The Morae are lifeforms that have the ability to be invisible to humans.


Three Morae children were found by the United States government. They were trained under Project Morae to be security assets for the government, akin to assassins.[1]

Some years following, in early 2019, the President gave an order to kill all alien personnel. The Morae were lured to a boat loaded with a bomb, but they caught on, killing the entirety of the boat, dragging away the dead leader of the project Colonel Randall McAllister. Shortly after, two of them went after General Alphonso Tran, the chief commanding officer of the project, killing him. Before one could be brought in to the D.E.O., it killed itself. The remaining two launched an assault on the D.E.O., but one was killed, and the other locked up.[1]

Known Morais



Season 4


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