"When I was a kid, my grandfather used to take my sister and me to this diner, the Motorcar. Food was for crap, but the view was great, right across from the Central City precinct."
Leonard Snart[src]

Motorcar Diner, simply known as the Motocar, is a diner located in Central City across the street from the CCPD precinct.[1]


When Leonard and Lisa Snart were children, their grandfather often took them to Motorcar Diner. Leonard implied, "food was for crap, but the view was great", because the diner was right across the street from the Central City Police Department.

Whenever Leonard is in Central City to pull off a heist, he often went to the Motorcar, listening to the radios and learning the response times of the prescient.[1]

When Jay Garrick time-traveled to 1998, bringing Barry Allen along with him, the two of them visited the Motorcar Diner to discuss the effects of Flashpoint.[2]


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