"I am destiny incarnate, inexorable and inescapable. You are nothing. Insects fated to be crushed beneath my heel without a moment's thought. Fighting is useless. Surrender."
—The Anti-Monitor to the Paragons[src]

Mobius,[1] better known as the Anti-Monitor, is a being of supreme power and malevolence that embarked on a mission to eradicate the multiverse by whatever means necessary, opposed by his counterpart, Mar Novu, in which he was ultimately successful with the use of his invention, the antimatter cannon.

However, thanks to the combined efforts of the Paragons and Oliver Queen, a new multiverse was created in place of the destroyed one. In a last ditch attempt by the Anti-Monitor to destroy the newly formed Earth-Prime's heroes, he engaged them in combat by expanding himself to giant stature, only to be finally defeated by a shrinking weapon locking him in a perpetually shrinking state courtesy of Harrison Nash Wells, Ryan Choi, and Ray Palmer.



When Mar Novu travelled to the Temporal Zone, he was overwhelmed by chronal radiation as his presence caused an influx of antimatter, transporting him to the Netherverse and creating Mobius, an antimatter doppelgänger.


Seeking to destroy the multiverse with waves of antimatter, the Anti-Monitor was sealed behind a door in a chamber where he built an anti-matter cannon to execute his scheme. When Barry Allen of Earth-90 charged towards Novu and was repelled, he found himself within the reach of the Anti-Monitor, who whisked him into his prison and forced him to run on a treadmill to power the weapon. During a test run of the antimatter cannon, the entire universe of Earth-2 was eradicated.

Messaging Nash Wells

Nash submits to Novu

Nash submits to the Anti-Monitor

On December 9, Harrison Nash Wells, mistaking the Anti-Monitor for Mar Novu, stood outside his door and taunted him, saying how he didn't believe in false gods. He argued with Nash to no end, when suddenly Nash was attacked by one of Ramsey Rosso's blood brothers. After a while, Ramsey and his army were stopped thanks to Allegra Garcia, but Nash believed it was "the Monitor" who saved him.[2] At 11:58 pm, just as Nash was about to open the portal to what he believed would be the Monitor's realm, he noted on how he wished to know the truth and offered to reveal to him what he wanted to know in exchange for his service. He told him to stop his attempts to kill him and begin a new life. When Nash asked the Anti-Monitor to show himself, he said that he already has "the knowledge" (probably to solve a code). After Nash solved the code in the cave, the Anti-Monitor opened the rock and pulled him inside it in a flash of light before slamming down the rock wall again.[2][3][4][5]

Anti-Monitor Crisis


Due to Nash opening the door, the Anti-Monitor was released and the Anti-Monitor Crisis began. He began destroying numerous universes across the multiverse.

Recruiting Outkast

At some point he recruited and gave powers to an individual, who would later be known as Outkast, to help destroy the Earths. Outkast eventually killed himself, but not before he destroyed Earth-D, Earth-76 and killed Kid Flash.

Corrupting Harbinger

Due to more worlds being destroyed, the Anti-Monitor soon communicated with Harbinger through unknown means and, despite her pleas to stop, forcibly summoned her to his lair. Once she arrived, he introduced himself. After revealing that worlds were falling under his power and every death allowed for him to steal more power from his mirror counterpart, he demanded Harbinger's cooperation and proclaimed that there was work to be done.[6]

Mobius' successful endgame

The Anti-Monitor possessed Harbinger and after all except Earth-1 was destroyed and all the multiverse's refugees were brought to last remaining universe, he teleported to the Waverider and tried to fool the multiverse's heroes. However, they saw through his guise and futility tried to kill him. He overpowered the heroes and had his Antimatter wave destroy Earth-1 and the multiverse's survivors as well as murder Mar Novu as the heroes helplessly watch. As the wave was heading towards the ship, Pariah teleported the multiverse's last line of defense to a place where the Anti-Monitor could never find them, which angers him. Before they died, the heroes with their last breath warned him that this isn't over and those that Pariah saved will "fight to their last breath". He scoffs at this and retreats by releasing his control from Harbinger before the Antimatter wave destroyed them, completing his victory, despite that he failed to kill the Paragons, who are the only ones that can defeat him.

