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This module is used as a data table for other modules and has no functions within it.

Table Format

[" input value "] = { "show name", season number, episode number, series number }

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--[[Category:Lua modules]]
return {
-- The Flash (CBS) --
    ["Pilot (The Flash (CBS))"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,1,1},
    ["Out of Control"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,2,2},
    ["Watching the Detectives"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,3,3},
    ["Honor Among Thieves"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,4,4},
    ["Double Vision"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,5,5},
    ["Sins of the Father (The Flash)"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,6,6},
    ["Child's Play"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,7,7},
    ["Shroud of Death"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,8,8},
    ["Ghost In The Machine"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,9,9},
    ["Sight Unseen"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,10,10},
    ["Beat the Clock"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,11,11},
    ["The Trickster"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,12,12},
    ["Tina, is That You?"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,13,13},
    ["Be My Baby"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,14,14},
    ["Fast Forward"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,15,15},
    ["Deadly Nightshade"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,16,16},
    ["Captain Cold"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,17,17},
    ["Twin Streaks"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,18,18},
    ["Done with Mirrors"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,19,19},
    ["Good Night, Central City"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,20,20},
    ["Alpha"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,21,21},
    ["The Trial of the Trickster"] = {"The Flash (CBS)",1,22,22},
-- Birds of Prey --
    ["Pilot (Birds of Prey)"] = {"Birds of Prey",1,1,1},
    ["Slick"] = {"Birds of Prey",1,2,2},
    ["Prey for the Hunter"] = {"Birds of Prey",1,3,3},
    ["Three Birds and a Baby"] = {"Birds of Prey",1,4,4},
    ["Sins of the Mother"] = {"Birds of Prey",1,5,5},
    ["Primal Scream"] = {"Birds of Prey",1,6,6},
    ["Split"] = {"Birds of Prey",1,7,7},
    ["Lady Shiva"] = {"Birds of Prey",1,8,8},
    ["Nature of the Beast"] = {"Birds of Prey",1,9,9},
    ["Gladiatrix"] = {"Birds of Prey",1,10,10},
    ["Reunion"] = {"Birds of Prey",1,11,11},
    ["Feat of Clay"] = {"Birds of Prey",1,12,12},
    ["Devil's Eyes"] = {"Birds of Prey",1,13,13},
-- Arrow --
    ["Pilot (Arrow)"] = {"Arrow",1,1,1},
    ["Honor Thy Father"] = {"Arrow",1,2,2},
    ["Lone Gunmen"] = {"Arrow",1,3,3},
    ["An Innocent Man"] = {"Arrow",1,4,4},
    ["Damaged"] = {"Arrow",1,5,5},
    ["Legacies"] = {"Arrow",1,6,6},
    ["Muse of Fire"] = {"Arrow",1,7,7},
    ["Vendetta"] = {"Arrow",1,8,8},
    ["Year's End"] = {"Arrow",1,9,9},
    ["Burned"] = {"Arrow",1,10,10},
    ["Trust but Verify"] = {"Arrow",1,11,11},
    ["Vertigo"] = {"Arrow",1,12,12},
    ["Betrayal"] = {"Arrow",1,13,13},
    ["The Odyssey"] = {"Arrow",1,14,14},
    ["Dodger"] = {"Arrow",1,15,15},
    ["Dead to Rights"] = {"Arrow",1,16,16},
    ["The Huntress Returns"] = {"Arrow",1,17,17},
    ["Salvation"] = {"Arrow",1,18,18},
    ["Unfinished Business"] = {"Arrow",1,19,19},
    ["Home Invasion"] = {"Arrow",1,20,20},
    ["The Undertaking"] = {"Arrow",1,21,21},
    ["Darkness on the Edge of Town"] = {"Arrow",1,22,22},
    ["Sacrifice"] = {"Arrow",1,23,23},
    ["City of Heroes"] = {"Arrow",2,1,24},
    ["Identity"] = {"Arrow",2,2,25},
    ["Broken Dolls"] = {"Arrow",2,3,26},
    ["Crucible"] = {"Arrow",2,4,27},
    ["League of Assassins"] = {"Arrow",2,5,28},
    ["Keep Your Enemies Closer"] = {"Arrow",2,6,29},
    ["State v. Queen"] = {"Arrow",2,7,30},
    ["The Scientist"] = {"Arrow",2,8,31},
    ["Three Ghosts"] = {"Arrow",2,9,32},
    ["Blast Radius"] = {"Arrow",2,10,33},
    ["Blind Spot"] = {"Arrow",2,11,34},
    ["Tremors (Arrow)"] = {"Arrow",2,12,35},
    ["Heir to the Demon"] = {"Arrow",2,13,36},
    ["Time of Death"] = {"Arrow",2,14,37},
    ["The Promise"] = {"Arrow",2,15,38},
    ["Suicide Squad"] = {"Arrow",2,16,39},
    ["Birds of Prey (Arrow)"] = {"Arrow",2,17,40},
    ["Deathstroke"] = {"Arrow",2,18,41},
    ["The Man Under the Hood"] = {"Arrow",2,19,42},
    ["Seeing Red (Arrow)"] = {"Arrow",2,20,43},
    ["City of Blood"] = {"Arrow",2,21,44},
    ["Streets of Fire"] = {"Arrow",2,22,45},
    ["Unthinkable"] = {"Arrow",2,23,46},
    ["The Calm"] = {"Arrow",3,1,47},
    ["Sara"] = {"Arrow",3,2,48},
    ["Corto Maltese"] = {"Arrow",3,3,49},
    ["The Magician"] = {"Arrow",3,4,50},
    ["The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak"] = {"Arrow",3,5,51},
    ["Guilty"] = {"Arrow",3,6,52},
    ["Draw Back Your Bow"] = {"Arrow",3,7,53},
    ["The Brave and the Bold"] = {"Arrow",3,8,54},
    ["The Climb"] = {"Arrow",3,9,55},
    ["Left Behind (Arrow)"] = {"Arrow",3,10,56},
    ["Midnight City"] = {"Arrow",3,11,57},
    ["Uprising"] = {"Arrow",3,12,58},
    ["Canaries"] = {"Arrow",3,13,59},
    ["The Return"] = {"Arrow",3,14,60},
    ["Nanda Parbat"] = {"Arrow",3,15,61},
    ["The Offer"] = {"Arrow",3,16,62},
    ["Suicidal Tendencies"] = {"Arrow",3,17,63},
    ["Public Enemy"] = {"Arrow",3,18,64},
    ["Broken Arrow"] = {"Arrow",3,19,65},
    ["The Fallen"] = {"Arrow",3,20,66},
    ["Al Sah-him"] = {"Arrow",3,21,67},
    ["This Is Your Sword"] = {"Arrow",3,22,68},
    ["My Name Is Oliver Queen"] = {"Arrow",3,23,69},
    ["Green Arrow"] = {"Arrow",4,1,70},
    ["The Candidate"] = {"Arrow",4,2,71},
    ["Restoration"] = {"Arrow",4,3,72},
