Morgan Edge is the CEO of Edge Global and a real estate mogul in National City, until his crimes of lead poisoning and the attempted murder of Lena Luthor respectively were exposed to the public, leading to his incarceration.


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After the Daxamite invasion, Edge helped to rebuild the city.[1]

He called a press conference with the biggest company-owners and magazines that he used to discuss the recovery of the city. Edge praised the mayor who praised Morgan and everyone's work as well. When the mayor mentioned the unveiling of the "Girl of Steel" statue, Edge retorted that it was going to take a lot more then a pretty statue to bring people down to the, "slum" that is the water front. Edge flipped the conversation around to his developments, and told everyone how it would help move out homelessness and crime. James Olsen stated that everyone has heard his sales pitch, and Edge called him out on bias reporting. Lena Luthor challenged him and said that his developments would level the area just to build high-rises for the wealthy. Edge stood behind Lena and openly accused her of restitution for what her brother, mother, and maybe even what she did. He then blamed her for bringing the Daxamites to National City. He gave her some advice, stating that guilt isn't a good business strategy. He then stated that all he wanted was a fair hearing, and that he put together a business sheet and asked everyone to go the next room to take a look at it. Lena warned him that he wasn't as powerful as he thought he was, but he only responded by asking why they were in his office then.

Later that day, Edge announced that he was buying CatCo Worldwide Media, since Cat Grant had put all of her shares in a trust. After doing some digging, Kara found out that over the past few months Edge had been buying trusts until that day, when he made a generous donation to the majority shareholders. Edge, who was in office, was visited by Lena Luthor while he was playing mini-golf. She gave him a proposition, and told him that she planned to invest more in his portfolio if he backed off CatCo. He interrupted her and stated that once he had CatCo under his thumb, he would use the magazine to promote his agenda and degrade his enemies; something he called, "good business".

After the attack on the unveiling at the waterfront, Lena bought CatCo out from under Edge, which angered him. He came to visit her in her office and called her a lunatic and threatened to ruin her, something that angered Kara Danvers and caused her to leave. Edge warned her that she would regret ever crossing him, and that now she has all his attention. Lena smirked and said that she couldn't care less, and Supergirl landed on her porch. When he asked what she was going to do to him, she just smirked. She then flew him to a cargo ship in the middle of ocean, and confronted him about the attack on the waterfront. She knew that it was him, but didn't have enough evidence to prove it yet. She warned him that National City is her town, and told him that he has all of her attention. She then flew off and left him there.

Weeks later, Edge files an antitrust complaint with the Federal Trade Commission in an attempt to foil a merger between L-Corp and JQB.

Edge later appears at a children's hospital owned by L-Corp.

After trying to kill Lena Luthor, he is stopped by Guardian, knocked out by Lena and sent to jail.[1]


Morgan is best described as a ruthless, self-righteous business mogul. According to Lena Luthor, he doesn't respect anyone's opinions let alone that of a woman, although this may stem from her own personal hatred of him, for he did state that he does love women, but just not her because of who she is. He also shows a severe dislike for liberals.

When severely threatened, he can become vengeful, and will do anything to destroy his enemies - even if it means hurting innocent people; this is proven when he has a chemical dumped into pools to simulate lead poisoning, hoping to make everyone blame the lead bomb Lena created to repel Daxamites. He also doesn't hesitate to use murder to clean-up his messes and cover his tracks.

Despite his dislike for Supergirl, he did appear to be unnerved by her defeat; most likely because unlike Supergirl (whose morality stops her from doing evil) Reign would have not problems with killing Morgan for all the evil he's committed.



Season 3


  • Morgan Edge could be seen as Supergirl's version of Lex Luthor; both of them were businessman who gradually resorted to criminal behavior to further their goals, eventually putting them at odds with their respective cities' protectors Superman and Supergirl.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Morgan Edge is a media mogul who owns Galaxy Communications, often placing him as an antagonist of Superman, though an ally of Clark Kent.
  • Edge's attempt at buying CatCo is similar to how in the New 52, he bought the Daily Planet, which was seen at the beginning of the main Superman title. Him being outbid by a Luthor in the show (Lena Luthor), is similar to how prior to the DC Rebirth relaunch in the final issue of the Justice League New 52 series, Lex Luthor was mentioned to have bought the Daily Planet from him off-screen.


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