"Nicely done, Jimmy. If he comes at you again when he's drunk, what do you say?"
"Slow and smooth. Smooth is fast. And squeeze."
—Momma Corrigan and Jim Corrigan[src]

"Momma Corrigan" is the mother of Jim Corrigan, officer of the New Orleans Police Department.


Momma Corrigan taught her son how to shoot, telling him to fire the gun "slow and smooth", and squeeze the trigger. She was teaching Jim how to shoot to protect himself from a drunk, possibly a drunken father. Zed Martin was able to see her in a vision using her powers of clairvoyance. She later used this information to connect to Jim Corrigan, convincing him to help John Constantine's team.[1]



Behind the scenes

  • The character is identified only as "Momma Corrigan" in episode's credits.


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