    ["Beyond Redemption"] = {"Arrow",4,4,73},
    ["Haunted"] = {"Arrow",4,5,74},
    ["Lost Souls (Arrow)"] = {"Arrow",4,6,75},
    ["Brotherhood"] = {"Arrow",4,7,76},
    ["Legends of Yesterday"] = {"Arrow",4,8,77},
    ["Dark Waters"] = {"Arrow",4,9,78},
    ["Blood Debts"] = {"Arrow",4,10,79},
    ["A.W.O.L."] = {"Arrow",4,11,80},
    ["Unchained"] = {"Arrow",4,12,81},
    ["Sins of the Father (Arrow)"] = {"Arrow",4,13,82},
    ["Code of Silence"] = {"Arrow",4,14,83},
    ["Taken"] = {"Arrow",4,15,84},
    ["Broken Hearts"] = {"Arrow",4,16,85},
    ["Beacon of Hope"] = {"Arrow",4,17,86},
    ["Eleven-Fifty-Nine"] = {"Arrow",4,18,87},
    ["Canary Cry"] = {"Arrow",4,19,88},
    ["Genesis"] = {"Arrow",4,20,89},
    ["Monument Point"] = {"Arrow",4,21,90},
    ["Lost in the Flood"] = {"Arrow",4,22,91},
    ["Schism"] = {"Arrow",4,23,92},
    ["Legacy (Arrow)"] = {"Arrow",5,1,93},
    ["The Recruits"] = {"Arrow",5,2,94},
    ["A Matter of Trust"] = {"Arrow",5,3,95},
    ["Penance"] = {"Arrow",5,4,96},
    ["Human Target"] = {"Arrow",5,5,97},
    ["So It Begins"] = {"Arrow",5,6,98},
    ["Vigilante"] = {"Arrow",5,7,99},
    ["Invasion! (Arrow)"] = {"Arrow",5,8,100},
    ["What We Leave Behind"] = {"Arrow",5,9,101},
    ["Who Are You? (Arrow)"] = {"Arrow",5,10,102},
    ["Second Chances"] = {"Arrow",5,11,103},
    ["Bratva"] = {"Arrow",5,12,104},
    ["Spectre of the Gun"] = {"Arrow",5,13,105},
    ["The Sin-Eater"] = {"Arrow",5,14,106},
    ["Fighting Fire With Fire"] = {"Arrow",5,15,107},
    ["Checkmate"] = {"Arrow",5,16,108},
    ["Kapiushon"] = {"Arrow",5,17,109},
    ["Disbanded"] = {"Arrow",5,18,110},
    ["Dangerous Liaisons (Arrow)"] = {"Arrow",5,19,111},
    ["Underneath"] = {"Arrow",5,20,112},
    ["Honor Thy Fathers"] = {"Arrow",5,21,113},
    ["Missing"] = {"Arrow",5,22,114},
    ["Lian Yu"] = {"Arrow",5,23,115},
    ["Fallout (Arrow)"] = {"Arrow",6,1,116},
    ["Tribute"] = {"Arrow",6,2,117},
    ["Next of Kin"] = {"Arrow",6,3,118},
    ["Reversal"] = {"Arrow",6,4,119},
    ["Deathstroke Returns"] = {"Arrow",6,5,120},
    ["Promises Kept"] = {"Arrow",6,6,121},
    ["Thanksgiving"] = {"Arrow",6,7,122},
    ["Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2"] = {"Arrow",6,8,123},
    ["Irreconcilable Differences"] = {"Arrow",6,9,124},
    ["Divided"] = {"Arrow",6,10,125},
    ["We Fall"] = {"Arrow",6,11,126},
    ["All for Nothing"] = {"Arrow",6,12,127},
    ["The Devil's Greatest Trick"] = {"Arrow",6,13,128},
    ["Collision Course"] = {"Arrow",6,14,129},
    ["Doppelganger"] = {"Arrow",6,15,130},
    ["The Thanatos Guild"] = {"Arrow",6,16,131},
    ["Brothers in Arms"] = {"Arrow",6,17,132},
    ["Fundamentals"] = {"Arrow",6,18,133},
    ["The Dragon"] = {"Arrow",6,19,134},
    ["Shifting Allegiances"] = {"Arrow",6,20,135},
    ["Docket No. 11-19-41-73"] = {"Arrow",6,21,136},
    ["The Ties That Bind"] = {"Arrow",6,22,137},
    ["Life Sentence"] = {"Arrow",6,23,138},
    ["Inmate 4587"] = {"Arrow",7,1,139},
    ["The Longbow Hunters"] = {"Arrow",7,2,140},
    ["Crossing Lines"] = {"Arrow",7,3,141},
    ["Level Two"] = {"Arrow",7,4,142},
    ["The Demon"] = {"Arrow",7,5,143},
    ["Due Process"] = {"Arrow",7,6,144},
    ["The Slabside Redemption"] = {"Arrow",7,7,145},
    ["Unmasked"] = {"Arrow",7,8,146},
    ["Elseworlds, Part 2"] = {"Arrow",7,9,147},
    ["My Name is Emiko Queen"] = {"Arrow",7,10,148},
    ["Past Sins"] = {"Arrow",7,11,149},
    ["Emerald Archer"] = {"Arrow",7,12,150},
    ["Star City Slayer"] = {"Arrow",7,13,151},
    ["Brothers & Sisters"] = {"Arrow",7,14,152},
    ["Training Day"] = {"Arrow",7,15,153},
    ["Star City 2040"] = {"Arrow",7,16,154},
    ["Inheritance"] = {"Arrow",7,17,155},
    ["Lost Canary"] = {"Arrow",7,18,156},
    ["Spartan"] = {"Arrow",7,19,157},
    ["Confessions"] = {"Arrow",7,20,158},
    ["Living Proof"] = {"Arrow",7,21,159},
    ["You Have Saved This City"] = {"Arrow",7,22,160},
    ["Starling City"] = {"Arrow",8,1,161},
    ["Welcome to Hong Kong"] = {"Arrow",8,2,162},
    ["Leap of Faith"] = {"Arrow",8,3,163},
    ["Present Tense"] = {"Arrow",8,4,164},
    ["Prochnost"] = {"Arrow",8,5,165},
    ["Reset"] = {"Arrow",8,6,166},
    ["Purgatory"] = {"Arrow",8,7,167},
    ["Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four"] = {"Arrow",8,8,168},
    ["Green Arrow & The Canaries"] = {"Arrow",8,9,169},
    ["Fadeout"] = {"Arrow",8,10,170},
-- The Flash (The CW) --
    ["Pilot (The Flash (The CW))"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,1,1},
    ["Fastest Man Alive"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,2,2},
    ["Things You Can't Outrun"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,3,3},
    ["Going Rogue"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,4,4},
    ["Plastique"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,5,5},
    ["The Flash is Born"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,6,6},
    ["Power Outage"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,7,7},
    ["Flash vs. Arrow"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,8,8},
    ["The Man in the Yellow Suit"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,9,9},
    ["Revenge of the Rogues"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,10,10},
    ["The Sound and the Fury"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,11,11},
    ["Crazy for You"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,12,12},
    ["The Nuclear Man"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,13,13},
    ["Fallout (The Flash)"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,14,14},
    ["Out of Time (The Flash)"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,15,15},
    ["Rogue Time"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,16,16},
    ["Tricksters"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,17,17},
    ["All Star Team Up"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,18,18},
