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"Music Meister" is an extra-dimensional being with unexplained supernatural powers and an author in a possible future. He claims to originate from somewhere possibly independent of the multiverse.


Music Meister allowed himself to be captured by the D.E.O. Once inside, spotting Supergirl, he hypnotized her, broke free of his handcuffs and used Kara's inter-dimensional extrapolator to travel to Earth One in search of "the fastest man alive".[1]

He invaded S.T.A.R. Labs and managed to hypnotize The Flash. Afterwards, possessed with both Kara and Barry's powers, he attempted to rob a bank but was stopped by Vibe, Kid Flash, and the Martian Manhunter, and detained at S.T.A.R. Labs. In the cell, he was confronted by both Iris and Mon-El who wanted him to reverse what he had done to both Barry and Kara. However, he claimed that his powers didn't work that way and the only ones that could free them were themselves. He also claimed that the two of them could save them, if they truly did love them enough. He escaped after Kara and Barry broke free from his illusion, claiming that his lesson had been taught. He explained that he saw the pain that was in both of their hearts and he always rooted for heroes. He wanted Barry and Kara to learn that though they were superheroes and saved people, when it came to love, it meant allowing themselves to be saved once in a while. He then vanished to teach his "lessons" to others.[2]

Possible future

In a possible future, on May 23, 2017, it was announced on Earth One's Channel 52 that Music Meister had gained a 6-figure book deal.[3]

Powers and abilities

  • Keen intellect: Music Meister is shown to be a clever and crafty individual. Feigning capture, he was able to get close enough to Supergirl to use his powers on her and use her inter-dimensional extrapolator to escape to Earth One.[1]
  • Escape artistry: Music Meister has a talent for sleight-of-hand, able to easily escape from high-tech cuffs.[1]
  • Singing: In addition to his love of music, Music Meister has shown a talent for singing himself.[2]


  • Clairvoyance: Claiming to be aware of everything, Music Meister has indeed shown to have in-depth knowledge of various places and people from across the multiverse.[2]
  • Hypnotism: Music Meister has the ability to hypnotize anyone he looks at, sending them into a dream world.[1] He is also able to enter the dreams and manipulate the dream world as he sees fight, including the "free will" of the people conjured upon it.[2]
    • Power absorption: Anyone under the effects of his hypnosis become energy-linked to him, gradually stealing their powers for his own usage. He is also shown able to contain multiple targets at once (i.e. Supergirl and The Flash).[2]
      • Supergirl's powers: While linked to Supergirl, Music Meister had her superhuman strength, speed, heat vision and flight-based abilities.[2]
      • The Flash's powers: While connected to The Flash, Music Meister also had his Speed Force connection.[2]
  • Teleportation: Music Meister is able to teleport away in a fading nature, enabling him to easily escape a meta-human cell.[2]


The Flash

Season 3


Season 2


  • His abilities of clairvoyance, teleportation, and extra-multiversal origin shows similarities to Mxyzptlk.

Behind the scenes

  • Music Meister originated as a villain in an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold voiced by Neil Patrick Harris, who could hypnotize his enemies by creating a pitch so high that it would send them into song and dance.


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