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This module has various functions described below and should only be utilized on templates. To call a module in a template, insert {{#invoke:Series|function name|various parameters}} onto the template.[ Data ]

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--[[Category:Lua modules]]
local p = {}
local seriesData = mw.loadData('Module:Series/data')

function p.properSeries(frame)
	local name= frame.args[1]
	name = mw.ustring.upper(name)
	if seriesData[name]
		then properName=seriesData[name][1]
		else properName=frame.args[1]
    		.."Broken S link|"
	return properName

function p.linkSeries(frame)
	local name= frame.args[1]
	name= mw.ustring.upper(name)
	local linkname=""
	if seriesData[name]
		then linkname="links-"
	return linkname
return p
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