    ["Who is Harrison Wells?"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,19,19},
    ["The Trap"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,20,20},
    ["Grodd Lives"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,21,21},
    ["Rogue Air"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,22,22},
    ["Fast Enough"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",1,23,23},
    ["The Man Who Saved Central City"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,1,24},
    ["Flash of Two Worlds"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,2,25},
    ["Family of Rogues"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,3,26},
    ["The Fury of Firestorm"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,4,27},
    ["The Darkness and the Light"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,5,28},
    ["Enter Zoom"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,6,29},
    ["Gorilla Warfare"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,7,30},
    ["Legends of Today"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,8,31},
    ["Running to Stand Still"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,9,32},
    ["Potential Energy"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,10,33},
    ["The Reverse-Flash Returns"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,11,34},
    ["Fast Lane"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,12,35},
    ["Welcome to Earth-2"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,13,36},
    ["Escape from Earth-2"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,14,37},
    ["King Shark"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,15,38},
    ["Trajectory"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,16,39},
    ["Flash Back"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,17,40},
    ["Versus Zoom"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,18,41},
    ["Back to Normal"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,19,42},
    ["Rupture"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,20,43},
    ["The Runaway Dinosaur"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,21,44},
    ["Invincible"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,22,45},
    ["The Race of His Life"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",2,23,46},
    ["Flashpoint"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,1,47},
    ["Paradox"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,2,48},
    ["Magenta"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,3,49},
    ["The New Rogues"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,4,50},
    ["Monster"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,5,51},
    ["Shade"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,6,52},
    ["Killer Frost"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,7,53},
    ["Invasion! (The Flash)"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,8,54},
    ["The Present"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,9,55},
    ["Borrowing Problems from the Future"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,10,56},
    ["Dead or Alive"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,11,57},
    ["Untouchable"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,12,58},
    ["Attack on Gorilla City"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,13,59},
    ["Attack on Central City"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,14,60},
    ["The Wrath of Savitar"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,15,61},
    ["Into the Speed Force"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,16,62},
    ["Duet"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,17,63},
    ["Abra Kadabra"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,18,64},
    ["The Once and Future Flash"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,19,65},
    ["I Know Who You Are"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,20,66},
    ["Cause and Effect"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,21,67},
    ["Infantino Street"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,22,68},
    ["Finish Line"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",3,23,69},
    ["The Flash Reborn"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,1,70},
    ["Mixed Signals"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,2,71},
    ["Luck Be a Lady"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,3,72},
    ["Elongated Journey Into Night"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,4,73},
    ["Girls Night Out"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,5,74},
    ["When Harry Met Harry..."] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,6,75},
    ["Therefore I Am"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,7,76},
    ["Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,8,77},
    ["Don't Run"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,9,78},
    ["The Trial of The Flash"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,10,79},
    ["The Elongated Knight Rises"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,11,80},
    ["Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,12,81},
    ["True Colors"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,13,82},
    ["Subject 9"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,14,83},
    ["Enter Flashtime"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,15,84},
    ["Run, Iris, Run"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,16,85},
    ["Null and Annoyed"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,17,86},
    ["Lose Yourself"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,18,87},
    ["Fury Rogue"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,19,88},
    ["Therefore She Is"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,20,89},
    ["Harry and the Harrisons"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,21,90},
