The Morae children are three Morae that were turned into weapons by the people behind Project Morae.


At some point, the three Morae were found as children by the United States government. Amazed by the Morae's cloaking abilities, they took them and turned them into weapons as part of Project Morae, initially led by Alphonso Tan and Lauren Haley, and later by Randall McAllister. According to Tran, their team had a 100% success rate.[1]

A few years later, the President sent down the order to cut ties with all alien personnel, and so they were invited to a cargo ship which had a bomb aboard. The Morae quickly realized it was an ambush. They fought back, killed McAllister and the SEAL team on the ship, and escaped with the body of McAllister.[1]

Two of the Morae ambushed Alfonso Tan, seeking to kill all of their previous captors. In the process, one of the Morae killed itself to save being captured, while the other escaped. The remaining two made their way to the D.E.O. after Colonel Haley, during which one was killed and the remaining Morae locked up in a cell.[1]

Known members

Current members

  • "Mo" (imprisoned at the D.E.O.)
  • One unnamed individual (imprisoned at the D.E.O.)

Former members



Season 4


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