The battle at the Dawn of Time

In the months since the multiverse was destroyed, the Paragons have struggled to survive. Once Corrigan teaches him how to use the Spectre's power, Oliver heads to the Vanishing Point to rescue the Paragons and strengthen Barry's powers. With his increased speed, Barry runs through the Speed Force, but gets attacked by the Anti-Monitor, losing everyone else across the Speed Force. Despite an expected double-cross from Lex, Kara, and Choi convince Novu not to go through with his plans.

Once Barry retrieves everyone, they arrive at the antimatter universe, only to learn that the Anti-Monitor is waiting for them, where he tells the Paragons that some fates are inescapable: they may have stopped one version of Mar Novu from going through the experiment, but with another version of Mar Novu, he will always know about the multiverse. He then begins to unleash his army of Shadow demons.

Oliver then shows up, and tells them to listen to him, that this is why they were selected as Paragons. When Ryan says he’s still unclear on what that all means, Oliver answers that it means they are all powerful enough to hold the line; to buy them the time they need to rebirth the universe. He explains that the dawn of time is the only place where this do-over can happen. He goes onto say that he will light the spark, but they need to fan the flame.

With Oliver's encouragement, the Paragons run headlong into battle, fighting the shadow demons while Oliver and the Anti-Monitor watch from above. The Anti-Monitor tells Oliver that it’s too late to stop him and that after 10,000 years, he will finally be victorious. Oliver says that he won’t win, and that he believes his entire life has prepared him for this fight. The Anti Monitor says that all life ends, and that only death is eternal. When he says that only he is eternal, Oliver takes off his hood, and tells the Anti Monitor that “we’ll see about that.”

Oliver and The Anti Monitor engage in a fight for reality, and as they’re fighting, Oliver tells him that he has failed this universe and unleashes a surge of power to restore the multiverse, with the Paragons providing additional assistance via Lex's Book of Destiny page while seemingly destroying the Anti-Monitor. As a result however, Oliver dies a second and final time in Barry and Sara's arms.

Final Fight and Downfall

However, the Anti-Monitor survived the Spectre's power and Ryan and Ray realize that he cannot be killed because he’s made of antimatter, but they can destabilize his form, and have him shrinking for eternity. He sends the shadow demons to fight the heroes, in which they leap into fighting them and as they do, the Anti-Monitor reveals himself to the Paragons and announces his new plan to renew his destruction of the new multiverse and tells the heroes that they are nothing but insects fated to be crushed by his heel.

He goes to tell them that fighting is useless and asks them to surrender. The heroes dedicate their fight to Oliver and his sacrifice to restore the multiverse. They then go on to fight the Anti-Monitor, but they are no match for him and the Anti Monitor then makes himself grow to an unprecedented height while yelling out that the Age of Heroes ends now.

The Martian Manhunter, Supergirl and Superman all launch attacks from the sky at the giant version of the Anti-Monitor in order to try to buy Ryan, Ray and Nash some time with building the bomb that will take care of the Anti-Monitor. Once it's finished, Barry takes Ray with him to help out in the final fight with the Anti-Monitor. Ray gives the bomb to Supergirl while telling her to throw it like a girl. Kara uses it on the Anti-Monitor and sends him to the microverse. The Anti-Monitor shrinks away, defeated and thus bringing his threat to an end once and for all.


Mobius had proven to be an incredibly evil being, as is seen by his wanting to destroy the entire multiverse and killing off an infinite amount of innocent lives without any guilt or remorse,[6] he seems to enjoy taking credit for destroying universes and consuming worlds. He is also extremely intelligent and manipulative, as he was able to convince the extremely intelligent Harrison Nash Wells into freeing him.[2][3][4][5] Ultimately, his intellect prevailed as he succeeded in his mission.[1]

Mobius can also be described as a megalomaniac with a god-complex since he wants to replace the multiverse with his own realm in order to be the absolute ruler.

