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"The Children of Liberty are right. All roaches do is bring misery."
—Natalie Hawkings[src]

Natalie Hawkings is a resident of National City. She is also the ex-lover of Amadei Derros, the estranged mother of Elizabeth Hawkings, and the sister of an unnamed woman. Natalie became a brief ally of the Children of Liberty in her efforts to murder Amadei, but was foiled and arrested.


Early life

As a young woman, Natalie Hawkings began a relationship with Amadei Derros, an alien spiritual healer. She extensively supported Amadei's healing career, appearing alongside him in various interviews. Around 1998 though, the couple broke up, leaving Natalie bitter and heartbroken. Shortly afterwards, Natalie discovered she was pregnant but decided to keep the child's existence a secret from Amadei out of spite.

Natalie gave birth to a daughter, whom she named Elizabeth. Wanting to "protect" her daughter from Amadei's influence, Natalie tried to keep Elizabeth's alien parentage a secret. Years later however, Elizabeth learned about Amadei and tried to contact him so Natalie prevented Amadei from seeing their daughter by intercepting and hiding his letters. Natalie also lied to Elizabeth that Amadei was a deadbeat father who only had a one-night-stand with her, and shut her out upon learning of her pregnancy.[1]

Attempted murder of Amadei Derros, being disowned by her daughter and incarceration

In late 2018, Natalie witnessed Amadei give out his first interview in 20 years. She felt disgusted by his alien status and wanted to have their daughter all to herself. However, this was foiled as Elizabeth learned about Natalie's true nature, after she discovered Amadei's letters; thus, she cut off all contact with her as she started an relationship with her father.

Due to the fact that Natalie had admitted to both Kara Danvers and J'onn J'onzz that she was the one who took Amadei's amulet and gave it to a member of the Children of Liberty, it is very likely that Kara or J'onn reported her crimes to the police (off-screen) leading to Natalie's arrest and incarceration for the murder attempt she made on Amadei's life.[1]


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Season 4

Behind the scenes

  • Natalie's name was never revealed on-screen, only in the credits.


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