounds that they have already faced one evil version of Barry. This could be an Easter egg reference to the popular storyline JLA: Tower of Babel, in which Batman is revealed to have studied the weaknesses of his teammates, including Flash, and planned methods to take down each of them in case they went rogue (in Batman's case, his protocol for stopping the Flash was a "vibro-bullet" fired at Wally West that caused him to experience seizures at light speed).
  • Another feature of Barry's new Flash Suit is R-SK8S which is likely short for Roller Skates.
  • DeVoe claims to have completed Schubert's unfinished eighth symphony.
  • Cisco mentions how Earth-19 has Saint Shaquille O'Neal's Day, referencing the popular retired basketball player.
  • At Sharon Finkel's office, Barry finds a newspaper article that reports about the discovery that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow. This is a reference to the twist at the end of the Arrow episode "Fallout" (which aired one week before this episode), when there was a report on the news about this coming to light, due to a doctored photo of Oliver in the Green Arrow being leaked by an unknown individual).
  • When Barry and Iris listed the people they lost, one of the names Iris mentioned was Laurel. However, Iris never met Laurel on-screen.
  • Barry's HUD display is brought up by lenses that go on his eyes. In the comics when Wally was the Flash, he also had lenses similar to these, although they were white.
  • This is the fourth episode of the series not to feature Tom Cavanagh.
  • Iris' "We Are The Flash" line to Barry in this episode would eventually be used as the title of the fourth season finale.
  • The penthouse Kurt Weaver tours at the beginning of the episode is in the same building used for Ramon Industries.
  • The t-shirt Cisco wears in this episode illustrates Schrödinger's cat.


  • When the remains of Tim Kwon's car slide up to the barrier, one of the tires hits it a couple of seconds later. When it does, the barrier bounces away and then back. In reality, the barrier would be either a concrete Jersey barrier or portable plastic Jersey barrier, which is filled with water once in place. Neither would move and rock from the light impact of a rolling tire as they are too heavy and designed to stop or deflect a car, which is about 30 times the weight of the tire and wheel. This is either a prop "concrete" barrier or a plastic one that was not filled with water.