Morgan Edge is the former corrupt CEO of Edge Global and the former top real estate mogul of National City. He was arrested and incarcerated for his crimes of lead poisoning and the attempted murder of Lena Luthor respectively, after his crimes were exposed to the public.

In the new multiverse, Morgan is a majority shareholder of Galaxy Holdings, the owner of the Daily Planet, and the CEO of Edge EnerCorp.


Original multiverse

Business initiatives

Morgan Edge became known as the most successful real estate developer of National City through his company, Edge Global, in spite of his questionable methods. Among Edge's business associates were L-Corp.

After the Daxamite invasion, Edge was among those who helped with the rebuilding through Edge Global. During this period, he also began looking into opportunities to expand his company's ventures, such as gentrifying the city's waterfront. Desiring to acquire CatCo Worldwide Media's editorial, Edge also began buying up ex-CEO Cat Grant's shares.[1]

Attacking the unveiling

Six months later, Edge held a conference at his company with the mayor and local corporate leaders to discuss their progress in the city's rebuilding. He noted how capitalists were able to help, personally thanking the mayor, who in turn congratulated Edge. When the mayor mentioned the unveiling of the Girl of Steel statue at the waterfront in honor of Supergirl, Edge retorted that it was going to take a lot more to bring people down to the "slum". He flipped the conversation around to his development proposal for the waterfront, explaining how it would help move out homelessness and crime to make way for revitalization and a larger tax base.

Morgan verbally attacks Lena's good intentions.

James Olsen and Lena Luthor challenged his pitch, pointing out that the waterfront's current occupants would be forcibly relocated. Edge then accused James of biased reporting at CatCo in favor of aliens. He also openly accused Lena of guilt being the sole reason for her philanthropy, blaming her for bringing the Daxamites to National City in the first place. Edge pointed out that wasn't a good business strategy, to which Lena countered that neither was exploitation. Backing off, Edge claimed he simply wanted a "fair hearing" and invited the attendees for lunch. Lena privately warned Edge that he wasn't that powerful, but he only responded by asking why they were in his office then.

Later that day, upon putting forth an offer to the majority shareholders, Edge announced on the news his intent to acquire CatCo for his company. While playing mini-golf in his office, Edge was visited by Lena. Edge mused the implications of her visiting him twice in one day, but Lena shut him down. She then offered to invest more in Edge Global's portfolio if he backed off of CatCo, citing how Edge should focus on his accomplishments in real estate development. However, Edge interrupted Lena and revealed his true reasons for buying the media conglomerate; giving himself better press whilst slandering his opponents. Edge warned Lena her own reputation would easily come under fire due to her family history. Once Lena left, Edge met with Robert DuBois, whom he hired to bomb the waterfront during the unveiling - ensuring Edge would get to rebuild the area with high-rise residences.[1]

Enmity with Lena Luthor and Supergirl

After DuBois' attack on waterfront failed, Lena bought CatCo out from under Edge, angering him. He stormed into L-Corp to confront Lena, threatening to ruin her. Edge warned Lena that she would regret ever crossing him since she now has all of his attention but Lena scoffed that she couldn't care less, just as Supergirl arrived. The superheroine then flew Edge to a cargo ship in the middle of ocean, where she revealed her knowledge of him orchestrating the destruction of the waterfront. In response, Edge taunted that she couldn't prove it. Unfazed, Supergirl warned Edge that he now has her attention and flew off, leaving him on the ship amidst his protests.[1]

At CatCo, Lena began conducting an investigation into Edge's dealings, such as obtaining a source at his bank.[2] Several weeks later (presumably in retaliation), Edge filed an anti-trust lawsuit with the Federal Trade Commission in an attempt to thwart a merger between L-Corp and JQB. However, Samantha Arias got Edge's case dismissed.[3]

Later, a company of his poisons kids in swimming pools making the doctors think it's lead poisoning. Edge says it is a result of Lena's solution to get rid of the Daximites a year before. After an attempt on Lena's life and killing his accomplice, Morgan Edge used a loophole upon his confrontation by Supergirl stating that the man he killed had used him to frame Lena Luthor and she did National City a favor.[4]

Morgan hires a sniper to kill Lena and James, but he fails. Edge calls Lena to give his sympathies about her endeavored death when Reign begins unleashing destruction on his Christmas celebration. He's ready to stow away in a lead-lined panic room in his office long enough for Reign to take off attempting to discover him somewhere else. Morgan Edge assembles a public interview, where he tells columnists that he was assaulted by somebody. He explicitly makes reference to that he can't be sure that is not Supergirl who assaulted him.[5]

Guardian and Morgan.

