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"I told you when we first met, it was to teach all of you a lesson. Because I see everything and I saw two people, with two broken hearts."
—Music Meister[src]

"Music Meister" is an extra-dimensional being with unexplained supernatural powers and an author in an erased timeline. He claims to originate from somewhere outside of the normal universes of the multiverse, which he describes as being beyond the comprehension of ordinary humans.


Music Meister allowed himself to be captured by the D.E.O. in order to gain access to Supergirl. Once inside, he spotted and consequently hypnotized her, broke free of his handcuffs and used Kara's interdimensional extrapolator to travel to Earth-1 in search of "the fastest man alive".[1]

He invaded S.T.A.R. Labs and was confronted by The Flash. He revealed that he knew Barry's name and that wasn't all he knew. Wally then arrived and he said that he was happy to meet him as well. Wally asked what he wanted with Kara and he said it was the same thing he wanted with the two speedsters, to teach them a lesson. He then quickly attacked Wally and threw him off and mocked the young speedster. Barry tried to attack but Music Meister caught him and then quickly hypnotized him.

Music Meister performing a music number for Kara and Barry.

He found himself in Kara and Barry's joint hallucination and explained that they were both trapped in their own heads while he was on the outside and ready to unleash himself upon Central City. He told them that they were in a movie musical and if they wanted to leave to try to stop him, they would need to follow the script. He also warned them that if they died in there, they died out in the real world. He then performed a musical score for the two of them to help explain that they had to play along with the plot of the musical if they wanted to free themselves.

Afterwards, possessed with both Kara and Barry's powers, he attempted to rob a bank but was confronted by Vibe, Kid Flash, and the Martian Manhunter. Wally was the first to challenge him and he said that Wally was still too scared after his experience in the Speed Force. Wally then charged for him but Music Meister used Barry's speed and then later Kara's flight to dodge his attempts. Cisco then transported J'onn to attack him from above while Wally attacked him from below. They managed to knock him out and then he was detained at S.T.A.R. Labs. In the cell, he was confronted by both Iris and Mon-El who wanted him to reverse what he had done to both Barry and Kara. However, he claimed that his powers didn't work that way and the only ones that could free them were themselves. He also claimed that the two of them could save them, if they truly did love them enough.

Music Meister leaving after the heroes have learned their 'lesson'.

He escaped after Kara and Barry broke free from his illusion, claiming that his lesson had been taught. He explained that he saw the pain that was in both of their hearts and he always rooted for heroes. He wanted Barry and Kara to learn that though they were superheroes and saved people, when it came to love, it meant allowing themselves to be saved once in a while. He then vanished to teach his "lessons" to others.[2]

Erased timeline

In an erased timeline, on May 23, 2017, it was announced on Earth-1's Channel 52 that Music Meister had gained a 6-figure book deal.[3]


"Love, Supergirl. Love is about letting yourself be saved. It's not just about saving other people, even if you are superheroes. Anyway, I'm sorry that I had to like, mess with you all, but I was just trying to get you to play the game, do the song-and-dance."
—Music Meister [src]

True to his name, Music Meister has an open joy for music, both singing and dancing. He has a ceaseless care-free and smug demeanor. Constantly joking and toying with his enemies, he seems to enjoy riling people up by poking at their insecurities and otherwise troubled situations. Despite his initially hostile actions and seemingly-amoral nature, he claims to be one to root for the good guys to win. To which, he sincerely apologized for the anguish he put everyone through, noting that and simply wanted to teach people a lesson after they stumble. Whether any of his "victims" are ever truly in mortal danger or not, regardless of what he claims to that effect, is not known.

