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This module is used as a data table for other modules and has no functions within it.

Table Format

[" input value "] = { "show name/header name", year published, (optional) "symbol between show and title" }

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--[[Category:Lua modules]]
return {
    ["The Haunting of Barry Allen"]={"The Flash",2016},
    ["A Generation of Vipers"]={"Arrow",2017},
    ["Hocus Pocus"]={"The Flash",2017},
    ["Age of Atlantis"]={"Supergirl",2017},
    ["Fatal Legacies"]={"Arrow",2018},
    ["Johnny Quick"]={"The Flash",2018},
    ["Curse of the Ancients"]={"Supergirl",2018},
    ["Climate Changeling"]={"The Flash",2018},
    ["The Tornado Twins"]={"The Flash",2018},
    ["Master of Illusion"]={"Supergirl",2019},
    ["Green Arrow's Perfect Shot"]={"The Flash",2019},
    ["Supergirl's Sacrifice"]={"The Flash",2020},
    ["The Legends of Forever"]={"The Flash",2021},
--Companion books--
    ["Heroes and Villains"]={"Arrow",2015," - "},
    ["Oliver Queen's Dossier"]={"Arrow",2016," - "},
    ["Cisco Ramon's Journal"]={"S.T.A.R. Labs",2018},
    ["The Secret Files of Barry Allen"]={"The Flash",2018},
    ["The Secret Files of Kara Danvers"]={"Supergirl",2019}
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