Ms. Nave is a resident of Star City and the former foster mother of Zoe Ramirez.


In spring 2016, Ms. Nave took in Zoe Ramirez shortly after her mother's death.[1]

About a year later in April 2017, Quentin Lance arranged for Ms. Nave and Zoe to pay a surprise visit to the latter's father, Rene Ramirez, at City Hall. Ms. Nave happily watched on as Rene and Zoe reunited.[2]

A few weeks later at a custody hearing, Ms. Nave comforted Zoe when Rene apparently failed to show up.[3]

In December 2017, Rene regained custody of Zoe from Ms. Nave.[4]



Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • Her name was never revealed on-screen, only in the credits.


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