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Modified CCPD shields are regular ballistic shields modified by Cisco Ramon specifically to withstand the Cold gun, and later Heat gun, for the Central City Police Department.


When Leonard Snart and Mick Rory returned to Central City, Barry prioritized going after the Reverse-Flash rather than them. As a result, the CCPD needed a way to defend themselves from Snart's Cold gun and Rory's Heat gun. Harrison Wells and Cisco Ramon modified some ballistics shields and tested out their capability on a test dummy in front of the CCPD. When Snart and Rory attacked the Rathaways at an airport, the shields worked against the cold gun but Rory's unexpected arrival and heat gun blasts sent two officers into the burn unit. When the Flash faced off against Snart and Rory in the streets, the police set up a perimeter with multiple cops equipped with the shields. When the Flash got hit, Eddie Thawne went in with a shield and defended him from Snart and Rory long enough for the Flash to recover.[1]

A modified ballistic shield withstanding the attack of Heat & Cold

Eddie Thawne using the shield to prevent The Flash from getting hit.


  • Compacted Heating Ribbons: Cisco modified police ballistics shields with compacted heating ribbons that are designed to repel the temperature blasts of the cold and heat guns.

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