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For the titular character, see Mxyzptlk.

"Mxy in the Middle" is the eleventh episode of the sixth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-seventeenth episode overall. It aired on September 14, 2021.



The scene opens right the last known point of interest. Supergirl gathered Mxy, however it just so happens, Nyxly did also. Ends up, Mxy affirmed against her once upon a time so she needs retribution. A little battle follows, yet Mxy gets Supergirl free and she flies them away to wellbeing. At the Tower, Supergirl enlightens them concerning experiencing Nyxly in the Phantom Zone and Mxy fills them in on Nyxly's story through tune. Nyxly is the little girl of the lord who was really terrible so she schemed with her sibling to unseat him. Sadly, they were gotten and Nyxly was banished while her sibling was lifted up on account of male centric society. He additionally educates them regarding something many refer to as the All Stone, something that can handle everything. It was exploded and became emblems that were dispersed all over. Nyxly needs to discover them to reproduce the stone and the one apparatus she needs to help her incidentally, that Mxy's blood resolve.

Supergirl faults herself for Nyxly being released on Earth and Nia says nothing, yet thinks of a plan to make something that would invert the interaction that controlled Nyxly in any case. Intelligent faculties something's off-base and keeps an eye on Nia and she discloses to him that it was her shortcoming that Nyxly is released on the world. Smart is understanding, taking into account that he was also controlled by Lex.

In the interim, in Newfoundland, Lena goes to her mom's old neighborhood to attempt to discover more with regards to her. She requests Andrea to assist her with finding one from her mom's closest companions. Lena appears at the motel she intends to remain at, however when they discover who her mom was, her warm greeting abruptly turns super cold.

The Super Friends attempt to sort out some way to depower Nyxly. Be that as it may, Mxy recommends simply sending her back to the Phantom Zone. Supergirl doesn't care for that thought and recalls the mystical talisman that Mon-El used to battle Mxy previously. Mxy uncovers that he really shrouded the talisman in Corto Maltese. Supergirl recovers it and the group will work. Mxy needs to help, yet he can't utilize his forces so he doesn't have a very remarkable use.

Mitch breaks out of prison and goes up against Nyxly, however she frightens him away with her forces.

Lena keeps on circumventing town, presently attempting to get data. She goes to the bar and meets the girl of one of her mom's companions just to find that, essentially as indicated by the residents, Lena's mom was not a decent individual and is liable for her own mom's passing. In spite of there being a ton of harshness, the bar proprietor reveals to her that her mom was important for a coven and that, alongside another lady, put a match to a structure that killed a man - the bar proprietor's dad. Afterward, Andrea tracks down the other lady in the photograph, Florence, however Lena is upset and heading home. Andrea persuades her to basically take a gander at the data.

The Super Friends react to a spike in Fifth Dimensional energy downtown where a goliath feline housecat kaiju is assaulting. It's a sorcery feline and the Super Friends aren't faring great. Visionary chooses to attempt to bring the feline into the fantasy domain, yet it winds up being dangerous so Supergirl basically plays an insane round of laser pursue with the feline so Brainy can catch it. Nyxly then, at that point, requests that Supergirl bring her Mxy.

At the Tower, Mxy welcomes the Super Friends with a duplicate of himself. His thought is to utilize the duplicate to draw near enough to Nyxly so they can get the counter wizardry sleeve on her yet lamentably, the duplicate errors so that arrangement is out. Feeling frightfully remorseful, Dreamer admits to Supergirl. Supergirl is exceptionally sympathetic and furthermore concocts a thought.

Lena winds up remaining in Newfoundland and goes to discover Florence, following her area to a mysterious cavern like construction. Florence is amazed right away however reveals to Lena she's been sitting tight for this for quite a while. Florence says that Lena's mom, Elizabeth, has been visiting her in her fantasies enlightening her regarding Lena. Lena is distrustful with regards to wizardry yet allows Florence to show her things.

Elizabeth, Florence, and Margaret were witches, Elizabeth being the most remarkable. One day, Elizabeth and Florence learned Margaret's husband Tommy was abusing her so the trio decided to use their powers to scare him. However, the confrontation went wrong and Tommy was accidentally killed. The town turned on them. Margaret was left to live with the disgrace while Florence and Elizabeth were pursued. Elizabeth fled to the United States, where she eventually got together with Lionel Luthor but no longer trusted herself. Florence assures Lena that her moth is glad for her. Florence discloses to Lena that she has her mom's witchcraft powers. Lena thinks there is a logical explanation for it, but Florence says Lena can utilize her gift in the event that she figures out how to accept it.

Turns out that Mxy's thought regarding duplicates was a decent one. They choose to utilize a picture inducer with the goal that Dreamer can mimic Mxy. Supergirl and "Mxy" head to the recreation center to meet Nyxly however even that arrangement bombs when the gem winds up meddling with the picture inducer. Nyxly is frantic so she detains the Super Friends to compel Mxy to go to her. Nyxly clarifies that Mxy was her companion and vowed to help her in her plot to topple her dad. Nonetheless, when she got found out, he aligned with the ruler to save himself. Understanding the mistake of his methodologies, he forfeits himself. Supergirl attempts to talk her down however bombs so she places Mxy into the circle. Supergirl prepares to send Nyxly to the Phantom Zone however before he's completely ingested, Mxy advises her has this. Saying "More grounded Together", he slips the wizardry hosing sleeve on her, and afterward the two of them disappear.

Supergirl is disturbed with regards to Mxy. They choose to go get him. Concerning where she went, turns out Mitch saved her. He was dazzled by the otherworldly feline. He needs Nyxly to help him, yet she says that he needs to assist her with discovering the symbol of boldness. Visionary had the option to catch everything utilizing her fantasy powers. It's an ideal opportunity to act.



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  • The episode title is a play on the American television sitcom Malcolm in the Middle.
    • It also references how Mxy was literally "in the middle" of Supergirl and Nyxlygsptlnz in the opening scene and the fight later on.
  • Mxy explains in song to the tune of the 1978 song "I Will Survive".
  • The fragments of the AllStone are a near-match for the Paragons: Hope, Love, Courage, Humanity, Destiny, and Truth, with Dreams replacing Honor on the list.
    • Subsequent episodes either have titles or plot themes that hint at which totem Nxyly is going after.
  • Brainy confirms that imps can't kill, but Nyxly has a workaround for that by summoning a monster. This is similar to how the genie rules in The Return of Jafar kept the title villain from outright killing, but not from setting up fatal circumstances to get around it.
  • Lena's mother's name is revealed to be Elizabeth Walsh.
  • This is the first time Lena isn't treated with distrust because she's a Luthor (due to Crisis changing her family history), but due to her biological maternal lineage.
  • Lena is revealed to be the daughter of a witch, and therefore has magic. However, there are currently no witches, warlocks, or otherwise magical allies of the Superfriends available at present to help teach her—John Constantine's whereabouts are unknown, Astra Logue and Gary Green are trapped in the 1920s[1] (with the latter also being inept with magic), and Nora Darhk is busy as a fairy godmother.


  • During the fight with the giant cat, the ground is somehow left unscathed from Alex's missile and Kara's heat vision.