Edge is driving when the gas pedal sticks and the vehicle controls forward. It shows up somebody has assumed responsibility for the vehicle. Luckily for Edge, he's ready to exit out of the storage compartment before the vehicle crashes off of a dock. Upset, Edge bursts into CatCo blaming Lena for hacking his vehicle. Edge cautions Lena that she should be prepared to complete what she began, expressing that he "never loses". Edge is expelled from the premises and prohibited from CatCo.

Edge is strolling to his vehicle when he's drawn closer by James spruced up as Guardian. James starts cross examining him, and Edge denies having anything to do with the harming. Lena attempts to get Edge to admit that he took a stab at murdering her, and one of Lillian's automatons begins taking shots at him. Under tension, Edge confesses to everything; the lead harming and the harming of Lena. Edge drives Lena on a foot pursuit before he's halted by Guardian. Edge is arrested by the police.[6] It is unknown, but very likely that he will face jail time for his crimes.[7]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Morgan as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[8] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[9]

New multiverse

In the rewritten history of Earth-Prime, Morgan originates from a country whose population have British accents.[10] He is still a corrupt businessman and became a majority shareholder of Galaxy Holdings. Morgan recently bought the Daily Planet and laid off much of it's staff, including Whit and Clark Kent.[11]

In 2015, Morgan went to Saskatchewan; while there, he was in a convoy as it was bombarded by meteorites. When a mysterious object fell to the ground, Morgan exited his vehicle and declared that the resurrection could begin.[10]

The Search

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Morgan Edge in Smallville.

Morgan targeted small towns that were vulnerable due to natural disasters and financial downfalls, and is beginning new business in Smallville.

Later, at the town meeting, Morgan Edge arrives with his personal assistant Leslie Larr and makes promises to the citizens of Smallville that he will bring jobs and money to the town. Lois challenges Edge in front of everyone with her research, so Morgan spins the story to make himself more reputable. Edge then rewrites Lois's article. During a meeting on the Daily Planet, Lois appears and leaves her letter of resignation.[12]

He then sends the Subjekt-11 to spy on Lois in Smallville. But, when he is discovered and defeated by Superman, Edge orders Leslie to kill him.[13]

Rediscovering X-Kryptonite

Morgan and Leslie find a large supply of X-Kryptonite.

Morgan sent Leslie to the Smallville Gazette with a copy of Lois' Daily Planet contract, which included a clause preventing her from publishing an article that would "defame" him. Then he went to watch a Smallville High School football game with Kyle Cushing. Then they went to dinner with Mayor Dean and Lana. He also went to inspect the Shuster Mine with Leslie, where they found Lois again, who asked him what he was doing in town, and Edge asked the same question. As Lois was unable to make her case at the city council meeting, Edge gained exclusive rights to the mines. Later, he and Leslie surveyed the mines and she effortlessly punched through the rock face at a spot he indicated, revealing a large supply of X-Kryptonite.[10]


"Sociopathic cockroach."
Lena Luthor[src]
Morgan is best described as a ruthless, self-righteous business mogul. According to Lena Luthor; he doesn't respect anyone's opinions let alone that of a woman's, although this may stem from her own personal hatred of him, for he did state that he does love women, but just not her because of who she is. He also has a severe dislike for liberals. When severely threatened, Morgan can become vengeful and will do anything to destroy his enemies - even if it means hurting innocent individuals; this is proven when he has a chemical dumped into pools to simulate lead poisoning, hoping to make everyone blame the lead bomb Lena created to repel Daxamites. He also doesn't hesitate to use murder to clean-up his messes and cover his tracks. Despite Morgan's dislike for Kara Danvers (under the persona of Supergirl) he did appear to be unnerved by her defeat; most likely because unlike Kara (whose morality stops her from doing evil) Reign would have not problems with killing Morgan for all the evil he has committed.

While retaining the same personality in the new multiverse, Morgan is noticeably more ruthless and intelligent than ever before; being almost as brilliant as Lex Luthor in business savvy. Notably, he has a somewhat better respect for women given his assistant yet has no problems insulting them as seen with Lois Lane and Lana Lang. He is also not above threaten anyone as seen when Lois tries to dig up dirt and later the attempt on her life. As Lois point out, he loves to use exploitative business practices to gain more fortune while slowly causing individuals to lose their jobs in the process.


  • Great business acumen: Edge has shown great business skills.


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