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For the eponymous character, see Eva McCulloch.
"You and I could have worked together toward a common good. It's too late now. Humankind is done. My children are taking over the world, and I'm their queen mother, and tonight I begin my reign as Mirror Monarch."
"Actually, we're just getting started.
Eva McCulloch and Barry Allen

"Mother" is the third episode of the seventh season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-thirty-sixth episode overall. It aired on March 16, 2021.



The scene gets where the debut finished. Cisco and the others awaken and discover Barry with Iris who is not so good, yet it's the genuine Barry and not the deadpan one so the group pardons him. Concerning Iris, incidentally, when Barry constrained her out of the Mirrorverse, it meddled with her mind and it's muddled in the event that she will recuperate. Barry additionally is without his speed and says he's finished with the Artificial Speed Force due to the mischief it causes and consequently, there is not any more Flash.

All over Central City, Eva utilizes any intelligent surface accessible to supplant individuals with her Mirror Children. It turns out to be such a large amount of an emergency for the city that, at Team Flash's idea, they brief a halfway power outage, however it's insufficient to stop Eva, simply lethargic her down a bit. At a certain point, Eva even draws Barry into her Mirrorverse, advising him to give in light of the fact that they can't win - and she needs him to lead humankind into the Mirrorverse so her Children can improve the situation for this present reality.

As the Mirror Children circumstance keeps on heightening, Sue Dearbon appears at the CCPD to caution Joe that something incorrectly is going on. She later appears at STAR Labs with a seriously harmed Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man. Ralph was obviously utilizing the power outage to get into McCulloch Technologies to get proof to demonstrate Sue's innocence, however was trapped in the structure when Eva exploded it. The warmth softened his face and seriously harmed him so Sue carried him to S.T.A.R. Labs to recover.

Dr. Harrison Wells likewise shows up at S.T.A.R. Labs and acquaints himself with everybody, clarifying that he is the 0.01% of particles that didn't move to the AFS and that the multiverse still required one Wells. Different Wells left behind recollections and an engraving and Dr. Harrison Wells needs to help and helps him he's the Paragon to remember Love.

Barry goes to Iris and converses with her in her semi-senseless state and in the wake of spilling his guts to her, he felt a sparkle, awakening Iris and Barry believes that whatever is left of the genuine Speed Force exists in Iris. The group meets up to set things up and Iris comes to control it decisively. Thinking about his adoration for Iris, his family, and his companions, Barry starts to run and the Speed Force starts to return to life. The Flash is back.

The Flash goes up against Eva while at the CCPD. Eva pronounces herself Mirror Monarch, yet Cisco - presently in an altered suit that leaves him alone Vibe, appears with Frost to help him battle. Eva then, at that point copies herself for the battle. Eva brings Flash down, however Iris appears at help. Eva attempts to take Iris out with shards of mirror yet Iris can handle them as well. Iris faces her with the bedlam her "youngsters" are causing and it's an allure that works. Eva attempts to stop it, yet her kids are currently excessively solid for her to control so Iris and the Flash unite with her and together they are sufficient. Eva then, at that point brings each and every individual who was lost home.

A repentant Eva returns to the Mirrorverse to fabricate a superior world.

At the point when Eva leaves, she apparently takes Iris' forces back with her.

Dr. Harrison Wells additionally decides to leave. He's a Timeless Wells who can see for what seems like forever, past present and future and can head out to any point in it. In the Time Vault, he says goodbye to Allegra and Cisco and says he's returning to remember his 4 years with his better half Tess until he's out of time.

Sue's name gets cleared. Ralph needs to put in a couple of days in the BCU to sort out up (his face is as yet clouded by a full head cover) yet will be fine. The group offers Sue a spot in Team Flash, however she and Ralph have chosen to proceed with their endeavors together to manage dangers like the now-ancient Black Hole.

What's more, in a consummation scene set 18 hours sooner, Iris controls the Speed Force and the Speed energy shoots into the sky in four separate ways and shadings.



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  • This is the last episode to credit Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells) as a series regular as he is downgraded to special guest star or special appearance by for the rest of the season.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Efrat Dor (Eva McCulloch) as a series regular.
  • This episode was originally intended to be the finale of the sixth season, hence why the episode ends on the cliffhanger of the Strength, Still and Sage forces being born.
  • The episode's title is likely an homage to how the mirror duplicates call Eva "mother".
  • Due to Ralph's actor Hartley Sawyer being fired, in-universe, his face is melted to "mashed potatoes" from surviving an explosion of 500°, and later, his head is hidden in a special healing helmet, allowing an excuse to not show his face.
    • Barry mentions that Ralph in the special healing helmet looks like Daft Punk, a French electronic music duo.
    • Chester mentions that Ralph's voice sounds like a Dalek, an alien species in the British television series Doctor Who.
    • This serves as an in-universe excuse to bring Ralph back as someone else; his face not being able to properly heal back to what it was.
  • Ralph brings up that he promised to take Frost on a road trip which she still looks forward to.
  • Iris was a repository of Speed Force energy; every zap from touching Barry stored more in her, allowing the team to recreate the natural Speed Force through the artificial Speed Force machine and restore speed to the speedsters. Those shocks include:
    • When Barry attempts to lay a hand over Iris' as she is in her vegetative state, he receives a shock in return. This is identical to when Iris tried to do the same in "The Trap" when Barry was comatose only to also receive a shock.
      • Also from the same episode, after Eddie is taken by the Reverse-Flash, The Flash shows up and tells Iris to go home and before he runs off Iris grasps onto his hand and unknowingly zaps her.
    • During "Run, Iris, Run", Iris was a speedster, having received Barry's power as host of the Speed Force.
  • When Chester P. Runk compares Eva's attacks as "T2 arms", it is a reference to Terminator.
    • In the same scene, Chester said he "knows how to mind his surroundings", which is most likely a reference to Batman Begins.
  • In this episode, which takes place in 2020, Harrison Wells helps reactivate the Speed Force. This parallels the original timeline, in which Harrison Wells and Tess Morgan launched the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator in 2020, which is presumably what created the Speed Force in the first place.[1]
  • As a gift from Nash, the original Harrison Wells was reborn with the power to time travel at will. Harrison willingly puts himself in a loop of 1996 to 2000 to enjoy his time with Tess; being unable to alter time to save her from the crash (as Thawne would kill her anyway to keep his ruse going) and bring her to the 2020s.
  • According to Harrison, he was originally to live 92 years before he was killed by Eobard, meaning he was meant to die sometime in either 2055 or 2056 (if his age is concurrent to his actor).
  • Wells shaking Cisco's hand before leaving is likely a nod to what would often happen with Eobard and Cisco, where Eobard would lift his hand before killing or threatening to kill Cisco by phasing his hand through his chest, as originally seen in "Out of Time". This was also subverted in "What's Past is Prologue" when Eobard and Cisco shook hands.