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Mr. Parker's Cul De Sac is a children's television show that Ray Palmer watched as a child. The series ran for at least eight seasons and fifteen episodes. Episodes of the series were released on videotape.


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Regular cast

Magically altered cast

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Real show

  • In a real episode Mr. Parker teaches children to earn the respect of other children from " the wrong side of the tracks" by dancing and rapping.

Altered show

  • Introduction and greeting. Mr. Parker would sing the theme song and greet the audience while changing his shoes.
  • After the greeting, Mr. Parker would introduce the audience to his friends. Where they would talk about their problems.
  • After hearing their problems, Mr. Parker would introduce Gary the unspeakable train abomination and he would take them to the Land of Make'm-ups.
  • In the Land of Make'm-ups, puppets and actors would demonstrate a method for conflict resolution with puppets and then human actors would also resolve their difference.
  • When we return with Mr. Parker, Behrad the bike man would deliver a package to him usually helping him resolve the problem, ending the episode.
  • The episode would end with a song and a smiling sun.


Welcome to my Cul-De-Sac, friends
That's a street that ends in a circle
The thing about circles is they never end
So our friendship will be universal

It's time to loosen our tie
To have some fun
Because it's after five
And I could use a cold one

My name's Mr. Parker and I'm here to say
I'm gonna throw down on this wonderful day
Now I teach you to tie shoes and how to respect
But look out when Mr. Parker comes to collect
Cause I'm gonna find you in your part of the hood
Where you're doin' bad things like it ain't no good
But we can be friends
We can be pals

It's time for us to say goodbye
I am here, I don't know why
But I don't mind 'cause I have friends
And that's where the episode ends

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Season 5

Mr. Parker's Cul De Sac




  • Nate says that the actor playing Mr. Parker has done 4000 hours of children's television (166 days and 16 hours).
    • In the final episode Mr. Parker drinks alcohol which is when Nate calculates the hours the actor did for the show.
  • Mr. Parker's Cul De Sac is a homage to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.
  • The Smiling Sun is an homage to the Teletubbies Sun.
  • Mr. Parker frequently changes his shoes. Ray says it is because "it transports him from one space to another", emotionally.
  • When Mr. Parker is kicked out of his home he sometimes sleeps on the couch of the set.
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