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"Mnemoth has always been with us. Through all the famines, the hunger of the starving masses gave the spirit strength. Nothing could satisfy the demon's appetite. After consuming a body, it moved on to the next, leaving a growing trail of death."
Nommo on Mnemoth[src]

Mnemoth was a demon that fed on hunger.



Mnemoth possesses a boy

Mnemoth possesses the boy.

Mnemoth fed himself with the hunger of starving masses in Sudan, eventually drawing the attention of a local shaman, who had noticed him feeding on people of his village. He invited Mnemoth to enter the boy whom the shaman offered as a sacrifice. After a ritual involving a sacred kusa knife, which was used for scarification, markings kept the demon trapped inside the boy, whose tongue was cut for the same reason.[1]

The possessed boy was wandered to Khartoum, where he was discovered by Gary Lester, hoping to atone for an incident in Newcastle involving his crew. He managed to exorcise the demon and trap him in a bottle.[1]

United States[]

When Lester arrived in Atlanta, the bottle was dropped by a customs officer, who then became possessed by the demon himself. After Mnemoth caused the death of the officer, he escaped through the drain and after traveling through sewers, possessed the body of a woman in a bathroom of Great Wall Supermarket. After the woman had consumed lots of food items and wounded a security guard, Mnemoth exited the body and possessed a delivery man working for Hoffrichter Meats. Investigating the case, John Constantine entered the Hoffrichter's warehouse to discover that in addition to the delivery man, Mnemoth claimed at least one other victim and possessed Jo, the last surviving worker. Trying to exorcise Mnemoth and trap him into a bottle, Constantine dropped the bottle and barely escaped the scene alive.

Wandering from body to body, Mnemoth ended up possessing a man in Fox Theatre, where he was confronted by Lester and John Constantine. The former decided to sacrifice himself and become a new vessel for the demon, eventually dying in painful agony, after which Mnemoth likely returned to Hell or ceased to exist.[1]

Powers and abilities[]


  • Demonic physiology: Mnemoth is a high ranking demon from Hell.[1]
    • Insect physiology/volukinesis: Mnemoth manifested himself in the form of a fully controlled swarm of Khapra beetles. It should be noted that killing one bug does not affect the main body/swarm.[1]
    • Possession: Mnemoth was able to possess people in order to harvest the energy provided by their endless hunger.[1]
    • Hunger control/inducement: Mnemoth had a power to greatly increase the hunger of those he had possessed.[1]
    • Spatial/Dimensional manipulation: Mnemoth could easily fit his body, consisting of rather large beetles within a small bottle.[1]
    • Flight: Mnemoth has the ability to fly in his insect form.[1]
    • Enhanced strength: While possessing humans, Mnemoth is able to show enhanced strength, normally impossible for such humans.[1]




  • It is unknown whether beetles seen as Mnemoth's true form were possessed to maintain his living as it was the case with human beings, or were actually a projection of his in Earth-1 dimension.

Behind the scenes[]

Mnemoth original design drawing

Mnemoth's original comic book design as it appears on Zed Martin's drawing (on the left) in "The Darkness Beneath".

  • In the DC comics Mnemoth was also a demon possessing people with enormous hunger. His story of enmity with Gary Lester and John Constantine was adapted very closely to the original comics storyline.
  • Khapra beetles were probably chosen for Mnemoth's true form due to their reputation as the world's most destructive pests of grain products and seeds.
  • Mnemoth's original comic book design is seen on one of Zed Martin's drawings in "The Darkness Beneath".