"Oliver, whether right or wrong, everything I've ever done was to protect my children. It's all a parent can do."
—Moira Queen to Oliver Queen[src]

Moira Queen was the ex-wife of Robert Queen, the mother of the late Oliver Queen and the late Thea Queen, the wife of Malcolm Merlyn and the step-mother of the late Tommy Merlyn.


Early life

At some point, Moira met Robert Queen and had Oliver and Thea, both of whom she ultimately outlived.

Some time after the Gambit accident, Moira married Malcom Merlyn.[1]

Oliver returns and death

Moira Queen destroyed by antimatter

Moira consumed by antimatter.

In 2019, Oliver Queen apparently returned home from an island after twelve years, though she was unaware it was his Earth-1 doppelgänger. Upon arriving, Oliver felt uncomfortable when he saw his new stepfather was Malcolm Merlyn, but felt joy when Tommy appeared to greet him.

When Oliver asked where Thea was, Moira revealed that Thea died on her eighteenth birthday in the Glades due to a Vertigo overdose. Later, Moira confronted Oliver about his change of life and knew how uncomfortable it was for him to have Malcolm as his stepfather. Days later, Malcolm had an incident in his office involving the Hood and the Dark Archer.

Moira then presented Oliver to his new bodyguard, John Diggle. Later, when Tommy was arrested for trying to cause the Undertaking, Moira and Malcolm went to the interrogation room where Oliver stood and Moira promised that they would soon get Tommy out of there. Oliver tearfully said goodbye to his mother, which confused Moira, who reminded Oliver that they were going to meet at home. When a wave of antimatter attacked the city, Moira had time to run out and saw Oliver next to a breach, but before Oliver could grab her hand, the antimatter got her and she was incinerated.[1]



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