Naltorians are a humanoid species from Naltor.

Physical appearance

Despite hailing from another world; Naltorians are indistinguishable from humans. That said, both species can safely inter-breed and even procreate together with apparently little complication.

Powers and abilities


  • Superhuman durability: Naltorians and Naltorian hybrids possess a greater durability and damage threshold than humans.
  • Oneiromancy: Once in a generation, this power manifests exclusively among the women of Naltor. This allows them to see vague glimpses of the future. Also, an inexperienced wielder of this precognition cannot easily distinguish reality from their dreams.[1]
    • Precognition: Naltorians' power allows her to see attacks yet to come and to prepare for it.[2]
    • Dream-walking: Apart from dreaming the future, it was hinted that one in possession of this trait can also use it to “dream-walk” into the same dream with other people, allowing the Dreamer to mentally drift into the subconsciousness of one who also sleeps — seemingly (but not limited to) another Naltorian Dreamer, as this appears to be how the previous Dreamer traditionally and esoterically confirms the identity of her successor; this was seen when Isabel, in her final moments, inadvertently pulled Nia into the former's subconscious dream which made the older Nal realize that she was to be succeeded, as a Dreamer, by Nia and not Maeve.
    • Astral projection: After requesting deeper knowledge on her home planet from Kelex, Nia became capable of projecting her consciousness; allowing her to exit her body and travel in an astral body. This is an advanced technique for an oneiromancer, months ahead of basic training according to Brainy.
    • Oneirokinetic blasts: Nia owns a set of gloves made by Querl Dox which allow her to harness raw dream energy and blast enemies.


  • "Narcolepsy": When Naltorians' powers began manifesting, this struggled with insomnia and would subsequently fall asleep at random times during the day, hindering her day-to-day life, similar to narcolepsy.
  • Open interpretation: As a total novice in the ways of dream interpretation, Naltorians could misinterpret or misconceive what her prophetic dreams allow this to foresee.
  • Intermittent Precognition: Naltorians' precognitive powers, be it dreamt or even glimpsed while awake, have a fixed duration that denotes how far she could see into the future.
  • "Future blindness":

Known Naltorians



DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 5


  • Nura Nal may be a descendant of Nia, but the fact that she is also a Naltorian is unverified.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Naltor is the home planet of Legion of Super-Heroes members Dream Girl, and her sister White Witch. Natives of the planet are noted for their ability of precognition, providing them with glimpses of the future. Some Naltorians are without this ability, known as being "future blind" on Naltor.


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