"So obviously, we wouldn't want my former self tempted by a sexy assassin from the future."

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"Mortal Khanbat"[2] is the upcoming fifth episode of the fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the seventy-third episode overall. It will air on February 25, 2020[1].


With Sara still away from the Waverider, the Legends find a new Encore with Ava's new invention, the Prognosticator, and must now try to defeat Genghis Khan in 1990s Hong Kong. Constantine's life is hanging in the balance, and Ray, Nora and Gary all try to help him, but Constantine tries to make a deal with Astra instead. Meanwhile, Behrad has been confused about Charlie's recent behavior, but they all learn why Charlie is trying to out run her past and from what.[src]



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