"Just because you look scary... doesn't mean you are scary."
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Mona Wu[1] is a former delivery girl working in the Washington, D.C. area who frequently brought food for Gary Green at the Time Bureau.[2] She served as the Bureau's official Assistant Coordinator of Creature Upkeep[3] until being fired. After being scratched by Konane, she became a Kaupe and developed a split personality, nicknamed Wolfie by Charlie,[4] and decided to join the Legends.[5]

After Mick Rory got tired of writing and decided to return to thieving, she took over the pen name Rebecca Silver.[6]

Mona is the ex-lover of the late Konane and the close friend of Ava Sharpe, Nora Darhk, and Gary Green.


As a delivery girl, Mona discovered that Gary Green and Nate Heywood were working for the Time Bureau but they lied and said it was in charge of time zones. The next day she delivered food to them and tried to suggest horizontal time zones to Gary who loved the idea but was forced to wipe her memory of the situation.[2]

After helping Nate and Gary calm down Baba Yaga, a chupacabra, and a Kaupe by feeding them, she was designated as the Bureau's official magical creature handler.[7]

Working for the Time Bureau

After getting permission from her new boss to enter the prisons and peacefully interact with the fugitives,[8] Mona entered the cage of the Kaupe whom she had helped the boys sedate and whom she had recently developed feelings for. During her scheduled visits, she began to bond with the Kaupe, telling him stories about her day, and she was shocked at how good of a listener he was. After receiving a pep talk from Nate (who was actually trying to set her up with Gary), she decided to confess her feelings to the Kaupe. To Mona's surprise, he introduced himself as Konane, whose name she translated and complimented. Konane stepped forward, seeming to like her back, but he suddenly caught the smell of pursuers. He pushed Mona out of the cell and was attacked by two strange men in black suits. Mona hid behind a desk and watched as he was tasered and chained up. Konane quickly gestured for her to stay down before being dragged into a parking garage. Mona followed them and confronted them as they were loading Konane into the back of a truck. She moved towards Konane, telling the men that it was her job to care for magical beings, but she was violently pushed back. Konane, angry at them for trying to hurt Mona, escaped from his chains and bit into one of the men. Mona begged Konane not to hurt the men, but he went on a rampage, attacking them and accidentally slashing Mona in the chest before escaping at her advice.

As Mona was slowly suffering from her injury, John Constantine went back in time and broke up with his ex-boyfriend Desmond, saving the latter's life but having catastrophic effects on the timeline, which manifested as a time wave and hit the Time Bureau. A blinding flash of light from the explosion struck Mona, leaving her frozen in midair as the new timeline settled in.[3]

The timeline destroyed

With brief assistance from Mona's alternate self, Constantine was able to restore Desmond's love for him, setting the timeline back to its proper course.[9] However, due to the return of her chest wound by Konane, Mona was sent to a hospital.[1]

Joining the Legends

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While in the hospital, Gary arrived to fire her and attempted to erase her memories. However, Mona was able to overpower him and steal his memory flasher and uses it against him so that he forgets all about the situation. After she escaped, Mona noticed Konane hiding out by the dumpsters. Hearing someone coming she helped him escape by sending him to a random point in time with a time courier and smashing it after sending him through the portal it opened. After being taken into custody by the Legends, they are informed that Konane has caused an anachronism in 1961 Mexico City.

Mona joins the Legends on their mission and manages to reunite with Konane's until Sara subdued and imprisoned him on the Waverider. After the Legends helped Konane overpower the group of Time Bureau agents that Ava sent to retrieve Konane, Mona and Konane were able to escape again. Just as Mona was about to send him back to Hawaii where he belonged, a Time Bureau agent fatally shot Konane. Mona's rage over Konane's murder caused her to turn into a Kaupe-like creature and she killed the agent, after which she turned back to normal. Mick Rory came upon Mona with her clothes torn, mourning over Konane's corpse.[1]

New multiverse

Mona was present on the Waverider during the filming of the documentary Meet the Legends and helped defeat Grigori Rasputin. After the Legends defeated Rasputin, she was approached by Mick Rory, who told her that he was tired of writing and asked her to become the new "Rebecca Silver". Mona agreed that his writing had become less interesting and decided that she was ready to return to the present, fall in love, and come up with new ideas to revive "Rebecca Silver's" success. After hugging her friend goodbye, she began moving out of the Waverider.[6]


Mona Wu

Mona in her civilian persona.

