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This module is used as a data table for other modules and has no functions within it.

Table Format

[" input value "] = { "series name",comic number/nil,"alternate hoverInfo" (only if 2 is nil),String length to be italicized (only if italicized name) }

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--[[Category:Lua modules]]
return {
--The Flash TV Special--
    ["The Quick and the Dead"] = {"The Flash TV Special",1},
    ["Meet Kid Flash"] = {"The Flash TV Special",2},
    ["Test Drive"] = {"Arrow",nil,"Arrow Special Edition Issue"},
    ["Time's Arrow"] = {"Arrow",1},
    ["Prey"] = {"Arrow",2},
    ["China White (issue)"] = {"Arrow",3},
    ["Diggle"] = {"Arrow",4},
    ["Fathoms"] = {"Arrow",5},
    ["Moscow"] = {"Arrow",6},
    ["Boys Night"] = {"Arrow",7},
    ["REC."] = {"Arrow",8,nil,0},
    ["Falling (issue)"] = {"Arrow",9},
    ["Caged"] = {"Arrow",10},
    ["Huntress Year One"] = {"Arrow",11},
    ["Limbo"] = {"Arrow",12},
    ["Shanghai"] = {"Arrow",13},
    ["Call to the Bar"] = {"Arrow",14},
    ["6:15 to Starling City"] = {"Arrow",15},
    ["Sins of the Father (issue)"] = {"Arrow",16},
    ["Two Minute Warning"] = {"Arrow",17},
    ["Keep 'Em Coming"] = {"Arrow",18},
    ["Wintergreen"] = {"Arrow",19},
    ["Make it Rain"] = {"Arrow",20},
    ["Detour"] = {"Arrow",21},
    ["Back from the Deadshot"] = {"Arrow",22},
    ["Hunters"] = {"Arrow",23},
    ["Diamond in the Rough"] = {"Arrow",24},
    ["The Pieces Missing"] = {"Arrow",25},
    ["Lapse"] = {"Arrow",26},
    ["Lone Hunter"] = {"Arrow",27},
    ["Aftermath"] = {"Arrow",28},
    ["Shado of the Past"] = {"Arrow",29},
    ["Patient Zero"] = {"Arrow",30},
    ["No Way Out"] = {"Arrow",31},
    ["From the Darkness"] = {"Arrow",32},
    ["Potential"] = {"Arrow",33},
    ["You Owe Me"] = {"Arrow",34},
    ["Sacrifices: Part 1"] = {"Arrow",35},
    ["Sacrifices: Part 2"] = {"Arrow",36},
--Arrow: Season 2.5--
    ["Return"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",1},
    ["Descent"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",2},
    ["Acolyte"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",3},
    ["Ascension"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",4},
    ["Following"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",5},
    ["Outnumbered"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",6},
    ["Haunted (issue)"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",7},
    ["Awakenings"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",8},
    ["Transitions"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",9},
    ["Gone"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",10},
    ["Blood part 11"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",11,nil,5},
    ["Blood part 12"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",12,nil,5},
    ["Assault"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",13},
    ["Assurances"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",14},
    ["Choice"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",15},
    ["Flames"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",16},
    ["Echo"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",17},
    ["Vengeance (Arrow: Season 2.5)"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",18},
    ["Promises"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",19},
    ["The Gift"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",20},
    ["Home"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",21},
    ["Recompense"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",22},
    ["Reckoning (Arrow: Season 2.5)"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",23},
    ["Prologue"] = {"Arrow: Season 2.5",24},
--Arrow: The Dark Archer--
    ["Sacrifice (The Fall of Malcolm Merlyn)"] = {"Arrow: The Dark Archer",1},
    ["Carnage"] = {"Arrow: The Dark Archer",2},
    ["Deception"] = {"Arrow: The Dark Archer",3},
    ["Confession"] = {"Arrow: The Dark Archer",4},
    ["Tempest"] = {"Arrow: The Dark Archer",5},
    ["Blessed"] = {"Arrow: The Dark Archer",6},
    ["Traitor"] = {"Arrow: The Dark Archer",7},
    ["Betrayal (issue)"] = {"Arrow: The Dark Archer",8},
    ["Sacrifice (Malcolm Merlyn Unbound)"] = {"Arrow: The Dark Archer",9},
    ["Vengeance (Arrow: The Dark Archer)"] = {"Arrow: The Dark Archer",10},
    ["Reckoning (Arrow: The Dark Archer)"] = {"Arrow: The Dark Archer",11},
    ["Justice"] = {"Arrow: The Dark Archer",12},
--The Flash: Season Zero--
    ["The Strongman Cometh"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",1},
    ["Who Let the Chimps Out?"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",2},
    ["A Goodnight Hiss"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",3},
    ["Big Top Brawl"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",4},
    ["The Talented Mr. Bliss"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",5},
    ["A Captive Audience"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",6},
    ["Showtime"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",7},
    ["The Big Finale"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",8},
    ["Smoak Signals part 1"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",9,nil,13},
    ["Smoak Signals part 2"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",10,nil,13},
    ["Bite Marks"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",11},
    ["Shark Bait"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",12},
    ["Fish Fry"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",13},
    ["Blood Loss"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",14},
    ["A Little Help from Some Friends"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",15},
    ["The Impossible Mission"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",16},
    ["A Minor Setback"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",17},
    ["A New Home"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",18},
    ["Black Star"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",19},
    ["Day in the Life"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",20},
    ["Of Fire and Ice"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",21},
    ["Of Ice and Fire"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",22},
    ["Mentors and Meltdowns part 1"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",23,nil,20},
    ["Mentors and Meltdowns part 2"] = {"The Flash: Season Zero",24,nil,20},
--Adventures of Supergirl--
    ["This Is My Life"] = {"Adventures of Supergirl",1},
    ["Sistery Mystery"] = {"Adventures of Supergirl",2},
    ["Wake Up Calls"] = {"Adventures of Supergirl",3},
    ["The Strange Case of the Smiling Computer"] = {"Adventures of Supergirl",4},
    ["Attack Edge!"] = {"Adventures of Supergirl",5},
    ["Nightmares on El Street"] = {"Adventures of Supergirl",6},
    ["The Next Dream"] = {"Adventures of Supergirl",7},
    ["Sistery Mystery (Reprise)"] = {"Adventures of Supergirl",8},
    ["Our Backs to the Wall"] = {"Adventures of Supergirl",9},
    ["Who is Facet?"] = {"Adventures of Supergirl",10},
    ["Pieces"] = {"Adventures of Supergirl",11},
    ["End Games"] = {"Adventures of Supergirl",12},
    ["Breaking Point"] = {"Adventures of Supergirl",13},
    ["Sister Act"] = {"Adventures of Supergirl",nil,"Comic-Con Special Edition"},
--Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant--
    ["Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant 1"] = {"Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant",1,nil,31},
    ["Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant 2"] = {"Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant",2,nil,31}
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