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"Our's isn't a court of justice, Ms. Lance. It's a court of law."
—Moss to Laurel Lance[src]

Moss is a judge of the Starling City Superior Court.


Moss met with Laurel Lance to discuss staying Peter Declan's impending execution over the murder of his wife, Camille. Laurel provided Moss with Camille's file of evidence against Jason Brodeur as a subject for further investigation, asserting that Matt Istook committed perjury in court on his behalf, to which Moss was skeptical. Brodeur's attorney, Jared Swanstrom, interrupted. Moss denied Laurel's motion of habeas corpus on the grounds of potential slander and insufficient evidence. However, after Brodeur's bodyguard, Ankov, was revealed to have murdered Camille, Moss exonerated Peter.[1]

Moss presided over District Attorney Kate Spencer's case against Oliver Queen, who was under suspicion of being the vigilante known as "The Hood". At the hearing, Moss was confused when Oliver didn't have an attorney and warned him it would be unwise to represent himself, but Oliver was adamant. As the prosecution discussed bail, Laurel filed herself as Oliver's attorney, proposing home confinement with a monitoring UKG45 ankle device. Moss agreed and set Oliver's bail at $15 million on a $5 million bond. A couple days later, the case was dropped when Oliver was seemingly proved innocent.[2]


  • High-level intellect/Master lawyer/Political acumen: Moss is a highly respected judicator. Moss' experience with the legal system enabled her to successfully sentence virtually every criminal she prosecuted.



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