"Universe after universe has fallen before my power. World after world consumed. With every death, I steal my mirror’s strength and mine grows ever stronger. Who am I? I am the Anti-Monitor. Come, Harbinger. There is work to be done."

Mobius[1], also known as the Anti-Monitor is a being of supreme power and malevolence that aims to eradicate the multiverse by whatever means necessary. He is opposed by his counterpart, the Monitor.


The Anti-Monitor was inadvertently freed from confinement by Pariah. Following this, he sought to destroy the multiverse with waves of antimatter.[2]

Crisis of 2019

Messaging Nash Wells

Nash submits to Novu

Nash submits to the Anti-Monitor

On December 9, Nash mistook the Anti-Monitor for Mar Novu, and stood outside the Anti-Monitor's door and taunted him, saying how he didn't believe in false gods. The Anti-Monitor argued with Nash to no end, when suddenly Nash was attacked by one of Ramsey Rosso's blood brothers. After a while, Ramsey and his army were stopped thanks to Allegra Garcia, but Nash believed it was "the Monitor" who saved him.[3] At 11:58 pm, just as Nash was about to open the portal to what he believed would be the Monitor's realm, the Anti-Monitor noted on how he wished to know the truth and offered to reveal to him what he wanted to know in exchange for his help stopping the Crisis. The Anti-Monitor told him to stop his attempts to kill him and begin a new life. When Nash asked the Anti-Monitor to show him, he said that he already has "the knowledge" (probably to solve a code). After Nash solved the code in the cave, the Anti-Monitor opened the rock and pulled him inside it in a flash of light before slamming down the rock wall again.[3][4][5][6]

Corrupting Harbinger

Sometime later, the Anti-Monitor communicated with Harbinger through unknown means and, despite her pleas to stop, forcibly summoned her to his lair. Once she arrived, the Anti-Monitor introduced himself. After revealing that worlds were falling under his power and every death allowed for him to steal more power from his mirror counterpart, the Anti-Monitor demanded Harbinger's cooperation and proclaimed that there was work to be done.[7]


The Anti-Monitor seems to be an incredibly evil being, wanting to destroy the entire Multiverse, killing off trillions, if not infinite innocent lives without any guilt or remorse.[7] He seems to enjoy taking credit for destroying universes and consuming worlds. He is also extremely intelligent and manipulative, able to convince the extremely intelligent Harrison Nash Wells into freeing him.[3][4][5][6]

Powers and abilities


  • Cosmic entity physiology: The Anti-Monitor is stated to be far more powerful than Mar Novu himself, a remarkably powerful cosmic entity in his own right and is most likely one of the most, if not the most powerful being in the entire multiverse.
    • Telepathy: When inside his prison, he was able to communicate with Harrison Nash Wells when he was standing in the rocky wall that held the portal to his prison.[3][4][5][6]
    • Telekinesis: The Anti-Monitor was able to effortlessly pull Nash Wells inside the portal to his realm without even being physically present.[3][4][5][6]


  • Expert manipulator: The Anti-Monitor has been shown to be skilled at manipulation. Being able to convince Nash Wells to free him.[3][4][5][6]



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