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This module is used as a data table for other modules and has no functions within it.

Table Format

[" input value "] = " output value "

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--[[Category:Lua modules]]
return {
    ["m"] = "(mentioned)",
    ["mentioned"] = "(mentioned)",
    ["(mentioned)"] = "(mentioned)",
    ["im"] = "(indirectly mentioned)",
    ["indirectly mentioned"] = "(indirectly mentioned)",
    ["(indirectly mentioned)"] = "(indirectly mentioned)",
--Alternate Time--
    ["fb"] = "(flashbacks)",
    ["(flashbacks)"] = "(flashbacks)",
    ["(flashback)"] = "(flashbacks)",
    ["ff"] = "(flashforwards)",
    ["(flashforwards)"] = "(flashforwards)",
    ["(flashforward)"] = "(flashforwards)",
--Media appearances--
    ["p"] = "(pictured)",
    ["(pictured)"] = "(pictured)",
    ["(photograph)"] = "(pictured)",
    ["(photo)"] = "(pictured)",
    ["(picture)"] = "(pictured)",
    ["v"] = "(video footage)",
    ["(video footage)"] = "(video footage)",
    ["(video)"] = "(video footage)",
    ["(logo)"] = "(logo)",
    ["(archive footage)"] = "(archive footage)"
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