Mon-El's pod was used by Mon-El to escape the planet of Daxam before it collapsed.


The pod belonged to a Kryptonian diplomat, who used it to visit Daxam. In 1979 as Daxam was ravaged by solar storms, the diplomate tried to use his pod to escape the planet, but was killed by a Daxamite palace guard, who placed Mon-El into the pod. The pod then flew Mon-El away.[1][2]

Upon escaping Daxam, the pod became stuck in the Well of Stars for about 37 years. In May 2016, it finally made its way to Earth, crash-landing in the outskirts of National City. Kara Danvers and J'onn J'onzz discovered the pod, with an unconscious Mon-El inside.[3] The pod was then presumably taken and stored by the D.E.O..



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  • Kryptonian spacecraft use antimatter to propel themselves through space. The engine from even a small one, Like the pod that carried Superman, Supergirl and Mon-el to Earth as a baby, Can be transformed into a bomb with the proper resources and knowledge. Such a bomb could destroy three whole solar systems.
  • A Kryptonian anti-matter engine could also be used to build a make-shift Phantom Zone projector.


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