    ["Think Fast"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,22,91},
    ["We Are The Flash"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",4,23,92},
    ["Nora"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,1,93},
    ["Blocked"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,2,94},
    ["The Death of Vibe"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,3,95},
    ["News Flash"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,4,96},
    ["All Doll'd Up"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,5,97},
    ["The Icicle Cometh"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,6,98},
    ["O Come, All Ye Thankful"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,7,99},
    ["What's Past is Prologue"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,8,100},
    ["Elseworlds, Part 1"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,9,101},
    ["The Flash & The Furious"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,10,102},
    ["Seeing Red (The Flash)"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,11,103},
    ["Memorabilia"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,12,104},
    ["Goldfaced"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,13,105},
    ["Cause and XS"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,14,106},
    ["King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,15,107},
    ["Failure is an Orphan"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,16,108},
    ["Time Bomb"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,17,109},
    ["Godspeed"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,18,110},
    ["Snow Pack"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,19,111},
    ["Gone Rogue"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,20,112},
    ["The Girl With The Red Lightning"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,21,113},
    ["Legacy (The Flash)"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",5,22,114},
    ["Into the Void"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",6,1,115},
    ["A Flash of the Lightning"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",6,2,116},
    ["Dead Man Running"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",6,3,117},
    ["There Will Be Blood"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",6,4,118},
    ["Kiss Kiss Breach Breach"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",6,5,119},
    ["License to Elongate"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",6,6,120},
    ["The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 1"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",6,7,121},
    ["The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 2"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",6,8,122},
    ["Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",6,9,123},
    ["Marathon"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",6,10,124},
    ["Love Is A Battlefield"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",6,11,125},
    ["A Girl Named Sue"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",6,12,126},
    ["Grodd Friended Me"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",6,13,127},
    ["Death of the Speed Force"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",6,14,128},
    ["The Exorcism of Nash Wells"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",6,15,129},
    ["So Long and Goodnight"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",6,16,130},
    ["Liberation"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",6,17,131},
    ["Pay the Piper"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",6,18,132},
    ["Success Is Assured"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",6,19,133},
    ["All's Wells That Ends Wells"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",7,1,134},
    ["The Speed of Thought"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",7,2,135},
    ["Mother"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",7,3,136},
    ["Central City Strong"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",7,4,137},
    ["Fear Me"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",7,5,138},
    ["The One With The Nineties"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",7,6,139},
    ["Growing Pains"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",7,7,140},
    ["The People v. Killer Frost"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",7,8,141},
    ["Timeless"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",7,9,142},
    ["Family Matters, Part 1"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",7,10,143},
    ["Family Matters, Part 2"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",7,11,144},
    ["Good-Bye Vibrations"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",7,12,145},
    ["Masquerade"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",7,13,146},
    ["Rayo de Luz"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",7,14,147},
    ["Enemy At the Gates"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",7,15,148},
    ["P.O.W."] = {"The Flash (The CW)",7,16,149},
    ["Heart of the Matter, Part 1"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",7,17,150},
    ["Heart of the Matter, Part 2"] = {"The Flash (The CW)",7,18,151},
-- Constantine --
    ["Non Est Asylum"] = {"Constantine",1,1,1},
    ["The Darkness Beneath"] = {"Constantine",1,2,2},
    ["The Devil's Vinyl"] = {"Constantine",1,3,3},
    ["A Feast of Friends"] = {"Constantine",1,4,4},
    ["Danse Vaudou"] = {"Constantine",1,5,5},
    ["Rage of Caliban"] = {"Constantine",1,6,6},
    ["Blessed Are the Damned"] = {"Constantine",1,7,7},
    ["The Saint of Last Resorts"] = {"Constantine",1,8,8},
    ["The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 2"] = {"Constantine",1,9,9},
    ["Quid Pro Quo"] = {"Constantine",1,10,10},
    ["A Whole World Out There"] = {"Constantine",1,11,11},
