"Mr. Parker" is a well-known fictional character on Earth-Prime.[1] In a magically created version, he was played by Ray Palmer.


Mr. Parker is a fictional character that has done 4000 hours of children's television.[1] In that time he has talked about many subjects like earning respect, painting, and good communication.[2] He also does a segment where he feeds fish.[3] In another segment, Mr. Parker drinks on camera.[4]

Mr. Parker has a habit of feuding with his wife and during such times he stays at the Walford Inn on Esplanade or on the couch of the set of Mr. Parker's Cul De Sac.[5] In another segment, Mr. Parker mentions how his dog, cat, and wife have all left him.[3]

When reality was re-created by the Fates to make Loomworld and Mr. Parker's Cul De Sac was one of the four shows allowed to be watched, Mr. Parker allows the people of the cul de sac into his house, like the firefighter and the postman, as part of an impromptu crossover. The show's main writer, Clotho, takes control of the script and uses Mr. Parker to send the visitors back to their respective shows.[6]


  • Teaching: Mr. Parker has received his degree in early childhood education. [2]
  • Dancing: Mr. Parker has show some ability in dancing. [7]
  • Singing: Mr. Parker sings quiet frequently in his shows.
  • Painting: Mr. Parker is able to paint. [2]
  • Intimidation: Mr. Parker was able to make what he called "a things of nightmares" when painting a smile. [2]


  • Mental instability: Mr. Parker suffers from some mental condition. He has mentioned his analyst saying that painting on a smile was called masking.
  • Alcoholism: Mr. Parker drank an entire can of beer on a children's television show. [4]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 5

Mr. Parker's Cul De Sac


  • Mr. Parker is a parody of Mr. Rogers from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.
  • Mr. Parker did not go to art school; instead he got his degree in early childhood education.[2]
  • Mr. Parker is paid quite poorly.[3]
  • When Mr. Parker describes a superhero that lives underwater, breathes underwater, talk to fish and ride giant seahorses without being teased by others, it highly resembles the characteristics of Aquaman.[3]


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