Myrtis Dinker, known more commonly as Veronica May, is a popular influencer in Gotham, known for her Instagram status and makeup brand.


Early life

Myrtis Dinker prior to her cosmetic surgery

Myrtis Dinker was born into a wealthy family in Gotham City. She went to high school with Duela Dent, where they became close friends, to the point that Myrtis was also close to Duela's mother, Evelyn Dent. However in 2011, after Duela had a psychotic break and cut her own face, Myrtis stopped hanging out with her, becoming scared of her former friend.[1]

Influencer career

After graduation, Myrtis received a cosmetic surgery from Dr. "Ethan Campbell", completely changing her chin and nose. Later, she began a career as an influencer under the name Veronica May. As she gained prominence, Veronica began living inside a makeover truck called May-mobile, which also served as advertising for her personal line of makeup.

In early 2020, Veronica was targeted by Duela, who ambushed and kidnapped her in the May-mobile. Duela brought Veronica to a factory and strung her up over a vat of acid, intending to drop her inside. Fortunately, Batwoman and Sophie Moore intervened and saved Veronica.[1]



Season 1


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