    ["Angels and Ministers of Grace"] = {"Constantine",1,12,12},
    ["Waiting for the Man"] = {"Constantine",1,13,13},
    ["Final Girl"] = {"Constantine",1,14,14},
-- Vixen --
    ["Episode 1 (Vixen season 1)"] = {"Vixen",1,1,1},
    ["Episode 2 (Vixen season 1)"] = {"Vixen",1,2,2},
    ["Episode 3 (Vixen season 1)"] = {"Vixen",1,3,3},
    ["Episode 4 (Vixen season 1)"] = {"Vixen",1,4,4},
    ["Episode 5 (Vixen season 1)"] = {"Vixen",1,5,5},
    ["Episode 6 (Vixen season 1)"] = {"Vixen",1,6,6},
    ["Episode 1 (Vixen season 2)"] = {"Vixen",2,1,7},
    ["Episode 2 (Vixen season 2)"] = {"Vixen",2,2,8},
    ["Episode 3 (Vixen season 2)"] = {"Vixen",2,3,9},
    ["Episode 4 (Vixen season 2)"] = {"Vixen",2,4,10},
    ["Episode 5 (Vixen season 2)"] = {"Vixen",2,5,11},
    ["Episode 6 (Vixen season 2)"] = {"Vixen",2,6,12},
-- Supergirl --
    ["Pilot (Supergirl)"] = {"Supergirl",1,1,1},
    ["Stronger Together"] = {"Supergirl",1,2,2},
    ["Fight or Flight"] = {"Supergirl",1,3,3},
    ["How Does She Do It?"] = {"Supergirl",1,4,4},
    ["Livewire"] = {"Supergirl",1,5,5},
    ["Red Faced"] = {"Supergirl",1,6,6},
    ["Human For a Day"] = {"Supergirl",1,7,7},
    ["Hostile Takeover"] = {"Supergirl",1,8,8},
    ["Blood Bonds"] = {"Supergirl",1,9,9},
    ["Childish Things"] = {"Supergirl",1,10,10},
    ["Strange Visitor From Another Planet"] = {"Supergirl",1,11,11},
    ["Bizarro"] = {"Supergirl",1,12,12},
    ["For the Girl Who Has Everything"] = {"Supergirl",1,13,13},
    ["Truth, Justice and the American Way"] = {"Supergirl",1,14,14},
    ["Solitude"] = {"Supergirl",1,15,15},
    ["Falling"] = {"Supergirl",1,16,16},
    ["Manhunter"] = {"Supergirl",1,17,17},
    ["Worlds Finest"] = {"Supergirl",1,18,18},
    ["Myriad"] = {"Supergirl",1,19,19},
    ["Better Angels"] = {"Supergirl",1,20,20},
    ["The Adventures of Supergirl"] = {"Supergirl",2,1,21},
    ["The Last Children of Krypton"] = {"Supergirl",2,2,22},
    ["Welcome to Earth"] = {"Supergirl",2,3,23},
    ["Survivors"] = {"Supergirl",2,4,24},
    ["Crossfire"] = {"Supergirl",2,5,25},
    ["Changing"] = {"Supergirl",2,6,26},
    ["The Darkest Place"] = {"Supergirl",2,7,27},
    ["Medusa"] = {"Supergirl",2,8,28},
    ["Supergirl Lives"] = {"Supergirl",2,9,29},
    ["We Can Be Heroes"] = {"Supergirl",2,10,30},
    ["The Martian Chronicles"] = {"Supergirl",2,11,31},
    ["Luthors"] = {"Supergirl",2,12,32},
    ["Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk"] = {"Supergirl",2,13,33},
    ["Homecoming"] = {"Supergirl",2,14,34},
    ["Exodus"] = {"Supergirl",2,15,35},
    ["Star-Crossed"] = {"Supergirl",2,16,36},
    ["Distant Sun"] = {"Supergirl",2,17,37},
    ["Ace Reporter"] = {"Supergirl",2,18,38},
    ["Alex"] = {"Supergirl",2,19,39},
    ["City of Lost Children"] = {"Supergirl",2,20,40},
    ["Resist"] = {"Supergirl",2,21,41},
    ["Nevertheless, She Persisted"] = {"Supergirl",2,22,42},
    ["Girl of Steel"] = {"Supergirl",3,1,43},
    ["Triggers"] = {"Supergirl",3,2,44},
    ["Far From the Tree"] = {"Supergirl",3,3,45},
    ["The Faithful"] = {"Supergirl",3,4,46},
    ["Damage"] = {"Supergirl",3,5,47},
    ["Midvale"] = {"Supergirl",3,6,48},
    ["Wake Up"] = {"Supergirl",3,7,49},
    ["Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1"] = {"Supergirl",3,8,50},
    ["Reign"] = {"Supergirl",3,9,51},
    ["Legion of Super-Heroes"] = {"Supergirl",3,10,52},
    ["Fort Rozz"] = {"Supergirl",3,11,53},
    ["For Good"] = {"Supergirl",3,12,54},
    ["Both Sides Now"] = {"Supergirl",3,13,55},
    ["Schott Through the Heart"] = {"Supergirl",3,14,56},
    ["In Search of Lost Time"] = {"Supergirl",3,15,57},
    ["Of Two Minds"] = {"Supergirl",3,16,58},
    ["Trinity"] = {"Supergirl",3,17,59},
    ["Shelter from the Storm"] = {"Supergirl",3,18,60},
    ["The Fanatical"] = {"Supergirl",3,19,61},
    ["Dark Side of the Moon"] = {"Supergirl",3,20,62},
    ["Not Kansas"] = {"Supergirl",3,21,63},
    ["Make it Reign"] = {"Supergirl",3,22,64},
    ["Battles Lost and Won"] = {"Supergirl",3,23,65},
    ["American Alien"] = {"Supergirl",4,1,66},
    ["Fallout (Supergirl)"] = {"Supergirl",4,2,67},
    ["Man of Steel (Supergirl)"] = {"Supergirl",4,3,68},
    ["Ahimsa"] = {"Supergirl",4,4,69},
    ["Parasite Lost"] = {"Supergirl",4,5,70},
    ["Call to Action"] = {"Supergirl",4,6,71},
    ["Rather the Fallen Angel"] = {"Supergirl",4,7,72},
    ["Bunker Hill"] = {"Supergirl",4,8,73},
    ["Elseworlds, Part 3"] = {"Supergirl",4,9,74},
    ["Suspicious Minds"] = {"Supergirl",4,10,75},
    ["Blood Memory"] = {"Supergirl",4,11,76},
    ["Menagerie"] = {"Supergirl",4,12,77},
    ["What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?"] = {"Supergirl",4,13,78},
    ["Stand and Deliver"] = {"Supergirl",4,14,79},
    ["O Brother, Where Art Thou?"] = {"Supergirl",4,15,80},
    ["The House of L"] = {"Supergirl",4,16,81},
    ["All About Eve"] = {"Supergirl",4,17,82},
    ["Crime and Punishment"] = {"Supergirl",4,18,83},
    ["American Dreamer"] = {"Supergirl",4,19,84},
    ["Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?"] = {"Supergirl",4,20,85},
    ["Red Dawn"] = {"Supergirl",4,21,86},
    ["The Quest for Peace"] = {"Supergirl",4,22,87},
    ["Event Horizon"] = {"Supergirl",5,1,88},
    ["Stranger Beside Me"] = {"Supergirl",5,2,89},
    ["Blurred Lines"] = {"Supergirl",5,3,90},
    ["In Plain Sight"] = {"Supergirl",5,4,91},
    ["Dangerous Liaisons (Supergirl)"] = {"Supergirl",5,5,92},
    ["Confidence Women"] = {"Supergirl",5,6,93},
    ["Tremors (Supergirl)"] = {"Supergirl",5,7,94},
    ["The Wrath of Rama Khan"] = {"Supergirl",5,8,95},
    ["Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One"] = {"Supergirl",5,9,96},
    ["The Bottle Episode"] = {"Supergirl",5,10,97},
    ["Back From the Future - Part One"] = {"Supergirl",5,11,98},
    ["Back From the Future - Part Two"] = {"Supergirl",5,12,99},
    ["It's a Super Life"] = {"Supergirl",5,13,100},
    ["The Bodyguard"] = {"Supergirl",5,14,101},
