Mrs. Reston is a bank robber and a member of the Royal Flush Gang. She is the wife of the late Derek Reston, and the mother of Kyle Reston and Teddy Reston.


Early life

At some point in time, the woman met and married Derek Reston. The couple had two sons, Kyle and Teddy Reston.[1]


After Derek was laid off from Queen Industrial Inc., the family lost their home and Derek turned to a life of crime, organizing armed robberies with the help of his family. Mrs. Reston took a part in the robberies, albeit not as a simple robber, but as a mock hostage and informant, used as an additional advantage against police officers and other threats.

After Kyle Reston seriously wounded a police officer during one of the robberies, The Hood targeted the gang which, among with a meeting with Oliver Queen sparked a conflicting feelings in Derek, but his wife and Kyle convinced him to do one last heist, which ended in Derek dying, Kyle wounded and arrested among with Teddy and Mrs. Reston.[1]


Mrs. Reston, while being as caring for her family as Derek Reston, sided with Kyle Reston in some of the interior conflicts of the Royal Flush Gang and used her persuasive side to influence Derek.


  • Skilled tactician: Mrs. Reston was able to help her family successfully carry out numerous bank robberies.
  • Skilled deceiver: Mrs. Reston was able to portray herself as a hostage during her family's robberies.



Season 1

Season 6

Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics Derek Reston had no known wife, but Royal Flush Gang usually features at least one female member under the alias Queen (usually of Spades, but might use other card colors too).


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