Powers and abilities


  • Extra-dimensional being physiology: As a being who exists outside of the multiverse, Music Meister has an unknown amount of power.
    • Hypnotism: Music Meister has the ability to hypnotize anyone he makes eye-contact with, sending their minds into a dream world.[1] He is also able to enter the dreams and manipulate the dream world as he sees fit, including the "free will" of the dream people within it. While only existing in the person's mind, if they are to die in the dream, they will die for real, or at least that is what he claimed.[2]
      • Power absorption: Anyone under the effects of his hypnosis becomes energy-linked to him, enabling him to gradually steal their powers for his own usage. He is also shown able to contain and draw power from multiple targets at once (i.e. Supergirl and The Flash).[2]
    • Multiversal awareness/Omniscient awareness: Claiming to be aware of everything, Music Meister has indeed shown to have in-depth knowledge of various places and people from across the multiverse. Despite coming from an unknown reality he was aware of the existence of Earth-1 and Earth-38, along with detailed knowledge of the secret identities and personal lives of Barry Allen as the Flash, and Kara Danvers as Supergirl.[2]
    • Teleportation: Music Meister is able to teleport, enabling him to easily escape a meta-human cell. To observers, it appears as if he becomes translucent and fades out of existence.[2] However, he apparently cannot travel between different universes in the multiverse on his own, requiring the usage of Kara's interdimensional extrapolator to do so.[1] Alternately, it's possible that he may be capable of traveling between dimensions on his own, but simply used the interdimensional extrapolator for the sake of convenience.

Former powers

  • Supergirl's powers: While linked to Supergirl, Music Meister possessed her superhuman durability, strength, speed, heat vision, and flight. With her powers, he was even fast enough to easily catch both the Flash (whom can reach velocities of at least Mach 13.2) and Kid Flash (whom can reach velocities of at least Mach 3).
    • Superhuman durability: Music Meister's durability was increased, as he could survive hits from both Kid Flash and Martian Manhunter.
    • Superhuman speed: Using Kara's speed, Music Meister couid move at superhuman speeds, allowing him to easily keep up with both The Flash and Kid Flash.
    • Flight: Music Meister could propel himself into the air using his flight abilities.
    • Heat vision: Music Meister could fire powerful blasts of energy from his eyes.
  • The Flash's powers: While connected to the Flash, Music Meister also possessed his Speed Force connection, giving him another method of achieving super speed. However, whether Music Meister can combine Supergirl and the Flash's speeds is currently unknown, as the former's source of super speed is solar energy absorption while the latter's source is the Speed Force.[2]
    • Speed Force connection: Music Meister possessed a connection to the Speed Force, allowing him to utilise its various powers.
      • Electrokinesis: Music Meister could generate kinetic energy, that appeared as a trail of red lightning behind him when he ran.
      • Superhuman speed: Music Meister could use Barry's speed as his own, giving him two ways to achieve superspeed.


  • Escape artistry: Music Meister has a talent for sleight-of-hand, able to easily escape from high-tech cuffs.[1] He also, through unspecified means, was able to escape a meta-human-proof cell in the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator, most likely because he isn't a meta-human.
  • Dancing: Music Meister is also a talented dancer, as he is shown dancing when performing "Put a Little Love in Your Heart".
  • Keen intellect: Music Meister is shown to be a clever and crafty individual. Feigning capture, he was able to get close enough to Supergirl to use his powers on her and use her interdimensional extrapolator to escape to Earth-1.[1]
  • Singing: In addition to his love of music, Music Meister has shown a talent for singing himself.[2]


  • Limited awareness: Despite his seemingly omniscient awareness of the physical world, Music Meister can only perceive things in the present, to which, he cannot foresee the future, nor can he read people's minds. Because of this, Vibe, Kid Flash and Martian Manhunter were able to catch him off-guard.
  • Limited dream control: Music Meister has no control of what kind of dream world he creates in a person's mind. Rather, it is all determined by the person's own deepest joys. He also cannot make them wake up from this dream; they have to find their own way out.


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  • His abilities of clairvoyance and teleportation, extra-multiversal origin, and outfit show similarities to Mxyzptlk. Therefore, it is possible that Music Meister is the same species as Mxyzptlk.

Behind the scenes

  • Under the name Music Meister, the character first appeared as a villain in an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold voiced by Neil Patrick Harris, who could hypnotize his enemies by creating a pitch so high that it would send them into song and dance.
  • Music Meister claimed to be rooting for the good guys. His actor, Darren Criss, seems to have the same line of thought, stating in an interview that he didn't perceive Music Meister to be evil, or even really a villain - just a trickster having a bit of fun by messing with people.[citation needed]
  • Darren Criss appeared on the US musical show Glee, a show which both Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist starred in too.