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Monty Cora (died 2013) was a hitman-for-hire and the reigning champion of the Tournament of Skulls, in which he was known as Deathride. His name is on "The List".


Monty Cora established himself as a ruthless hitman-for-hire. At some point, his name ended up on The List. Cora was able to evade the authorities by using multiple fake aliases and addresses. However, he would come out of hiding every six months to participate in the Tournament of Skulls under the codename "Deathride". Cora was the reigning champion of the fight ring since 2008.

In 2013, Cora entered the tournament again and soon ended up facing Oliver Queen as his final opponent. Oliver was able to quickly incapacitate Cora, claiming his title as the reigning champion. Angered, Cora drew a knife on Oliver, only to be kicked in the neck, snapping it and killing him.[1]


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a professional hitman, Cora was in remarkable physical form with incredible brute strength.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Brawler: Being the reigning champion of the Tournament of Skulls for five years in a row, Cora has beaten nearly 60 combatants in the fight ring, with almost none of his opponents getting a hit on him. Cora was also noted to have killed numerous individuals in his career as a hitman. Despite his skills, Cora was swiftly taken down by Oliver Queen, likely due to the latter's more refined combat skills.[1]
    • Basic knife welding: Cora is implied to have some experience in fighting with knives.[1]





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