"You're not Lex."
"Maybe not the Lex you know. The multiverse has a way of aligning fates."
Clark Kent (Earth-167) and Lex Luthor[src]

A multiverse counterpart is an alternate universe counterpart of a person who shares a similar name and/or nickname, as well as some personality traits and biography facts but is not a doppelgänger or appears to be a doppelgänger of a different person. Among other reasons why this happens is the fact that alternate universes in the multiverse do not share the same timeline, causing additional differences.[1]

Known counterparts

Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name
Barry Allen (Earth-1)The FlashSavitar Earth-1 Barry Allen/The Flash/Savitar Barry Allen (Earth-2) Earth-2 Barry Allen Barry Allen (Earth-90)The Flash (Earth-90) Earth-90 Barry Allen/The Flash Barry Allen (Earth-TUD13) Earth-TUD13 Barry Allen
Henry Allen Earth-1 Henry Allen Henry Allen (Earth-90) Earth-90 Henry Allen
Nora Allen Earth-1 Nora Allen Nora Allen (Earth-90) Earth-90 Nora Allen
Jim Corrigan Earth-1 Jim Corrigan Jim Corrigan (Purgatory) Unknown Earth Jim Corrigan
Kara Danvers Supergirl Earth-38 Kara Danvers/Supergirl Supergirl (Earth-D) Earth-D "Supergirl" Kara (Earth-X) Overgirl Earth-X Kara/Overgirl
Future John Diggle, Jr. Deathstroke (John Diggle, Jr.) Earth-1 John Diggle, Jr./Deathstroke John Diggle, Jr. (Earth-16) Green Arrow (Connor Hawke) Earth-16 John Diggle, Jr./Connor Hawke/Green Arrow
Clark Kent Superman Earth-38 Clark Kent/Superman Superman (Earth-75) Earth-75 "Superman" Clark Kent (Earth-96) Superman (Earth-96) Earth-96 Clark Kent/Superman Clark Kent (Earth-167) Earth-167 Clark Kent Superman (Earth-D) Earth-D "Superman" Superman (Earth-F) Earth-F "Superman" Superman (Earth-N52) Earth-N52 "Superman"
Kline Earth-1 Kline Joe Kline Earth-90 Joe Kline
Dinah Lance Earth-1 Dinah Lance Dinah Redmond Earth-203 Dinah Lance/Dinah Redmond
Lois Lane Earth-38 Lois Lane Lois Lane's Earth-75 doppelgänger Earth-75 Unnamed Lois Lane (Earth-167) Earth-167 Lois Lane Lois Lane (Earth-F) Earth-F Lois Lane
Linda Park Earth-1 Linda Park Linda Park (Earth-2) Earth-2 Linda Park Linda Park (Earth-90) Earth-90 Linda Park
Sam ScudderMirror Master Earth-1 Sam Scudder/Mirror Master Sam Scudder (Earth-90) Earth-90 Sam Scudder/Mirror Master
Iris West-Allen Earth-1 Iris West-Allen Iris West-Allen (Earth-2) Earth-2 Iris West-Allen Iris West (Earth-90) Earth-90 Iris West

Partial counterparts

Following is a list of alternate universe counterparts, who share some similarities including partial name and/or nickname, biography facts and personality traits, but are not full namesakes.

Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name
Helena BertinelliThe Huntress Earth-1 Helena Bertinelii/Huntress Helena KyleHuntress Earth-203 Helena Kyle/Huntress
Adrian ChasePrometheus Earth-1 Adrian Chase/Prometheus Tommy Merlyn (Earth-X)Prometheus (Earth-X) Earth-X Tommy Merlyn/Prometheus
Orlin DwyerCicada Earth-1 Orlin Dwyer/Cicada Unknown Earths David Hersch/Cicada
Jay Garrick Earth-3 Jay Garrick Jay Allen Earth-90 Jay Allen
Future Grace GibbonsCicada (Grace Gibbons) Earth-1 Grace Gibbons/Cicada Unknown Earths David Hersch/Cicada
Gilcrist Earth-38 Gilcrist/Metallo Metallo (Earth-X) Earth-X "Metallo"
Otis GravesMetallo (Otis Graves) Earth-38 Otis Graves/Metallo Metallo (Earth-X) Earth-X "Metallo"
Malcolm Merlyn Dark Archer Earth-1 Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer Tommy Merlyn (Earth-2) Dark Archer (Earth-2) Earth-2 Tommy Merlyn/Dark Archer
Metallo (National City University) Earth-38 "Metallo" Metallo (Earth-X) Earth-X "Metallo"
Oliver QueenThe ArrowGreen Arrow Earth-1 Oliver Queen/The Hood/The Arrow/Green Arrow Earth-2 Robert Queen/The Hood/The Arrow
Sam ScudderMirror Master Earth-1 Sam Scudder/Mirror Master Earth-2 Evan McCulloch/Mirror Master Sam Scudder (Earth-90) Earth-90 Sam Scudder/Mirror Master
Leonard SnartCaptain Cold Earth-1 Leonard Snart/Captain Cold Leonard WyntersCaptain Cold (Earth-90) Earth-90 Leonard Wynters/Captain Cold Leo SnartLeo Snart in costume Earth-X Leo Snart
Wally WestKid Flash Earth-1 Wally West/Kid Flash Vince Everett Earth-90 Vince Everett/Kid Flash


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