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"I've been known as Nahash, the Trickster, and now as Vicente. And you know me as you know all earthly temptation."
"He's the Tempter."
—Nahash and Anne Marie Flynn[src]

Nahash (from Hebrew נחש‎‎ nāḥāš; pronounced Na-Hash, meaning "snake" or "serpent"), also known as The Trickster, Vicente (while in human form), The Tempter (by Anne Marie Flynn), and The Original Serpent from the Garden of Eden was a powerful tempter demon who was working for Brujeria during John Constantine's mission in Mexico City.


Biblical Times

At some point Nahash was the original serpent from the Garden of Eden, as described in the Bible. It is unknown whether the description is fully accurate. He, along with Lamashtu, is connected to the story of Eve and Adam.[1]

Working with La Brujeria

At some point circa 2014, warlocks and sorcerers from Brujeria unleashed Nahash (now known as Vicente) onto Earth to assassinate John Constantine, who was at the time possessed by demon Pazuzu whom he summoned to heal a bullet wound and scare off Invunche.

Arriving in Mexico City, Vicente bribed the British consulate employee Stanley Gibson, tempting him to scrutinize John Constantine's situation with Mexican prison. After that he measured the bewildered Gibson with his eyes and devoured him.

Nahash dissolving into a pile of snakes

Nahash dissolving into a pile of snakes.

Later, taking the form of Gibson, Nahash arrived at the prison, where Anne Marie Flynn, Chas Chandler and Zed Martin tried to exorcise Pazuzu from Constantine. Breaking Chandler's neck, Nahash answered John's command to identify himself in the name of God. He then recognized the presence of Pazuzu and said that there's no reason for him to kill John if he can become his ally. He then tried to tempt him to keep the demon inside. When prison guards arrived, Anne Marie stabbed Nahash with a Phurba, upon which his physical form dissolved into a pile of snakes.[1]

Powers and abilities


Nahash using his powers

Nahash using his powers.

  • Snake physiology: Nahash's true form consists of a pile of fully controlled living snakes. He can manifest certain serpent elements in his human form, as well, such as telescopic jaws (which allow him to devour a human being) and reptile-like eyes.[1]
  • Demonic physiology: Nahash is a demonic creature, with related strength and weaknesses.[1]
    • Temptation control/inducement: Nahash is able to destabilize a person's own will, tempting him or her to sin.[1]
    • Enhanced strength: Nahash is much more powerful then a human being, being able to punch people in the air and break a neck with relative ease and fewer movements.[1]
    • Shapeshifting: Nahash is able to shape-shift in a person he had a physical contact with, which seemingly requires devouring that person. Replication includes both physical appearance and voice.[1]


  • Stealth: Nahash was able to sneak in Stanley Gibson's office in the heavily guarded British consulate with relative ease.[1]
  • Measuring: Nahash is able to measure human being with his eyes to adapt his telescopic jaw for devouring.[1]


  • Phurba: Being a demonic entity, Nahash could be seriously harmed with that Tibetan ceremonial dagger.[1]
  • Limited replication: Nahash is not able to replicate costumes, only transforming his physical form.[1]
  • Limited transformation time: Nahash was able to keep the form of Stanley Gibson for a short time before turning into his true form.[1]




  • It might be presumed that after being defeated with Phurba Nahash went back to Hell, but it was never specified whether the damage done to him was permanent.
  • Promotional material and script refer to Nahash primarily by his human pseudonym Vicente.

Behind the scenes

  • Several key aspects and names used in Nahash are adapted from characters of the main DC Comics continuity:
    • The Tempter is a low-level demon "old as time itself", originating as an enemy of Hawkman and Superman and then appearing as a minor antagonist for Zatanna. Apart from having a similar set of powers he also resembles Nahash in physical appearance.
    • Ophidian, the Entity of Avarice in the DC comics is a demonic being with a similar snake physiology and set of powers, who is heavily implied to be the Original Serpent, as well.
    • The Trickster is usually a legacy name of several villains of The Flash, most known James Jesse and Axel Walker.
  • Additionally the fact that serpent-natured Nahash steals the identity of Stanley Gibson might be a reference to Stanley Macklin also known as Serpentine, a snake-like enemy of Firebrand.
  • The fact that Nahash needs to eat victim's physical form might be a reference to Hannibal Bates's modus operandi in the comics, who ensures physical contact by cannibalizing the victim before taking his/her form.
  • Historically serpents are featured in the Bible often identified with the hubristic Satan, and sometimes with Lilith. The original serpent is known to tempt Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden, prompting them to eat an apple from a sacred tree.
  • The name "Vicente" might be a reference to the DC comics artists Vicente Alcazar and Vicente Cifuentes both of whom worked on Constantine-related comics.
  • Nahash has one of the largest lists of alternative names, titles and alter-egos among the characters of the Arrowverse, rivaling Satan and Barry Allen, but being upstaged by Oliver Queen.
  • Curiously, "nahash" is a brand of bread popular in Russia.[2]


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