    ["Reality Bytes"] = {"Supergirl",5,15,102},
    ["Alex in Wonderland"] = {"Supergirl",5,16,103},
    ["Deus Lex Machina"] = {"Supergirl",5,17,104},
    ["The Missing Link"] = {"Supergirl",5,18,105},
    ["Immortal Kombat"] = {"Supergirl",5,19,106},
    ["Rebirth (Supergirl)"] = {"Supergirl",6,1,107},
    ["A Few Good Women"] = {"Supergirl",6,2,108},
    ["Phantom Menaces"] = {"Supergirl",6,3,109},
    ["Lost Souls (Supergirl)"] = {"Supergirl",6,4,110},
    ["Prom Night!"] = {"Supergirl",6,5,111},
    ["Prom Again!"] = {"Supergirl",6,6,112},
    ["Fear Knot"] = {"Supergirl",6,7,113},
    ["Welcome Back, Kara!"] = {"Supergirl",6,8,114},
    ["Dream Weaver"] = {"Supergirl",6,9,115},
    ["Still I Rise"] = {"Supergirl",6,10,116},
    ["Mxy in the Middle"] = {"Supergirl",6,11,117},
    ["Blind Spots"] = {"Supergirl",6,12,118},
    --MISSING 13,14,15--
    ["Nightmare In National City"] = {"Supergirl",6,16,122},
-- DC's Legends of Tomorrow --
    ["Pilot, Part 1"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",1,1,1},
    ["Pilot, Part 2"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",1,2,2},
    ["Blood Ties"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",1,3,3},
    ["White Knights"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",1,4,4},
    ["Fail-Safe"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",1,5,5},
    ["Star City 2046"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",1,6,6},
    ["Marooned"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",1,7,7},
    ["Night of the Hawk"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",1,8,8},
    ["Left Behind (DC's Legends of Tomorrow)"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",1,9,9},
    ["Progeny"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",1,10,10},
    ["The Magnificent Eight"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",1,11,11},
    ["Last Refuge"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",1,12,12},
    ["Leviathan"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",1,13,13},
    ["River of Time"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",1,14,14},
    ["Destiny"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",1,15,15},
    ["Legendary"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",1,16,16},
    ["Out of Time (DC's Legends of Tomorrow)"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",2,1,17},
    ["The Justice Society of America"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",2,2,18},
    ["Shogun"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",2,3,19},
    ["Abominations"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",2,4,20},
    ["Compromised"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",2,5,21},
    ["Outlaw Country"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",2,6,22},
    ["Invasion! (DC's Legends of Tomorrow)"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",2,7,23},
    ["The Chicago Way"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",2,8,24},
    ["Raiders of the Lost Art"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",2,9,25},
    ["The Legion of Doom"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",2,10,26},
    ["Turncoat"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",2,11,27},
    ["Camelot/3000"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",2,12,28},
    ["Land of the Lost"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",2,13,29},
    ["Moonshot"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",2,14,30},
    ["Fellowship of the Spear"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",2,15,31},
    ["Doomworld"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",2,16,32},
    ["Aruba"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",2,17,33},
    ["Aruba-Con"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",3,1,34},
    ["Freakshow"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",3,2,35},
    ["Zari"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",3,3,36},
    ["Phone Home"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",3,4,37},
    ["Return of the Mack"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",3,5,38},
    ["Helen Hunt"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",3,6,39},
    ["Welcome to the Jungle"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",3,7,40},
    ["Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",3,8,41},
    ["Beebo the God of War"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",3,9,42},
    ["Daddy Darhkest"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",3,10,43},
    ["Here I Go Again"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",3,11,44},
    ["The Curse of the Earth Totem"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",3,12,45},
    ["No Country for Old Dads"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",3,13,46},
    ["Amazing Grace"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",3,14,47},
    ["Necromancing the Stone"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",3,15,48},
    ["I, Ava"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",3,16,49},
    ["Guest Starring John Noble"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",3,17,50},
    ["The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",3,18,51},
    ["The Virgin Gary"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",4,1,52},
    ["Witch Hunt"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",4,2,53},
    ["Dancing Queen"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",4,3,54},
    ["Wet Hot American Bummer"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",4,4,55},
    ["Tagumo Attacks!!!"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",4,5,56},
    ["Tender is the Nate"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",4,6,57},
    ["Hell No, Dolly!"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",4,7,58},
