A Morae, nicknamed "Mo" by Manchester Black, is one of the Morae children who joined the Elite. Hat has to translate for her.


Morae children

The Morae was found, along with three others, by the United States government. They were trained under Project Morae to be security assets for the government, akin to assassins.[1]

Some years following, in early 2019, the President gave an order to kill all alien personnel. The Morae were lured to a boat loaded with a bomb, but they caught on, killing the entirety of the boat, dragging away the dead leader of the project Colonel Randall McAllister. One of them killing themselves rather than being taken alive, the remaining two assaulted the D.E.O. in search of Colonel Lauren Haley.[1]

The Elite

The Elite

The Elite.

Later, Mo was recruited by the Elite, a radical vigilante group led by Manchester Black. When Supergirl arrived to a prison to stop the Elite, she found them. They managed to escape, teleported away by Hat. Afterwards, the Elite officially revealed themselves to the world as a vigilante team who would fight criminals "without giving them the benefit of the law".[2]

After performing these criminal acts with the Elite, Mo fought with Supergirl but lost and was arrested. After being detained by Supergirl she was arrested by the D.E.O..[3]

A photo of Mo was in a hiding place that Lex Luthor used to torture aliens and steal his powers. It is not known whether Mo survived or not.[4]

Powers and abilities


  • Morae physiology: As a alien, Mo has special abilities.[1]
    • Invisibility: The individual had the ability to turn itself completely invisible to the naked eye. To those with X-ray vision, the Morae would appear as a shimmer of light, but only occasionally.[1]


  • Stealth/Infiltration: Mo is extremely secretive, being able to approach other people without being sensed.[1]




Season 4


  • According to Brainy, Mo is foul-mouthed.[3]


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