Napier Frank is a member of the board of Garfield High School.


Napier Frank was born in Freeland, and has been friends with Jefferson Pierce since the Olympics. Napier was a member of the board for Garfield High School.[1]

Following Tobias Whale's invasion of Garfield, Napier and the rest of the board – including Rose Lawson – confronted Jefferson Pierce over his absence during the events. The board's recommendation was for the school to remain closed pending disciplinary action and counselling for the affected students. Napier visited Jefferson later to impress upon him the seriousness of the situation.[1]

Later, Napier told Jefferson that the board had decided to close Garfield High School down. In order to keep it open, Jefferson offered to step down as principal.[1]

Following Jefferson's decision to resign, Napier visited Jefferson at Garfield to inform him that the board had found a replacement for him, a highly qualified man named Mike Lowry. Napier impressed upon Jefferson that the board needed him on board with the decision one hundred percent, and that he could not criticize the appointment after the fact. Jefferson came to realize that Lowry was white, and that the board feared the backlash from the community, parents, and media. Although Jefferson was angry at the decision, Napier advised him to use the situation to restore his tarnished reputation.[2]


Black Lightning

Season 2


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