    ["Legends of To-Meow-Meow"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",4,8,59},
    ["Lucha De Apuestas"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",4,9,60},
    ["The Getaway"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",4,10,61},
    ["Séance and Sensibility"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",4,11,62},
    ["The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",4,12,63},
    ["Egg MacGuffin"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",4,13,64},
    ["Nip/Stuck"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",4,14,65},
    ["Terms of Service"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",4,15,66},
    ["Hey, World!"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",4,16,67},
    ["Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",5,0,68},
    ["Meet the Legends"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",5,1,69},
    ["Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",5,2,70},
    ["Slay Anything"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",5,3,71},
    ["A Head of Her Time"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",5,4,72},
    ["Mortal Khanbat"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",5,5,73},
    ["Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",5,6,74},
    ["Romeo V. Juliet: Dawn of Justness"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",5,7,75},
    ["Zari, Not Zari"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",5,8,76},
    ["The Great British Fake Off"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",5,9,77},
    ["Ship Broken"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",5,10,78},
    ["Freaks and Greeks"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",5,11,79},
    ["I Am Legends"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",5,12,80},
    ["The One Where We're Trapped On TV"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",5,13,81},
    ["Swan Thong"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",5,14,82},
    ["Ground Control to Sara Lance"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",6,1,83},
    ["Meat: The Legends"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",6,2,84},
    ["The Ex-Factor"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",6,3,85},
    ["Bay of Squids"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",6,4,86},
    ["The Satanist's Apprentice"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",6,5,87},
    ["Bishop's Gambit"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",6,6,88},
    ["Back to the Finale: Part II"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",6,7,89},
    ["Stressed Western"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",6,8,90},
    ["This is Gus"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",6,9,91},
    ["Bad Blood"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",6,10,92},
    ["The Final Frame"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",6,11,93},
    ["Bored On Board Onboard"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",6,12,94},
    ["Silence of the Sonograms"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",6,13,95},
    ["There Will Be Brood"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",6,14,96},
    ["The Fungus Amongus"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",6,15,97},
    ["The Bullet Blondes"] = {"DC's Legends of Tomorrow",7,1,98},
-- Freedom Fighters: The Ray --
    ["Episode One (Freedom Fighters: The Ray season 1)"] = {"Freedom Fighters: The Ray",1,1,1},
    ["Episode Two (Freedom Fighters: The Ray season 1)"] = {"Freedom Fighters: The Ray",1,2,2},
    ["Episode Three (Freedom Fighters: The Ray season 1)"] = {"Freedom Fighters: The Ray",1,3,3},
    ["Episode Four (Freedom Fighters: The Ray season 1)"] = {"Freedom Fighters: The Ray",1,4,4},
    ["Episode Five (Freedom Fighters: The Ray season 1)"] = {"Freedom Fighters: The Ray",1,5,5},
    ["Episode Six (Freedom Fighters: The Ray season 1)"] = {"Freedom Fighters: The Ray",1,6,6},
    ["Episode One (Freedom Fighters: The Ray season 2)"] = {"Freedom Fighters: The Ray",2,1,7},
    ["Episode Two (Freedom Fighters: The Ray season 2)"] = {"Freedom Fighters: The Ray",2,2,8},
    ["Episode Three (Freedom Fighters: The Ray season 2)"] = {"Freedom Fighters: The Ray",2,3,9},
    ["Episode Four (Freedom Fighters: The Ray season 2)"] = {"Freedom Fighters: The Ray",2,4,10},
    ["Episode Five (Freedom Fighters: The Ray season 2)"] = {"Freedom Fighters: The Ray",2,5,11},
    ["Episode Six (Freedom Fighters: The Ray season 2)"] = {"Freedom Fighters: The Ray",2,6,12},
-- Black Lightning --
    ["The Resurrection"] = {"Black Lightning",1,1,1},
    ["Lawanda: The Book of Hope"] = {"Black Lightning",1,2,2},
    ["Lawanda: The Book of Burial"] = {"Black Lightning",1,3,3},
    ["Black Jesus"] = {"Black Lightning",1,4,4},
    ["And Then the Devil Brought the Plague: The Book of Green Light"] = {"Black Lightning",1,5,5},
    ["Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder"] = {"Black Lightning",1,6,6},
    ["Equinox: The Book of Fate"] = {"Black Lightning",1,7,7},
    ["The Book of Revelations"] = {"Black Lightning",1,8,8},
    ["The Book of Little Black Lies"] = {"Black Lightning",1,9,9},
    ["Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption"] = {"Black Lightning",1,10,10},
    ["Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion"] = {"Black Lightning",1,11,11},
    ["The Resurrection and the Light: The Book of Pain"] = {"Black Lightning",1,12,12},
    ["Shadow of Death: The Book of War"] = {"Black Lightning",1,13,13},
    ["The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies"] = {"Black Lightning",2,1,14},
    ["The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues"] = {"Black Lightning",2,2,15},
    ["The Book of Consequences: Chapter Three: Master Lowry"] = {"Black Lightning",2,3,16},
