For the eponymous location, see Moscow.
"Moscow" is the sixth chapter of the comic book series Arrow. It was released digitally on November 14, 2012.


The Arrow's vengeance knows no borders as Oliver and Diggle find their next Moscow! Don't miss this chapter from legendary artist Mike Grell!.[1]


Oliver reflects on his experiences with the evil in the world as he prepares to go after another name on The List: Justin Whicker, a former resident of Starling City who runs a sex trafficking ring from Moscow, Russia, which delivers girls to The Glades. Oliver and Diggle take a private jet to Moscow under the pretense of seeing a ballet.

Using his contact in the Bratva, Oliver learns that a ballerina named Irena Poutchkova works as Whicker's "recruiter" and lures girls into his traps by promising them entry into prestigious ballet academies in Starling City. Oliver and Diggle see Irena dancing at the National Ballet Theatre. After her performance, Oliver confronts her as The Hood, demanding to know where Whicker is. Irena incapacitates him with a roundhouse kick and tries to flee, but The Hood catches her. He threatens to cut off one of Irena's legs unless she answers him.

In his penthouse, Whicker authorizes a shipment of five more girls to Starling City and decides to keep one of his victims as his personal prostitute. Just then, The Hood crashes in through the window and gets into a shootout with some of Whicker's men, whom he quickly kills. Whicker attempts to escape with the girl but The Hood catches up with them and pulls Whicker out of his car through the windshield. Whicker warns The Hood that even if he dies, someone else will take his place because he provides a "necessary" service. Whicker draws out his gun and tries to shoot the vigilante, but The Hood kills him.

The Hood rescues the kidnapped girls, who are given sanctuary in a church. As Oliver returns home, he thinks over Whicker's words and wonders whether evil can truly be stopped, but vows to carry on and continue fighting.




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