Powers and abilities

"All life ends. Only death is eternal. Only I am eternal."
—The Anti-Monitor to Oliver Queen[src]


  • Cosmic entity physiology: Mobius is stated to be far more powerful than Mar Novu himself, a remarkably powerful individual in his own right, making him one of the most powerful beings in the entire multiverse.
    • Telepathy: When inside his prison, Mobius was able to communicate with Harrison Nash Wells when he was standing in the rocky wall that held the portal to his prison. He also used it when he's trying to communicate with Harbinger; telling her that Lex is about to get the Book of Destiny, and he also tells her to go to him.[2][3][4][5][6]
    • Telekinesis: Mobius was able to effortlessly pull Harrison Nash Wells inside the portal to his realm without even being physically present.[2][3][4][5]
    • Possession: Mobius took possession of Harbinger and used her body to kill Mar Novu and absorb his essence into her body.[1]
    • Power bestowal: Mobius is able to grant powers to anyone he wishes, as shown when he turned Harrison Nash Wells into Pariah; thereby giving Nash the power to teleport and travel between dimensions.[1]
    • Energy Projection: Through Harbinger, Mobius was able to induce a powerful blue energy blast to fight against Mar Novu, eventually overpowering him after a brief struggle.[1] When fighting the Spectre, Mobius generated a powerful red orb that he blasted at Oliver, who managed to contain the blast, and then unleashed a powerful blast of ashen fiery energy that managed to slow down Oliver's attempts to get to him until he was eventually overcome.
    • Essence absorption: Mobius was able to absorb the essence of his counterpart, Mar Novu, killing him in the process.[1]
    • Antimatter projection: Mobius induced an antimatter wave that destroyed Earth-1 even when the Antimatter Cannon was already destroyed.[1]
    • Earthquake generation: Mobius was able to generate seismic activity while arguing with Harrison Nash Wells.[2]
    • Size manipulation: Mobius was able to increase the size of his body to a gigantic stature.
    • Extended longevity: Mobius has lived since the dawn of time.
    • Force-field creation: Mobius was able to generate such a powerful force field around himself that none of the heroes' attacks were able to penetrate his shielding and was also able to unleash the force field to knock back the heroes.


  • Genius-level intellect/Master tactician: Mobius is a highly intelligent individual, as well as an extraordinary tactician due to his being able to convince Harrison Nash Wells to free him.[2][3][4][5]
  • Master of deception/Manipulation: Mobius is highly skilled in the arts of deception and manipulation; as he was able to deceive Harrison Nash Wells into believing that Mar Novu was the one who was trying to start the Anti-Monitor Crisis, not prevent it from happening, Mobius also manipulate the latter into releasing him into Earth-1, so that he gained a foothold into the entire multiverse.
  • Intimidation: Mobius has a very intimidating presence to other heroes. Harbinger was proven to be visibly terrified when directly confronted by Mobius in person.[6]


  • Paragons: Mar Novu predicts the seven Paragons are the only individuals who can take Mobius down.[1][6]
  • Vanishing Point: Mobius is incapable of reaching the Vanishing Point as it exists out of time and space.[1]
  • Mar Novu: As stated by Novu and Mobius, they two are polar opposites, just like their powers. Novu is dedicated to preserving life and the multiverse, while Mobius does the opposite. If Mar Novu and the Multiverse grow stronger, Mobius’ power starts to weaken. During the Crisis, Mobius and the Netherverse grow stronger, allowing Mobius to start draining Novu’s energies until he killed him completely.[7][8]




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  • The Anti-Monitor's endgame was foreshadowed by Zoom's final scheme, who also sought the destruction of the multiverse by using a machine powered by speedsters running on it.
    • Though unlike Zoom, he didn't want to leave a single universe to survive, but rather rule the remaining Netherverse alone.
    • Also unlike Zoom, he succeeded.

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, the Anti-Monitor is a major antagonist and the main villain in Crisis on Infinite Earths. As The Monitor's evil antimatter counterpart, he sought to destroy the multiverse and replace it with his Antimatter Universe. Decades later in the New 52 storyline Forever Evil, he returned with a new design which the show's version is similar to, and later still in the Rebirth comics, his real name was revealed to be Mobius.
  • The Anti-Monitor is the most dangerous villain in the Arrowverse as he has the largest body count. Except for the Paragons, he has murdered an infinite amount of people by destroying the multiverse with antimatter.
  • His physical appearance has been compared to other major pop culture villains, such as the Marvel villains Apocalypse and Thanos as well as the White Walkers and their leader in particular, the Night King, from Game of Thrones .
  • The Anti-Monitor served as the main antagonist of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, as well as Season 8 of Arrow.


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