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For the eponymous location, see Monument Point (location).
"The world is facing nuclear armageddon, my pride and my general dislike for my father can take a backseat for the next 20 plus hours."
"Felicity, this isn't about pride. Your father's a criminal; he can't be trusted."
"I'm not saying we
should trust him, I'm saying we need to."
Felicity Smoak and John Diggle discuss asking Noah Kuttler for help to stop Genesis

"Monument Point" is the twenty-first episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the ninetieth episode overall. It aired on May 11, 2016.



The scene opens in Russia, as an atomic assault cautioning focus begins getting warnings that rockets are approaching.

At the nest, Team Arrow is taking a gander at potential atomic strikes everywhere throughout the nation. They have 21 hours to make sense of how to stop the strikes. Felicity says she needs to get her dad to help, and Oliver concurs, over Diggle's complaints. He says that if even one of the nukes hits, the passings that it causes will give Darhk almost unending force.

In the flashback, Oliver recovers his backpack and begins to make sense of how to get off the island.

In the Ark, Merlyn comes and discloses to Thea the plans, saying that he controlled things to keeping her safe. She says that she realizes she's stuck here, however she can either be there and agreeable, or an undeniable irritation, so she requests to see Alex.

At Donna's loft, she goes up against Lance about certain papers he found at his place; it's an affadavit that he didn't realize that Laurel was the Black Canary. He was allowed the chance to approve it and land his position back. She's irate that he would even think about misleading spare his rear end, contrasting him with Noah, who was an impulsive liar. She discloses to him that she cherishes him and has confidence he'll make the best choice, at that point she leaves.

At HIVE base camp, Damien tells Murmur and Brick that he has some last details that he needs tied up. Block articles to being determined what to do, yet Darhk reveals to them he needs the Calculator.

Group Arrow is in front of them, as of now in a structure where Kuttler was. He appears to have run out in a rush in front of Brick, Murmur, and a gathering of Ghosts.Brick says that he needs to execute Kuttler.

In the Ark, Anarky brings down a Ghost with his dairy cattle goad and requests to realize where to discover Damien.

Back at the Lair, Felicity is attempting to discover the parts for Kuttler to assemble a PC dependent on the 90% he figured out how to clone, however they'll have to get to a server ranch so they can physically transfer to military servers.

In the flashback, Oliver goes head to head against Reiter, who has him caught with a blade ready to assault.

In the structure where the Ark's "scrubber," Thea prevents Lonnie from pulverizing the machine. She requests to Lonnie's respectability, saying she'll assist him with bringing down Darhk, however not if he's going to murder guiltless individuals. While he's pondering, Merlyn hits him with a bolt and Anarky flees.

At the Star City server ranch, Team Arrow has taken the structure and Kuttler is getting ready to attempt to follow Darhk. HIVE has made sense of where they're communicating from, however, so they're going to be enduring an onslaught.

At the nest, Felicity can't discover Kuttler yet has a potential area for Darhk.

In the flashback, Olvier advises Taiana to go get the plane and get the others home, while he returns to murder Reiter.

Arrow has changed his affirmation to fulfill Donna, which it does.

At Palmer Tech, Felicity goes to see Mr. Dennis, who is vexed that Felicity isn't carrying out her responsibility. She discloses to him that what she's doing is increasingly significant yet he says he trusts it's justified, despite all the trouble.

Donna appears, and reveals to Felicity that Ravenspur is a lodge — it's the place she used to go to have escapes with Kuttler. She cautions Felicity off of engaging with Kuttler, and Felicity embraces her.

At the spot where Felicity thinks Darhk is, Oliver and Diggle don't discover him. Rather, Oliver conveys a discourse about not deceiving Lyla (which he did, saying that he slaughtered Andy in self-preservation). At Ravenspur, Brick and friends have found Kuttler. Block offers him the entire "attempt to escape before I execute you" bargain yet before Kuttler can choose what to do, Oliver and Diggle appear in outfit to spare him. Kuttler makes his departure and Felicity gets him in the van, so Oliver and Diggle race to join her.