Mona is childish and immature, prone to attempting to kill others when she's angry, as she did with Jane Austen, who she had blamed for making her a fool according to Jane and herself, who thought love would conquer all obstacles. She is excitable, especially due to love; she showed this when she tried to hook Ray and Nora together and later Nate, and Zari.[4] She is also somewhat nosy, as seen when she tried reading Zari's texts.[10]

Despite her sometimes annoying qualities, though, Mona is kind and loving at heart. Her gentleness with magical fugitives briefly landed her a job at the Time Bureau,[7] and she continued to show them kindness after being fired as they were being stowed away on the Waverider.[11] She has shown to care about her team, stepping out of her comfort zone and singing to rescue her friends from the love dust of Kamadeva.[4] Mona also read to Nora Darhk while the latter was in a coma,[12] and Nora later returned the favor by attempting to save Mona from Neron.[13]


Mona as Wolfie.

"Watch yourself, love. She's not in her right mind."
"Oh, that's the problem. She is."
John Constantine and Sara Lance[src]

Initially, Mona seemed exceedingly aggressive and not entirely in control of her emotions or actions whilst in her wolf form, violently murdering a man for killing Konane.[1] This was likely due to her transformation being triggered by extreme duress. Wolfie has been revealed as a split personality with a mind of her own.[14] However, it has also been revealed that Mona is almost completely aware of her actions as Wolfie, although she is made much more feral in nature. She is capable of speaking in coherent English and understanding it perfectly. When she attacked Sara Lance and John Constantine, Mona was completely aware that they were her allies, having attacked them due to her frustrations with them, which had been heightened while in her Kaupe form.[5]

Powers and abilities


  • Human-Kaupe hybrid physiology: After being scratched by Konane, Mona was infected by Kaupe DNA and her physiology was changed.
    • Transformation: Mona is able to allow her split personality Wolfie to emerge which transforms her into a Kaupe-like creature. She often activates Wolfie whenever she gets upset.
      • Superhuman strength: While in her transformed state, Mona was able to break a Time Bureau agent's gun and kill him with ease, as well as overpower numerous other agents, Sara, Constantine, Ava and Nora.[1] Also, her nails become sharpened and strengthened to a point at which they can easily engrave concrete.[14]
    • Superhuman senses: Thanks to Wolfie, even in her human form, Mona has an enhanced sense of smell, evidenced with her being able to smell Nate's scent on Zari.[4]


  • Animal/Creature care: As a former caretaker of fugitives, Mona is gentle and knows how to peacefully interact with them. She was even able to make physical contact with Baba Yaga, which caught the eye of Hank Heywood.[7]
  • Keen-level intellect/Knowledge of magical creatures: A big reader, Mona was able to list the favorite foods of three fugitives without hesitation, impressing Nate Heywood.[7]
  • Multilingual: Mona is capable of speaking English, Cantonese,[1] and some Spanish.[7] She also began learning Hawaiian to communicate with Konane, one of her clients at the Time Bureau.[3]
  • Singing: Mona is a talented singer, as she successfully removed the Legends from Sunjay's Bollywood performance by singing to Zari Tarazi and convincing her to give up the amulet of Kamadeva, thus ending the number.[4]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 4


  • It is implied that Mona is claustrophobic.[5]
  • Mona is a vegetarian.[4] However, as Wolfie, she has a preference to meat.

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