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"Thirteen century armor. Fu Manchu mustache. Guys? I think I know who the Encore is—it's Genghis freaking Khan."
—Nate Heywood

"Mortal Khanbat" is the fifth episode of the fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the seventy-third episode overall. It aired on February 25, 2020.




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Constantine comes to on a gurney being pulled into the med bay of the Waverider and it is immediately uncovered that he has a forceful instance of terminal lung disease. He begins smoking in that spot - no reason for stopping now. While the others fret over Constantine, Charlie attempts to sneak away but is spooky by voices calling her "Clotho". She runs into Behrad and Zari and winds up in the group meeting on the scaffold.

Ava has concocted an approach to foresee the Encores and stop them before they sludge up the course of events and that drives them to Hong Kong 1997 where a criminal is moving in on Triad domain. The group takes off with the arrangement to calm the Encore similarly as Constantine was quieted on the boat. With Zari and Ray left on the boat this time, Constantine attempts to leave and Ray chooses to go with him. In Hong Kong the Encore shows up: Genghis Khan. Khan needs control of the Triad so he can redo the globe. Charlie asks Behrad to make an interruption and things get insane. A firefight breaks out and Charlie pursues Khan while Ava collaborates with a trio of female cops to bring down the remainder of the trouble makers with Nate showing up in the nick of time to spare them when their ammunition runs out.

Charlie and Behrad end up in a deadlock with Khan, yet he escapes. In the interim Constantine goes to England to attempt to manage his malignancy circumstance, explicitly managing the individual liable for his sickness. He finds that it's Astra and attempts to persuade her that whatever she's done to get this going is a snare. He likewise discloses to her that he can change her mom's destiny and fix things, yet Astra won't play and won't give him additional time. They bring Nora who carries a child to wish Constantine well but it backfires. Basically, everything that Constantine attempts as far as mending himself fizzles. Subsequent to shouting at Ray and Gary, Constantine has a difference in heart and chooses to apologize and eat with them in his last hours.

On the Waverider, the Legends pull together and Charlie chooses to shapeshift to penetrate Khan's activity and finds he's hijacked the cop from the tea house. Things being what they are, Prince Charles is the objective as Khan doesn't need him turning over Hong Kong to China. Charlie keeps on being spooky and this time really assaulted by the voices from prior just to be spared by Behrad before she's run over by a truck. She at that point takes a period messenger and leaves. The group, utilizing Zari's examination, makes sense of where to check for Khan's armada. Turns out, it's bikes. Genghis Khan is going to make his large play with an armada of bikes. Behrad gives pursue yet is caught along Prince Charles and notably, it's truly Charlie. Khan chooses he's going to make her his thirteenth spouse. At the point when he understands Behrad and Charlie have dozed together, he chooses to slaughter her, yet Behrad utilizes his air forces to spare her and she closes Khan.

The day saved, Charlie reveals to the group that she is a Fate, one of the three from Greek folklore. She's Clotho, the Spinner and she used to turn individuals' prospects on the Loom before she devastated it. She also reveals that different Fates are coming after her and have been for a large number of years. Charlie also reveals that the wrecked bits of the loom are presently all on one Earth on account of "Emergency" and once different Fates get up to speed to her, they'll murder her. The group pledges to support her and Sara comes back from Star City.

Constantine has Ray perused his will, giving the house to Gary. He additionally urges Ray to propose to Nora. They share a last toast with, Constantine drinking toxic substance to take his own life. It gets him simply enough time in his own limbo, persuading Astra finally that he can really spare her mom and she fixes a mind-blowing shortening, sending him back to follow through on his promise.


  • This episode marks Caity Lotz's directional debut.
  • The title is a play on the Mortal Kombat video game franchise, and Genghis Khan.
  • While not seen on-screen in the episode, Constantine's will does mention Papa Midnite, Chas Chandler, the black diamond and Nommo.[1]
  • The episode includes several references and homages to Chinese film director John Woo's action movies, including flying white doves, impossible gun fights and tense stalemates, some of which use the same camera shots of some of his movies.
  • The trio of policewomen appearing near Charlie are a reference to Charlie's Angels.
  • Constantine threatens to shove the Bulldog cane up his own butt, which the Bulldog says he'd probably enjoy. This is a nod to Constantine's bisexuality and may suggest that he is either a "bottom" or "verse" in his male relationships.
  • When John's wrist was showing a timer representing how long he had to live (consisting of remaining years, days, minutes, and seconds) this was apparently a reference to the science-fiction movie In Time, where the world's population each have a similar timer.
  • Nate shouting "Khan!" holding the scooter is a reference to the famous line from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
  • Ray mentions he was once knighted by the court of Camelot when Constantine requires a knight for a cure, referencing "Camelot/3000".
  • As Genghis Khan's henchmen escape, they're shouting "Run awaaaay!" referencing the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • This episode re-aired as a rerun on March 31, 2020, replacing "The Great British Fake Off", whose airing was postponed due to the rest of the Arrowverse halting production due to COVID-19.[2]


  • Although Hong Kong is a place with left-hand traffic, the car Nate and Behrad are in is a right-hand traffic vehicle which only special licensed cars will be. However, no special licensing was seen on the license plate.
  • The police barricades have a Chinese translation of "do not cross" ("不交叉") that incorrectly uses the literal meaning of "cross" as in writing or drawing, instead of the intended meaning of "do not pass". A possible correct version would be "不准通過".
  • Prince Charles' bodyguard addresses him as "Your Majesty", which would be the style of address for his mother, Queen Elizabeth. Princes and princesses are typically referred to as "Your Highness".
  • On the counter on John's arm in his purgatory, it's seen that John would be able to live over 14/15 years instead of the 10 he would have had (mentioned in the previous episode) if Astra didn't kill him with his own soul token.