At the Lair, Felicity reveals to Kuttler that they have 12 hours to spare the world from Darhk. He reveals to her that he needs access to the superdrive that they had created at Palmer Tech. Tragically, when she goes to get it, she can't, on the grounds that the Board has casted a ballot to expel her and Dennis has her evacuated.

At the Ark, Alex is SUPER amped up for the entire finish of days thing. Merlin goes to her to request her assistance sparing the Ark from Anarky's damage.

Group Arrow intends to invade Palmer Tech to take the drive from Curtis' lab. Oliver advances into the structure, opening access for Kuttler and Felicity.

While in the lift, Kuttler and Felicity squabble and it nearly blows the activity. They advance into Curtis' lab while Noah attempts pitifully to accommodate with her. At the point when she's bolted out of the security framework, he makes sense of an approach to get them into Curtis' lab. They discover the drive, yet it's under another lock. Security advances toward the flight of stairs and Oliver takes out a lot of them. In the lab, Kuttler is utilizing his "sniffer" to clone the gadget's working framework, permitting them to make their getaway — however neglecting to clone the drive.

At the server ranch, Team Arrow is beginning to freeze. ARGUS is distraught, either.

In the flashback, Taiana spares Oliver and among them they give Reiter an entire bundle of times. Taiana takes his object of worship and they flee.

Like Merlyn, Calculator keeps on imagining that Felicity being his little girl implies something.

On the Ark, Alex is oblivious, having been assaulted by Lonnie. Thea and Lonnie begin squabbling, with Lonnie disclosing to her she needs to begin settling on her own choices.

At the server ranch, a gunfight breaks out between a gathering of Ghosts that have quite recently shown up with Brick and Murmur; and the ARGUS operators hanging tight for them.

On the Ark, Thea and Lonnie battle. Alex awakens to see Thea battling him, and Lonnie hits Alex again with his cows nudge, taking him out. Thea beats Lonnie into obviousness and keeps an eye on Alex, crying and holding him, saying 'sorry'

Additional battling at the server ranch, with Green Arrow showing signs of improvement of Brick while Murmur attempts to get to Kuttler and Diggle takes out Ghosts.

Felicity and Kuttler keep chipping away at their task, with three minutes to go. Mumble makes it inside and shoots; Kuttler secures Felicity with his body. They've figured out how to stop everything except one nuke, jump starting out of that Russian storehouse from prior, is noticeable all around set out toward Monument Point on the US East Coast.

While they're attempting to stop the rocket, Team Arrow has made sense of that another ley line point is at city lobby, where Darhk's significant other has cleared the structure.

In flashback, Taiana breakdown and her eyes turn yellow with REiter's enchantment.

At the server ranch, Felicity has made sense of that she can't stop the rocket however can utilize a GPS hand-off to get it off base, so that as opposed to hitting a huge city like Monument Point, it takes out a littler town called Havenrock, with countless setbacks. She spared millions, however at an expense.

At City Hall, Oliver and Diggle show up and locate a mystery entry, which they follow into he ground. There, they discover a chamber where Darhk is drawing a monstrous measure of intensity from his venerated image.


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Preparation ran from March 8 until March 16, 2016. Shooting ran from March 17 until March 29, 2016, with a break on March 25 for Good Friday.[1]


  • The title of this episode refers to the location that was initially targeted by a nuclear missile as part of Genesis.
  • The name of Darhk's underground city is "Tevat Noah", which is Hebrew for "Noah's Ark", true to the biblical theme.
  • The outfit Oliver wears while infiltrating Palmer Technologies bears a resemblance to that of Aiden Pierce from the 2014 video game Watch Dogs, where the main premise is hacking.
  • At the end of the episode, the nuke is redirected to directly hit Havenrock. This foreshadows the eventual introduction and backstory of Rory Regan/Ragman in the next season.


  • When Green Arrow is inside City Hall, he passes a sign that says "Starling City". Starling City was renamed Star City months prior.
  • It is said that Rubicon has given Darhk control over America's NATO allies' nuclear weapons. However, the nuke which Felicity cannot control in the end is Russian; Russia is not a member of NATO.
  • The knife that Reiter pulls out of his chest changes from bloody to fully clean between shots.