    ["The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak"] = {"Black Lightning",2,4,17},
    ["The Book of Blood: Chapter One: Requiem"] = {"Black Lightning",2,5,18},
    ["The Book of Blood: Chapter Two: The Perdi"] = {"Black Lightning",2,6,19},
    ["The Book of Blood: Chapter Three: The Sange"] = {"Black Lightning",2,7,20},
    ["The Book of Rebellion: Chapter One: Exodus"] = {"Black Lightning",2,8,21},
    ["The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Two: Gift of Magi"] = {"Black Lightning",2,9,22},
    ["The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Three: Angelitos Negros"] = {"Black Lightning",2,10,23},
    ["The Book of Secrets: Chapter One: Prodigal Son"] = {"Black Lightning",2,11,24},
    ["The Book of Secrets: Chapter Two: Just and Unjust"] = {"Black Lightning",2,12,25},
    ["The Book of Secrets: Chapter Three: Pillar of Fire"] = {"Black Lightning",2,13,26},
    ["The Book of Secrets: Chapter Four: Original Sin"] = {"Black Lightning",2,14,27},
    ["The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter One: The Alpha"] = {"Black Lightning",2,15,28},
    ["The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega"] = {"Black Lightning",2,16,29},
    ["The Book of Occupation: Chapter One: Birth of Blackbird"] = {"Black Lightning",3,1,30},
    ["The Book of Occupation: Chapter Two"] = {"Black Lightning",3,2,31},
    ["The Book of Occupation: Chapter Three"] = {"Black Lightning",3,3,32},
    ["The Book of Occupation: Chapter Four"] = {"Black Lightning",3,4,33},
    ["The Book of Occupation: Chapter Five"] = {"Black Lightning",3,5,34},
    ["The Book of Resistance: Chapter One"] = {"Black Lightning",3,6,35},
    ["The Book of Resistance: Chapter Two"] = {"Black Lightning",3,7,36},
    ["The Book of Resistance: Chapter Three: The Battle of Franklin Terrace"] = {"Black Lightning",3,8,37},
    ["The Book of Resistance: Chapter Four: Earth Crisis"] = {"Black Lightning",3,9,38},
    ["The Book of Markovia: Chapter One: Blessings and Curses Reborn"] = {"Black Lightning",3,10,39},
    ["The Book of Markovia: Chapter Two"] = {"Black Lightning",3,11,40},
    ["The Book of Markovia: Chapter Three"] = {"Black Lightning",3,12,41},
    ["The Book of Markovia: Chapter Four"] = {"Black Lightning",3,13,42},
    ["The Book of War: Chapter One: Homecoming"] = {"Black Lightning",3,14,43},
    ["The Book of War: Chapter Two"] = {"Black Lightning",3,15,44},
    ["The Book of War: Chapter Three: Liberation"] = {"Black Lightning",3,16,45},
    ["The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter One"] = {"Black Lightning",4,1,46},
    ["The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter Two"] = {"Black Lightning",4,2,47},
    ["The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter Three"] = {"Black Lightning",4,3,48},
    ["The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter Four"] = {"Black Lightning",4,4,49},
    ["The Book of Ruin: Chapter One"] = {"Black Lightning",4,5,50},
    ["The Book of Ruin: Chapter Two"] = {"Black Lightning",4,6,51},
    ["Painkiller (Black Lightning)"] = {"Black Lightning",4,7,52},
    ["The Book of Ruin: Chapter Three"] = {"Black Lightning",4,8,53},
    ["The Book of Ruin: Chapter Four: Lyding"] = {"Black Lightning",4,9,54},
    ["The Book of Reunification: Chapter One"] = {"Black Lightning",4,10,55},
    ["The Book of Reunification: Chapter Two"] = {"Black Lightning",4,11,56},
    ["The Book of Resurrection: Chapter One"] = {"Black Lightning",4,12,57},
    ["The Book of Resurrection: Chapter Two: Closure"] = {"Black Lightning",4,13,58},
-- Batwoman --
    ["Pilot (Batwoman)"] = {"Batwoman",1,1,1},
    ["The Rabbit Hole"] = {"Batwoman",1,2,2},
    ["Down Down Down"] = {"Batwoman",1,3,3},
    ["Who Are You? (Batwoman)"] = {"Batwoman",1,4,4},
    ["Mine Is a Long And a Sad Tale"] = {"Batwoman",1,5,5},
    ["I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury"] = {"Batwoman",1,6,6},
    ["Tell Me the Truth"] = {"Batwoman",1,7,7},
    ["A Mad Tea-Party"] = {"Batwoman",1,8,8},
    ["Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two"] = {"Batwoman",1,9,9},
    ["How Queer Everything Is Today!"] = {"Batwoman",1,10,10},
    ["An Un-Birthday Present"] = {"Batwoman",1,11,11},
    ["Take Your Choice"] = {"Batwoman",1,12,12},
    ["Drink Me"] = {"Batwoman",1,13,13},
    ["Grinning From Ear to Ear"] = {"Batwoman",1,14,14},
    ["Off With Her Head"] = {"Batwoman",1,15,15},
    ["Through the Looking-Glass"] = {"Batwoman",1,16,16},
    ["A Narrow Escape"] = {"Batwoman",1,17,17},
    ["If You Believe In Me, I'll Believe In You"] = {"Batwoman",1,18,18},
    ["A Secret Kept From All the Rest"] = {"Batwoman",1,19,19},
    ["O, Mouse!"] = {"Batwoman",1,20,20},
    ["Whatever Happened to Kate Kane?"] = {"Batwoman",2,1,21},
    ["Prior Criminal History"] = {"Batwoman",2,2,22},
    ["Bat Girl Magic!"] = {"Batwoman",2,3,23},
    ["Fair Skin, Blue Eyes"] = {"Batwoman",2,4,24},
    ["Gore on Canvas"] = {"Batwoman",2,5,25},
    ["Do Not Resuscitate"] = {"Batwoman",2,6,26},
    ["It's Best You Stop Digging"] = {"Batwoman",2,7,27},
    ["Survived Much Worse"] = {"Batwoman",2,8,28},
    ["Rule #1"] = {"Batwoman",2,9,29},
    ["Time Off for Good Behavior"] = {"Batwoman",2,10,30},
    ["Arrive Alive"] = {"Batwoman",2,11,31},
    ["Initiate Self-Destruct"] = {"Batwoman",2,12,32},
    ["I'll Give You a Clue"] = {"Batwoman",2,13,33},
    ["And Justice For All"] = {"Batwoman",2,14,34},
    ["Armed and Dangerous"] = {"Batwoman",2,15,35},
    ["Rebirth (Batwoman)"] = {"Batwoman",2,16,36},
    ["Kane, Kate"] = {"Batwoman",2,17,37},
    ["Power"] = {"Batwoman",2,18,38},
-- Superman & Lois --
    ["Pilot (Superman & Lois)"] = {"Superman & Lois",1,1,1},
    ["Heritage"] = {"Superman & Lois",1,2,2},
    ["The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower"] = {"Superman & Lois",1,3,3},
    ["Haywire"] = {"Superman & Lois",1,4,4},
    ["The Best of Smallville"] = {"Superman & Lois",1,5,5},
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