The Mr. Terrific suits are a series of protective suits used by Curtis Holt when patrolling with Team Arrow as the vigilante Mr. Terrific.


Curtis had been owning some of the old suit's equipment for some time as they started off as his ordinary clothing which he bought some years prior due to being a big fan of Terry Sloane.

The suit consists of Curtis's favourite black Fairplay jacket, black pants and black boots. To hide his identity he has his hair styled back in what appears braids and relies on a Black mask which is held onto his face in unknown ways, the mask seems to be in the shape of a 'T', it is also presumably also a logo since his code name is Mr. Terrific. Curtis admitted that the mask felt a bit weird on his face. The suit also possesses a pair of black leather gloves but he did not wear them on his first mission.


The suit later received some upgrades, with Curtis discarding his old 'Fairplay' clothing and making his new suit more streamlined by keeping the color black while also adding white and red linings to the suit and overall added kevlar protection, the new suit, similar to his jacket had 'FAIRPLAY' written on each sleeve of the jacket and it retains the exact same mask and gloves from the last suit.

Cisco Ramon controlling the Girder

Cisco Ramon, the one who improved the suit.


  • Identity concealment: Curtis relies on a black mask which is held onto his face through unknown ways and he has his hair braided back.
  • Kevlar protection: A recent upgrade that was made to Curtis's new uprgraded suit, the suit has extra kevlar padding inside it, making the suit more protected.

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  • Due to the length of each arm in Curtis's minifgure counterpart who appears as a downloadable character in the video game LEGO DC Super-Villains, the word 'Fairplay' was shortened to just FP.


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