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"What he saw was the face of the man who will reunite him with his parents."
—Mr. Blank to Edward Rasmus[src]

"Mr. Blank" (died 2013) was an assassin hired by Edward Rasmus.


"Hmm, such pain here. A sense of loss and regret. You can feel it down to the wood paneling."
—Mr. Blank[src]

Edward Rasmus sent Mr. Blank to kill the Moore family after they were going to sue him for stealing their life savings. Blank successfully killed the parents, Eric and Nancy Moore, but their son Taylor escaped. He made a second attempt, going after the boy in Laurel's apartment after killing the cops guarding the place. There, he encountered the Hood, however, he managed to escape as the Hood seemingly held back, not wanting to kill him in front of Tommy. Later on, he met with his client in jail and killed him due to his client having seen his face.

Eventually, Blank went to the Queen Mansion in search of Taylor, which led to a fight with Oliver. After an intense battle, Oliver killed him with a poker, but said it was the work of bodyguard Mr. Robbins, despite Blank having killed Robbins earlier.[1]


"Am I clear? You leave the boy alone."
"I wish I could, but he's seen my face. Just like you.
Edward Rasmus and Mr. Blank[src]

Mr. Blank was a pure psychopath, exhibiting all classic traits; a lack of conscience, lack of remorse/empathy and a complete emotional detachment from anyone or anything; for whatever reason, he seems to take part in forming a conversation with his targets. He had a rule against people seeing his face, especially the ones who hired him.

Mr. Blank goes about murder with a sense of normalcy, and if he enjoys it, it is not sadistically. He had no qualms killing children, wives or anyone.

Mr. Blank may also be somewhat impatient, as after he fatally shot one of the bodyguards to enter the Queen Mansion, he demanded an immediate answer on his target's location, noting that the abode was extremely large and would therefore take him a considerable amount of time to locate the child on his own.

Mr. Blank had a tendency of admiring his targets' homes, as he commented on the Moore's apartment as well as the Queen Mansion.


"If you put pressures in just the right area above the forearm like I did to you, an embolism will form in the medial antebrachial vein. When the air pocket reaches your heart in give or take 15 seconds, you'll die. It's relatively painless. Oh, nothing personal."
—Mr. Blank to Edward Rasmus[src]
  • Keen intellect/Skilled tactician: Mr. Blank had knowledge of deadly pressure points, which he used to kill Edward Rasmus, and tried to use on Oliver Queen. He was able to kill his targets in their homes, pretending to be an employee of CNRI to enter the Moore home, impersonating a lieutenant to enter Laurel Lance's apartment (although she recognized the badge he stole did not match his title), visiting Rasmus under the guise of being his lawyer (even making their meeting appear to be legitimate), and infiltrating the heavily guarded Queen Mansion by using a delivery boy as a decoy.[1]
"Two of Laurel's clients were murdered last night. Their seven-year-old son barely escaped."
Oliver Queen to John Diggle[src]
  • Expert marksman: As an assassin, Mr. Blank was proficient with firearms. He displayed a standard level of skill at using it, as he executed Eric Moore and Nancy Moore. He also killed two of Quentin Lance's men. When he infiltrated the Queen Mansion, he shot Robbins through a delivery boy, as well as other bodyguards hand-selected by John Diggle.[1]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Mr. Blank was an expert hand-to-hand combatant who could almost keep up in a fight with Oliver.[1]
  • Stealth: Mr. Blank was able to move quietly and was almost able to surprise Oliver.[1]


  • Beretta 93R: Mr. Blank's weapon of choice was a suppressed automatic pistol. He used it to shoot Eric Moore through his briefcase and shoot Nancy Moore in front of their son, Taylor. He later prepared to shoot Laurel Lance through her door's peephole, and when she did not open, he fired several shots through it. When he entered and heard a noise, he fired at her furniture, and when he heard Laurel's voice he turned to fire at her. He initially took cover when she fired at him with a shotgun, and before he had the chance to shoot her, the Hood intervened and shot his weapon from his hand, causing him to flee. When he infiltrated the Queen Mansion, he used a second suppressed automatic pistol to shoot Robbins through a delivery boy and shoot other bodyguards. He attempted to shoot Oliver Queen, but he missed and was disarmed shortly afterwards.[1]
  • Pistol: After being disarmed by the Hood of his primary weapon, Mr. Blank resorted to using his backup pistol to shoot at the vigilante as cover fire for his escape from Laurel's apartment. At the Queen Mansion, he resorted to his backup pistol once more after being disarmed by Oliver Queen, although he was impaled with a fire poker before he had the chance to use it.[1]



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Behind the scenes[]

  • Mr. Blank's role was originally going to be filled by the DC character, Onomatopoeia, but the decision was made by Andrew Kreisberg that this character wouldn't translate well from page to screen, in accordance with statements from Kevin Smith. Like Onomatopoeia, Mr. Blank is an assassin armed with a silenced automatic pistol as his primary weapon but no sniper rifle or knife. After the statement he made above, Smith changed his mind and stated that he would like to see Onomatopoeia as an antagonist in a future episode of The Flash.
  • Mr. Blank's calm and almost emotionless personality, looks, and methods resemble another DC character, the second Tally Man.
    • Also in the DC comics, Mister Blank is a man named Edward Arvin, a Batman villain.