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This module is used as a data table for other modules and has no functions within it.

Table Format

[" input value "] = { year, crossover number, "page name of logo image file" }

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--[[Category:Lua modules]]
return {
    ["Flash vs. Arrow"]={2014,1,"Flash vs. Arrow title card"},
    ["Heroes Join Forces"]={2015,2,"Legends of Yesterday title card"},
    ["Invasion!"]={2016,3,"Invasion! (The Flash) title card"},
    ["Crisis on Earth-X"]={2017,4,"Crisis on Earth-X logo"},
    ["Elseworlds"]={2018,5,"Elseworlds, Part 2 title card"},
    ["Crisis on Infinite Earths"]={"2019-2020",6,"Crisis on Infinite Earths logo"}