Natalia Knight (born c. 1992/1993),[1] also known as Nocturna, was a serial killer in Gotham City who drained her victims of their blood, causing them bleed to death, as she is in constant need of fresh blood due to suffering from a unique type of porphyria. Thus, Natalia was mistakenly referred to as a vampire by the Gotham Gazette.


Early life

Natalia Knight's file.

Natalia was born around 1992 or 1993 with a unique type of porphyria. As a result, she couldn't be exposed to sunlight and her kidneys had trouble cleaning her blood.

Shortly after her birth, Natalia was adopted by Charles Knight. Despite being deeply loved by her adoptive father, Natalia grew up lonely and envious of other healthier kids.[1]

Birth of Nocturna

Nocturna drains a victim's blood.

After her adoptive father, the man who would often provide Natalia supplies of fresh blood, died of a heart attack, Natalia needed fresh blood because of her disease and started to kill people by seducing them, draining their blood and then leaving them for dead. After she killed two club-goers in Gotham City, she was dubbed by the media as "Nocturna".[1]

Fighting Batwoman

Nocturna defeats and chained Batwoman.

When Nocturna tried to kill another person, she was confronted by Batwoman, with whom she got into a fight. The masked vigilante initially gets the upper hand, pinning a seemingly helpless Natalia down, but Nocturna turns the tables and bit the disguised Kate's lips, injecting ketamine in her blood to subdue her. Victorious, Nocturna then rises up and gloats over her adversary in the latter's weakened state. She then made preparations, hung Batwoman up, but before she could drain her blood, she had to flee from Crows Security.[1]

Alice suspended in her lair by Nocturna.

When she saw Alice outside of the Hold Up, she followed her to her hideout where she similarly subdued her with a ketamine injection. After tying Alice up, she was convinced by Alice to attack Mary Hamilton instead of draining her. She wanted the blood from the Desert Rose-cure Alice gave to Mary. Nocturna attacked Mary and took her to the Gotham Cathedral Church. When Batwoman came there to free Mary, Nocturna engaged her in combat with a candle holder, this time proving herself a more capable combatant than she did from prior. After a short struggle, Natalia pinned her down and was about to bite her once again but was knocked away by Alice who kicked her in the face.

Batwoman defeats and handcuffs Nocturna.

As she tried to run away, she was confronted by Batwoman again. Batwoman confronted her about her killings to which Natalia said she did not deserve to die and justified her deeds by telling her victims partied their lives away while she suffered. Nocturna fought Batwoman again with a wooden shelf but Batwoman beat her by recreating sunlight with blacklight and burning her face before cuffing her to the cathedral. She was then picked up by the Crows and brought to Arkham.[1]

Months later, when Alice released all of Arkham inmates as a distraction to cover her escape, it is unknown if she managed to flee or not.[2]


"You see victims, I see kids. With perfect skin, perfect kidneys, perfect lives, who pollute their blood with every toxins they can get their hands on."
—Natalia to Batwoman[src]

Suffering from terrible health problems her entire life Natalia was fostered by her adoptive father her entire life. After he died she needed fresh blood in order to combat her disease. She began to seduce partygoers for fresh blood justifying her killings by stating that she suffered health problems while they were all healthy but choose to ruin their bodies with booze and drugs. Natalia was clever enough to administer her ketamine bite directly around Batwoman's face, an area of the latter's body not protected by her kevlar suit, and seemed to take some joy out of her killings as she mocked a captured Batwoman repeatedly and continued to do so after defeating her while Nocturna was about to drain her.[1]


  • Skilled deceiver: As a means of getting close enough to drug and kill them, Natalia was able to charm and seduce her victims while meeting them at night clubs.
  • Medical knowledge: Natalia possesses some medical knowledge as she was able to properly drain her victims of their blood and likely knew how to perform a blood transfusion on herself.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Natalia is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist; as she was able to go head-on against Kate Kane (under the persona of Batwoman) a master hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist in her own right.[1] Natalia bested her in their first two altercations, prevented from incapacitating her again due to Alice's intervention in the second, and only lost the third as Batwoman burned her with blacklight. She was proven to be highly skilled in creating moments to get her teeth in Batwoman; despite the bat vigilante's armor.
    • Master stick-fighter: Natalia was proven to be highly skilled with the use of a tonfa, and used a candle holder and a wooden-shelf as improvised weapons.
  • Stealth: Natalia was able to sneak up on her victims without them being aware. She was also able to surprise Alice in her own hideout despite the latter's sharp senses and situational awareness.


Natalia's skin gets burned by artificial sunlight.

  • Porphyria: Natalia is born with a unique type of this disease, which makes her exhibit similar characteristics with a vampire.[1]
    • Sunlight: Because of Natalia's disease, her skin is extremely sensitive to sunlight, just like a vampire, burning it. This can also be artificial sunlight as seen when Batwoman used technology to recreate it.[1]
    • Blood hunger: Because of Natalia's disease, her kidneys have trouble cleaning her blood, giving her a need for fresh blood. Without fresh blood, she would most likely die.[1]


  • Nocturna suit: While on the prowl Natalia wore a dark veil that covered her face, hiding her identity.
  • Ketamine teeth: Natalia used special teeth allowing her to inject ketamine into her victims which paralyzed them and rendered them helpless. She could do this while kissing them during seduction as well as blindsiding them with a surprise attack and even during fights if she got close enough to grapple them.
  • Tonfa: During Natalia's first fight against Batwoman, she used a tonfa with great expertise.



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  • Natalia mentions she is a universal recipient of blood, which means her blood type is AB-positive.[1]
  • Although never been explicitly said, it is strongly implied that Natalia is a lesbian or at least bisexual, as she seemed to find Batwoman attractive.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Natalia Knight aka Nocturna, is a Gotham City criminal and enemy to Batman. Due to an accident while studying astronomy, her skin turned white and became vulnerable to light. Her original partner and adoptive brother and one time lover was the criminal Night-Slayer. She was also at some point romantically involved with Batman and, after learning his identity as Bruce Wayne, tried to get him to marry her both out of love for him and to use his money to help cure her illness.
  • On February 24, 2020, the Batwoman Writers official Twitter account released a newspaper clipping featuring Natalia as the villain of the week.[3]
  • Ivett Gonda was a stunt double for Kayla Ewell in the role of Natalia Knight.


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