For the Arrow episode, see "Monument Point".

Monument Point is a city that is home to the nearest army base in relation to Star City, located approximately 300 miles away.[1]


Rob Scott spent five years in Monument Point as a member of the S.W.A.T. team for the city's Major Crimes Unit (MCU).[2]

When A.R.G.U.S. arrived in Star City, Frank Pike was quick to realize it wasn't the National Guard as Monument Point is 300 miles from Starling City.[1]

After Roy left Starling City, he briefly moved to Monument Point and assumed a job as a mechanic, living under the alias "Jason".[3]

Mark Mardon attempted to destroy Monument Point with a tsunami[4] but was thwarted and stopped by The Flash, Firestorm and Vixen.[5]

Monument Point was one of the targets of the Rubicon protocol, reprogrammed by H.I.V.E.. As a metropolis, it was populated by millions of people, all of which would die from a Russian nuclear missile that Noah Kuttler wasn't able to deactivate. Felicity Smoak tried to change Monument Point's own GPS location, so that a nuke would go on the wrong course, but only managed to change the target to Havenrock instead, ending with tens of thousands of victims.[6]


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  • Manny
  • Michael Amar's grandmother

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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics universe, Monument Point is a city founded in 1803 near Washington D.C. While in the comics Monument Point ended up destroyed, in Arrow, its suburb, Havenrock (Havencroft in the comics) was devastated in its stead.


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